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When was SpongeBob SquarePants made?
How much season are there so far.
Name Planktons first name.
Name Mr.Krabs first name.
Whats Mr.Krabs daughters name.
What is Patricks last name.
What is Spongebobs last name.
What is the name of there town.
What is Sandys last name.
What is the First Episode Called.
What color is Mr.Krabs.
What color is Spongebob.
What is Squidward.
What is Squidwards last name.
What is the name of Spongebobs pet.
What does Spongebobs Parents look like.
Who plays Spongebob.
What is Spongebob.
What is Patrick.
Where does Sandy live.
Where does Spongebob work.
What is Mr.Krabs

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