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What theory supported the rule of absolute monarchs?
Which thinker supported freedom of speech and religion?
Which thinker stated that the people may rebel against the government if it is not protecting their rights?
The Enlightenment resulted from what time period?
Separation of Powers and Check and Balances were ideas contributed by ______________.
What event influenced the views of Thomas Hobbes, and to a lesser extent, John Locke?
What amendment to the United States Constitution did Voltaire influence?
What two institutions allied to support absolute rule before/during the Enlightenment?
The social contract is a deal between the government and the ___________.
What theory did thinkers apply to government, economics, and society during the Enlightenment?
The Enlightenment ended with the __________.
The field of ethics was developed by ______________.
The idea that women were only inferior to men because they lacked education was proposed by _______________.
The general will, or government being guided by the people, is an idea of ________________.
What thinker proposed that the Criminal Justice System upholds the social contract?
Absolute monarchy was a form of government supported by _____________.

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