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Can you name the classic films that were not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

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Clue, Year of AwardMovieNom's/Wins
Marx Brothers' satire of diplomacy and war, 1932/33
Horror movie 'sequel' starring Boris Karloff, 1935
Disney's first feature-length animated film, 1937
Bogart won his only acting Oscar for his role in this film, 1951
Classic musical about the movies, 1952
Hitchcock classic with James Stewart and Grace Kelly, 1954
Kubrick film set in World War I, 1957
Another Hitchcock classic, with Stewart and Kim Novak, 1958
Tony and Jack in drag, and Marilyn,1959
Another Hitch classic: Cary Grant chased by crop duster, 1959
STILL another Hitchcock classic, the prototype 'slasher' film, 1960
John Frankenheimer's psycho-political thriller, 1962
Clue, Year of AwardMovieNom's/Wins
The Fab Four's Movie debut, 1964
'Open the pod bay door, HAL', 1968
British lampoon of the King Arthur legend, 1973
Spielberg's precursor to E.T., 1977
'Luke, I am your father', 1980
Groundbreaking murder mystery/comedy with animated co-stars, 1988
Civil War drama (Oscar for Denzel Washington), 1989
Rom-com starring Crystal and Ryan, 1990
Sarandon and Davis 'buddy' movie, 1991
Sean Penn on Death Row, 1995
Not the Dude? Bummer, man! 1998
Keanu Reeves is 'The One', 1999

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