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Can you name the two 'mashed-up' movies suggested by these script pitches?

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The PitchThe Mashed-up Movie
Sidney Poitier builds a baseball diamond in a cornfield for a group of nuns
Vicki Lester becomes a Hollywood star but then becomes a paraplegic veteran who protests the Vietnam War
Disgruntled Initech employees recruit four over-the-hill ex-astronauts to retrieve a satellite
Nine years after he spent one night with her in Europe, Ethan Hawke reunites with a faded, deluded Hollywood star
60's Swedish soft-porn film about four musicians on an underwater voyage
A TV weatherman relives the same day over and over, fighting off zombies
Steve Martin as a harried dad planning the wedding of his only daughter to a monster
A boxer with anger issues joins a minor league baseball team
A bunch of cool guys plan another heist, this time while on jury duty
A quartet of fashionistas meet three guys in midlife crisis on a dude ranch
The PitchThe Mashed-up Movie
Anthropomorphic white mouse is a member of a family of four sisters in 19th Century New England
An autistic fellow who 'tilts at windmills'
The Chicago 'Black Sox' baseball team meet author Karen Blixen a.k.a. Isak Denisen
Cheerleaders fight mob corruption on the New Jersey docks
English working-class guys perform the legend of King Arthur as a strip tease
Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Girl and The Thing attend several happy occasions and one sad one
Luke discovers who his father is by going back 30 years into the past
Comedienne Fanny Brice is committed to a mental institution
A disco dancer must choose between his girlfriend and the Boston Red Sox
A group of comical martial arts specialists and a pimp become hip-hop artists

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