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QUIZ: Can you name the Star Wars Literary Terms?

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HintLiterary Term
Mace Windu fights like 100 Jedi put together
Terrible Tie-Fighters in the Death Star Trenches
Darth Vader
Force Lightning
Anakin Skywalker
'May the Force be with You'
Destroying the Death Star
Anakin dealing with the pain of losing his mother
Obi-Wan to Anankin Skywalker
HintLiterary Term
Luke facing Darth Vader in the cave on Dagobah
Watching the Movies in Chronological Order, Darth Vader is Anakins Father
Space Balls
'Would you rather watch Alderaan be destoryed? Then name the system!'
Podracing to Gambling
Love vs Hate
The Emporer is mean
Coursant is one massive city, filled with tall buildings and lights.
The Death Star is like a small moon

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