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Can you name the players in Cleveland Sports lore that makes Cleveland the most tortured sports city?

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'The Drive' Denver quarterback who orchestrated 98 yard drive with under 2 minutes left in 1986 AFC Championship Game
'Bottlegate' Player who dropped the pass which was ruled a catch but was eventually overturned eliminating Browns from playoff contention in 2001
Rookie of the year in 1980, quirky player known for opening beer bottles with his eye socket
Hot tempered player was suspended for throwing a ball at a fan in 1991
'Red Right 88' Quarterback who threw interception to eliminate Browns from 1981 playoffs
'The Catch' Batter who hit the ball which the spectacular catch was made in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series
Coach who scolded Bengals fans after a snowball throwing incident stating 'You don't live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati'
'The Curse' Indians favorite slugger traded to Detroit Tigers in 1960, leading to 34 straight years of losing baseball
'The Catch' Player who made over the shoulder basket catch in 8th inning of Game 1 of 1954 World Series
'The Express' Heisman Trophy winning Syracuse running back, Drafted by the Browns in 1961 but never played for the Browns and died of leukemia
'The SI curse' One of 2 players on the cover of SI in 1987 'Indian Uprising' which SI predicting an Indians World Series win. They went on to lose 101 games
'Red Right 88' Defensive back who intercepted pass to elimiate Browns in 1981 playoffs
'Batgate' Player who, commando style, crawled through a Comisky Park air duct to steal a corked bat from the umpire's room in 1994
Marlins player to hit game winning single in game 7 of 1997 World Series
Player whose premature celebration in 2002 incurred a 15 yard penalty for removing his helmet. Chiefs kicked winning field goal with no time left on the clock
Akron native who took his talents to South Beach on ESPN in the summer of 2010
'The Fumble' Browns player who fumbled on the 3 yard line of 1987 AFC Championship game vs. the Denver Broncos
Blew save in game 7 of 1997 World Series against the Florida Marlins
Pitcher who gave up game winning hit in game 7 World Series vs. the Florida Marlins
The only major league player killed by a pitched ball in 1920
Cavs owner, whose trades were so bad, the NBA created a rule stating a team can't trade consecutive first round picks
Was accidentally hit in the eye with a penalty flag in 1999, almost ending his career
Failed attempt to buy the Cleveland Indians in 1972, became one of the most powerful owners in baseball after buying the Yankees in 1973
Owner responsible for moving the Browns in 1995 to Baltimore
'The Shot' Player who made last second shot at buzzer in Game 5 of playoffs to eliminate Cavaliers from playoffs in 1989.
Rookie phenom who was hit with a line drive to the head in 1957 shortened his career
Hit Game winning home run to eliminate Indians in the 1995 World Series
Braves pitcher, threw one-hitter in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series
Cavs player who was released from his contract in 2004 with an 'understanding' that he would resign with the Cavaliers. He bolted for more money with the Utah Jazz.

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