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Can you name the words or names that have three (or more) A's alternating with single consonants?

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Dan Aykroyd and Neil Young were born there
a Knight of the Round Table
double-hulled sailboat
where you might change at the beach or pool
type of tropical fruit, also known as a 'pawpaw'
James Cameron Sci-fi epic, 2009
seed sometimes found in rye bread
percussion instruments originally made from gourds
tomorrow, in Cordoba
Groucho said he once shot an elephant in his ___________
Chiquita and Dole are two popular brands
group of Carribean islands
Huge Central American engineering project completed in 1914
type of paved road surface
manufacturer of refrigerators and the first household microwave oven
Indian monarch
Forrest Gump was from there
a group of vehicles travelling together
19th century scientist famous for his experiments in electromagnetism
Pitcher Frank________, began his 21-year career with the Angels

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