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Forced Order
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Evaluate: e^92.7
What was Kobe Bryant's original jersey number before number 24?
What is a standing backflip called in cheerleading?
Find the area:a=4.1, b=6.8, c=5.5
What was the count on the movie 21 in Ben's trial run?
Who is the third best cheerleading team in small varsity co-ed division in Florida?
What was Drakes' first major hit song?
What is the absolute value of |-x|=-7
At what temperature does aluminum melt?
What is Mr. C's favorite basketball team?
What is the square root of 144?
1/csc u =
Is the IPAD a computer or a phone?
What game came first Pacman or Zelda?
What came first.. the chicken or the egg?
Sin u / Cos u =
What superhero is the best superhero ever and fought the penguin?
What sport competes for the Stanley Cup?
What phone came out first the Blackberry or the IPhone
Find the sin of (-1/2,-1)

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