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Can you name the movie in which these brands are prominently featured?

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Macy's and Gimbel's are the rival department stores in the original version of this holiday classic.
Woody Allen starts up a 200-year-old Volkswagen 'beetle'.
A Wilson volleyball actually becomes a 'character' in this film.
Back when AOL was king, its catchphrase was the title of this film about an internet romance.
Steve McQueen drives a Ford Mustang in one of the best car chases ever.
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go to work for Google.
Samuel L. Jackson sings the praises of McDonald's hamburgers.
The title character claims he drank 15 Dr. Peppers, then told the President 'I have to pee'.
Mr. Potato Head and Etch-a-Sketch are two characters in this animated film.
Bill Murray makes a commercial for Suntory Whiskey.
Woody Harrelson searches for Twinkies in this horror satire.
Two stoners are on a quest in New Jersey for this titular hamburger chain.
Adam Sandler's title character does a Subway commercial.
In this doomsday satire, a colonel shoots up a Coca-Cola vending machine for change.
A Hershey chocolate bar can be seen in this early film, the first ever to win a Best Picture Academy Award.
A scientist rides a Pan Am space shuttle to a space station.
GM 'donated' a million dollars worth of their vehicles for this 2007 blockbuster.
A boy places a trail of Reese's Pieces to attract a strange creature.
In a scene that lampoons product placement, the characters use Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Doritos, the pain reliever Nupin, and Reebok.
In this Marx Brothers movie, Thelma Todd falls overboard and Groucho throws her a Life Saver - the candy.

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