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New York Yankees, 1998Bitten by his mother's dog
Anaheim Angels, 1998Cut his pitching arm trying to open beer bottle
Women's tennis, 2011Injured ankle stepping on someone's foot at wedding
Chicago Cubs, 2004Injured back while sneezing
Colorado Rockies, 2005Broke collarbone carrying deer meat
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 2010Broke leg celebrating walk-off grand slam
Cleveland Browns, 1999Hit in eye by a penalty flag, ended career
Skiing, 2009Sliced tendon in thumb while opening champagne bottle
Baltimore Ravens, unknown (Currently with Ravens)Broke wrist playing golf
Chicago White Sox, 2009Broke wrist punching his bat in frustration
Florida Marlins, 1990sAfter making nachos, got hot sauce in eyes after putting contacts in and not washing hands
Florida Marlins, 2010Blew out his knee after giving teammate Wes Helms a pie to the face
San Diego Padres, 2007Blew out his knee arguing call at first base
Los Angeles Lakers, 2007Separated shoulder in a snowboard accident
Boston Red Sox, 1980sStrained his back putting on cowboy boots
Men's tennis, 2008Smashed his racket over his head so hard that bled
Detroit Tigers, 2008Strained oblique muscle lifting a pillow
Atlanta Braves, 2004Jumped up in dugout and injured his head
Denver Broncos, 2008Slipped on McDonald's wrapper put his arm through his TV
Paris Saint-Germain, 2002Strained back muscle picking up a Scrabble tile
Valencia, 2002Dropped bottle of aftershave on foot injuring tendon
Cincinnati Reds, 2006Pinched testicle while adjusting his cup
Colorado Rockies, 2008Cut his hand after smashing his bat into the ground and shattered
Houston Astros, 1999Blew out his knee after falling on treadmill
San Francisco Giants, 2002Broke wrist while washing his truck
NASCAR, 2006Broke wrist after he fell off the roof of a golf cart
Toronto Maple Leafs, 2000Cut his hand after changing pipes on his bagpipes
Chelsea, 1993Dropped jar of mayonnaise on his foot cutting the tendon in his big toe
Chicago Cubs, 2004Sprained and bruised his right knee kicking an electric fan
Cardiff City, 2006Strained his knee trying to reach the gas pedal in his new Ferrari
Denver Broncos, 2002Injured ankle after falling downstairs after his dog tripped him
Pittsburgh Pirates, 2005Broke toe after kicking laundry cart
Sacramento Kings, 1991Developed tendinitis in left wrist and forearm after too much GameBoy
Detroit Tigers, 2006Injured his throwing wrist while playing Guitar Hero and missed three games of the ALCS
San Diego Padres, 2001Cut himself in the stomach after trying to open a DVD
Baltimore Orioles, 1994Injured hand after sticking his hand into an air conditioner
Toronto Blue Jays, 1990Crashed through a glass table in the middle of a nightmare
Tampa Bay Rays, 2010Injured his left side after wrestling with his pitching coach
Aston Villa, 2002Developed an infection on toe after drilling hole in toenail to alleviate pressure in previously swollen toe
San Francisco Giants, 1990Broke his tooth after biting a donut he microwaved too long
Houston Astros, 1980sBrought two coyote pups home and one bit him
Texas Rangers, 1987Injured elbow flicking sunflower seeds at a friend from the bullpen
Manchester United, 1975Dislocated jaw yelling at teammates
Edmonton Oilers, 1980sWhile visiting sick children at hospital wandered into a quarantined ward and deveoped a viral infection and lost six pounds
Arizona Cardinals, 2001Blew out his knee after making meaningless field goal
Houston Astros, 2008Ran through glass sliding door and received multiple lacerations
New York Giants, 2008Shot himself in the leg at nightclub, received two year jail sentence
Atlanta Braves, 1990Burned while iron his shirt...... while wearing it
Baltimore Orioles, 2002Fell asleep in tanning bed that he was sunburned so badly he could not go out in direct sunlight
Jacksonville Jaguars, 2003Chopped his foot with an ax during a motivational rally
Milwaukee Brewers, 1994Separated shoulder while trying to tear phone book in half
Washington Redskins, 1997Sprained his neck after head-butting wall after touchdown
Arizona Diamondbacks, 1998Burned his jawing after pressing iron to his face to test if it was hot

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