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QUIZ: Answer these questions from each episode! (Seasons 1-11)

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'The Gang Gets Racist' : What is the name of the girl that asks Charlie out?
'Charlie Wants An Abortion' : What does Charlie say he'll do if the kid is his?
'Underage Drinking: A National Concern' : Why does Mac get upset?
'Charlie Has Cancer' What does Dennis ask Charlie for in the beginning of the episode?
'Gun Fever' What is Dee's 'boyfriend's' name?
'The Gang Finds A Dead Guy' : Who does 'Pop-Pop' think Charlie is?
'Charlie Got Molested' : Who tries to seduce the gym teacher?
'Charlie Gets Crippled' : What does Charlie dress up as to gain attention from strippers?
'The Gang Goes Jihad' : What do Mac, Charlie and Dennis get stuck behind outside the bar?
'Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare' : What does Dee have when sitting with Dennis on the front steps?
'Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom' : What does Mac go to Barbara's house for in the beginning of the episode?
'Hundred Dollar Baby' : What was Frank's old boxing name?
'The Gang Gives Back' : What is Mac's basketball game plan?
'The Gang Exploits A Miracle' : Who is introduced in this episode?
'The Gang Runs for Office' : What job is Dennis running for?
'Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Asses' Where does Charlie say his breath is?
'Dee and Dennis Get A New Dad' : What is Dennis and Dee's dad's name?
'The Gang Finds A Dumpster Baby' : What does Mac want to put on the baby to make it darker?
'The Gang Gets Invincible' : What is the McPoyle's cousin's name?
'Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead' : What do Charlie, Mac and Dennis try to make their flyer look like?
'The Gang Gets Held Hostage' : Who breaks bottles in the attic of Paddy's?
'The Aluminum Monster v. Fatty Magoo' : What does Dennis say Dee's drawing looks like?
'The Gang Solves the North Korea Crisis' : How old is Charlie's fiance?
'The Gang Sells Out' : What does Charlie want in their final offer?
'Frank Sets Sweet Dee On Fire' : How many times does Dee get set on fire?
'Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person' : What does Charlie think Lil'Kev has?
'Mac Is A Serial Killer' : What does Pepper Jack love?
'Dennis Looks Like A Registered Sex Offender': How many people berate Dennis out in public?
'The Gang Gets Whacked: Prt 1': What is the horse's name?
'The Gang Gets Whacked: Prt 2' Who does odd-jobs for the mob?
'Bums: Making A Mess All Over the City' : What is the junkyard cat's name?
'The Gang Dances their Asses Off': Who wins the competition?
'Mac and Dennis: Manhunters' : What do Dee and Charlie think they've eaten?
'The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis' : What does Charlie use to get the gas from the car to the barrels?
'America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest' : Who is on the billboard?
'Mac's Banging the Waitress' : Who does Mac say the Waitress' boyfriend's name was?
'Mac and Charlie Die Prt.1' : What does Mac find at the pawn shop?'
'Mac and Charlie Die Prt.2' : What does Dennis refuse to burn?
'Who Pooped the Bed?' ; Who gives the theory at the end of the episode?
'Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia' : What does the reviewer request as a drink?
'Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life' : What does Frank use to create wounds in Dennis' hands?
'Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack' : What is the name of Charlie's hallucination?
'The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell' : What does George Washington look like?
'The Gang Gets Extreme:Home Makeover Edition' : What is the name of the hispanic family?
'The Nightman Cometh' : Who plays piano during the play?
'The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis' Vic Vinegar is who's alter ego?
'The Gang Hits the Road' What does Charlie eat at the Italian Market? (Not the fruit)
'The Great Recession' Where does Mac recall trying to use his Dave and Busters' Power Card at?
'The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention' Where does Frank bring the gang in the beginning of the episode?
'The Waitress is Getting Married' What is Charlie's dislikes according to his dating profile?
'The World Series Defense' What is Charlie's tactic for getting free things called?
'The Gang Wrestles for the Troops' What is the name of Dennis, Charlie, and Mac's wrestling team?
'Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens' What product do Dennis and Mac try to sell?
'Mac and Dennis Break Up' What movie do Mac and Dennis repeatedly watch?
'The DENNIS System' What does the 'I' stand for in the system?
'Mac and Charlie Write a Movie' What director is mentioned in the episode?
'The Gang Reignites the Rivalry' What is the name of the flip cup competition Paddy's takes place in?
'Mac Fights Gay Marriage' Who gets married for financial reasons?
'Dennis Gets Divorced' Who does Dennis get divorced from?
'The Gang Buys a Boat' Who dances like an flailing inflatable man?
