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Can you name the countries that contain male names (including abbreviations)?

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Father and CIA agent in American Dad
45th Vice President of the United States
An insect that hates the aardvark
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Famous clock in London
Actor, known for his roles in The O.C. and Twilight
Lead singer of rock group Nickelback
Actor in movies such as The Departed and Planet Of The Apes
Actor who plays a drug addict in Lost
Spongebob's pet snail
Boxing promoter with crazy hair
Former Chicago Bulls legend
Barbie's love interest
A 19th century French novel, now a worldwide play
Slim Shady
Harry Potter's best friend, very orange hair
Weather reporter on Family Guy
Initials of the current First Lady
Brother of Gordy Hoffman
Billionaire owner of Chelsea FC
Comic book hall of famer 2006
Famous Dutch painter, cut off his own ear
A famous uncle
Band member of Blink 182
Kings Of........
Adversary to the Green Lantern
His character was afraid of no ghosts
Directed Beetlejuice
Ex Boston Red Sox fielder, passed away this year

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