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Number of dollars Uncle Billy lost in the bank (It's a Wonderful Life) divided by number of miles in the Pretenders Christmas song
Square root of the number of ladies dancing times number of Santa's reindeer, including Rudolph
Number of ghosts who visited Scrooge plus December date of Boxing Day
Year Band Aid recorded 'Do They Know It's Christmas' minus year Bing Crosby recorded 'White Christmas'
Number of days in Kwanzaatimes number of the Magi
Number of candles on a menorahtimes number of swans a-swimming
Number of sizes the Grinch's heart grewplus number of New York street where the 'Miracle' happened
Number of shots in the Daisy Red Ryder air rifle that Ralphie wants (A Christmas Story)divided by number of sides on a dreidel
Year John Lennon's 'Happy Christmas (War is Over)' was releasedminus year 'It's a Wonderful Life' was released
Number of gold ringstimes number of pipers piping
Day of the month that Epiphany is celebratedplus half the number of days of Hanukkah
Total of all the aboveequals total number of gifts given for all 'Twelve Days of Christmas'

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