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Can you answer the following Disney trivia questions?

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What does Cinderella leave behind at the ball? 
What is Sleeping Beauty's birth name? 
What does Hakuna Matata mean? 
Who does Alice play croquet against? 
What movie stars a robot who is tasked with cleaning up a waste-covered Earth? 
In Up, what does Carl Fredricksen use to make his house float? 
Which Disney protagonist is the son of Zeus and Hera? 
Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy, is what kind of fictional creature? 
Who is the only dwarf to wear glasses? 
What is Dory's medical condition? 
Which character from The Jungle Book is afraid of fire? 
Which character looks after the children in the Darling home in Peter Pan? 
How many days does Ariel have to get Prince Eric to fall in love with her? 
Who do Mike and Sulley meet when they are exiled to the Himalayas? 
What is Pocahontas' raccoon friend named? 
What song does Jiminy Cricket famously sing during the opening credits of Pinocchio? 
What is Stitch's experiment number? 
What object do the toys use to get across the street in Toy Story 2? 
Which Dalmatian puppy is always hungry? 
What is Tramp's nickname for Lady? 
Which dog does Oliver live with at Jenny's house in Oliver and Company? 
Who runs the circus in A Bug's Life? 
What company is the sponsor of Lightning McQueen? 
What is the name of the snake that gets trapped in a barrel of ale in Robin Hood? 

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