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Can you guess the 'altered' names of these Best Picture Oscar winners?

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The movie could be about...'Altered' titleReal Title
A mob boss takes over the fishing industry
A group of blue-collar buddies look for the best 'brewskis' before going to Vietnam
A Southern belle slowly goes insane on her post- Civil War plantation
Parallel stories of race relations among L.A. sanitation workers
A female country music star becomes a famous US Army general
A couple of con men set up scams that involve foul odors
British golfers compete in the 1924 Olympics
Henry Higgins tries to gentrify his favorite beauty salon employee
CIA operatives plan to rescue Woody Guthrie’s son from Iran
Former heavy metal guitarist becomes an Army sergeant who defuses bombs in Iraq
The movie could be about...'Altered' titleReal Title
A writer struggles with sexual addiction over the course of a few days
A young hotshot takes care of his autistic brother who works on a train
Two men who have gone undercover on opposite sides of the law get sent back to their home country.
A WWII German industrialist saves hundreds of Jews while overcoming a speech impediment
Musical about a street urchin who steals garnishes from martinis
A sheep who schemes her way to becoming a Broadway star
A young Chinese monarch becomes a missing person
Musical about a dog who sings with an Austrian family
A brilliant but troubled mathematician gives his wife an expensive fur
Some really dumb people cavort with wild canines

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