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Can you name the Top 50 soccer stadiums in the world according to attendance?

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Pyongyang, North Korea150,000
Kolkata, India120,000
Mexico City, Mexico105,000
Melbourne, Australia100,000
Barcelona, Spain98,772
Johannesburg, South Africa94,700
Tehran, Iran90,000
London, England90,000
Jakarta, Indonesia88,306
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia87,411
Alexandria, Egypt86,000
Sydney, Australia83,500
Kiev, Ukraine83,450
Dublin, Ireland82,300
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil82,238
Paris, France81,338
Madrid, Spain80,354
Lima, Peru80,093
Milan, Italy80,074
Guangzhou, China80,012
Beijing, China80,000
Kinshasa, DR Congo80,000
Shanghai, China80,000
Kansas City, USA79,451
East Rutherford, USA78,741
Moscow, Russia78,360
New Delhi, India78,000
Naples, Italy76,824
Manchester, England76,212
Belo Horizonte, Brazil75,783
Istanbul, Turkey75,480
Sao Luis, Brazil75,263
Cardiff, Wales74,500
Berlin, Germany74,228
Cairo, Egypt74,100
Rome, Italy72,700
Yokohama, Japan72,327
Athens, Greece71,030
Tabriz, Iran70,000
Munich, Germany69,901
Shah Alam, Malaysia69,372
Budapest, Hungary68,976
Foxborough, USA68,756
Sao Paulo, Brazil67,428
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia67,000
Seattle, USA67,000
Beijing, China66,161
Seoul, South Korea66,080
Daegu, South Korea66,080
Algiers, Algeria66,000

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