'Mac's Big Break' What word does Mac try to make popular?
'Mac and Charlie: White Trash' What gets stolen from Dee at the public pool?
'Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down' What part of Poppins pops out occasionally?
'Who Got Dee Pregnant' What animal is used to portray Dee?
'The Gang Gets A New Member' What does the gang try to push Schmitty out of?
'Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth' What is Charlie's nickname given to him by the students?
'Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats' Where does Dee try to take Charlie instead of the spa?
'The Gang Who Gets Stranded In the Woods' What animal does Frank have a connection with?
'Dee Gives Birth' Who's baby did Dee have?
'A Very Sunny Christmas' What do Charlie and Mac ultimately end up doing on Christmas morning?
'Frank's Pretty Woman' What does Mac pack on? (Hint: He's cultivating it)
'The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore' What famous Sunny food is introduced by Frank?
'Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties' Frank explicitly states he does not _______ kids.
'Sweet Dee Gets Audited' What does Dee's scooter's license plate say?
'Frank's Brother' What is the club that Frank and his brother open?
'The Storm of the Century' Where does Mac go when he abandons the gang at the store?
Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games' What item goes through Dennis' hand during the game?
'The Anti-Social Network' What type of bar does Dee take the gang to in the beginning?
'The Gang Gets Trapped' What accent does Mac attempt to pull off?
'How Mac Got Fat' Where does Mac explain his reasoning behind his weight gain?
'Thunder Gun Express' Why can't Mac fit into the sewer?
'The High School Reunion Part 1&2' What can't the Waitress find upon arriving at the reunion?'
'Pop-Pop: The Final Solution' Who ultimately pulls the plug on Pop-Pop?
'The Gang Recycles Their Trash' What vehicle does Dennis, Mac, and Charlie pick up trash in?
'The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre' What does the milk get laced with?
'Charlie and Dee Find Love' Out of Dee and Charlie, who was being tricked?
'The Gang Gets Analyzed' What does Mac suck on?
'Charlie's Mom Has Cancer' What do Mac and Charlie's mom actually have to raise money for?
'Frank's Back in Business' Who is Frank's apprentice?
'Charlie Rules the World' What gift does Charlie's video game competitor bring to him on their lunch date?
'The Gang Dines Out' What dish does the waiter get spilled on him?
'Reynolds v. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense' What does not exist? (According to Mac)
'The Gang Broke Dee' What late night talk show host's show does Dee think she'll be on?'
'Gun Fever Too: Still Hot' What weapon does Mac choose to defend the school with?
'The Gang Tries Desperately to Win An Award' Who has a fake romance at Paddy's?
'Mac and Dennis Buy A Timeshare' What is the company Dee sells berries through?
'Mac Day' Name Mac's series of videos he makes
'The Gang Saves the Day' Who is Dee's famous husband in her fantasy?
'The Gang Gets Quarantined' The gang gets sick from lack of ________?
'Flowers for Charlie' What language does Charlie imagine he's learned?
'The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6' Who trades roles mid-way through the 'movie'?
'The Gang Squashes Their Beefs' Who demands Dee becomes their best friend for the day?
'The Gang Beats Boggs' What food does Charlie ask for in the very end of the episode?
'The Gang Group Dates' What does Dennis declare himself as?
'Psycho Pete Returns' Psycho Pete is a lost member of which old gang group?
'Charlie Work' What new name does Paddy's get for the airline miles scheme?
'The Gang Spies Like U.S.' What kind of factory does Dee investigate?
'The Gang Misses the Boat' What does Dennis declare himself in this episode?
'Mac Kills His Dad' What law does Charlie supposedly have knowledge in?
'The Gang Goes On Family Fight' What is the enticing bowl of white?
'Frank Retires' What is the gang investigating in the beginning of the episode?
'Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join A Cult' Dennis originally created Ass Kickers United to stop Mac from eating what? '
'Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo' What does the gang mainline?
'Frank Falls Out the Window' What year does Frank think it is?
'The Gang Hits the Slopes' Where did Dennis' gang of skiers come from?
'Dee Made A Smut Film' Who is the actor Charlie intimidates throughout the episode?
'Dennis and Mac Move to the Suburbs' What is the nickname Dennis gives their neighbor?
'Being Frank' What does Frank choke on after his landlord chokes on the same item?
'McPoyle v. Ponderosa: the Trial of the Century' Who produces McPoyle's 'mother's milk'?
'Charlie Catches A Leprechaun' What do Dennis, Frank, and Dee take when the drop people off in the woods?'
'The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 1&2' Who does Dee punch in the face on stage?

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