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Can you name the Top 10 Cheapest Celebrity Tippers?

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#10Famous TV Chef and Author, tipped $1 on a $10 tab
#9Legendary comedian and TV actor, tipped $3 on a $350 tab
#8Oscar winning actor and political activist, on a $450 tab tipped ZERO DOLLARS
#7Famous singer, Within her entourage, she and her entourage acted like divas and no one left a tip
#6R&B singer, Tries to get other people to pick up the bill and left autograph as a tip
#5'Entourage' actor, Told restaurant manager 'Thanks for nothing' and left signed copy of 'Entourage' DVD that the manager then proceeded to throw back at him
#4NBA player, Had a steakhouse stay open until 4 AM so he could finish his meal that came to $800. He left a $10 tip
#3Singer, actress of stage and screen, Doesn't always tip and left a tip of $10 on a $457 tab
#2Famous singer, also doesn't always tip and when they do it is a small one ($18 tip on a $400 tab)
#1Golfer, after playing $10,000 a hand blackjack retracted his $5 tip upon realizing he had already tip the same person earlier in the night

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