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Didn't make SNL, but still turned out okay on 'Roseanne'
Turned down by the producers of SNL, became a famous comedian and very successful actor
Made the cut but turned down at the last minute, became a cog in Christopher Guest's movies and work on SCTV
Rejected by SNL, became an Oscar winning actress best known for roles in 'Beetlejuice' and 'Thelma and Louise'
Turned down by producers, had already name for himself with his alter ego that spawned two movies and a TV show
While not making the SNL cast, this person still turned out okay after making the cast of 'Friends'
This person actually made the cast but turned down for a more prominent role that made them a household name
Didn't make the cut but made name for himself on 'The Daily Show' before moving on to a widely popular show
Actually made the cast but turned it down, known mainly for his stunts and wild antics, just recently started acting
Lost out for a chance on SNL but became very famous comedian with the highest selling comedy album in 28 years

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