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Can you name the every third word to, Bohemian Rhapsody

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Is this the _____
life,? Is this ____
fantasy? Caught in __
landslide no escape_____
reality open your_____
look up to ____
skies and see ___
just a poor_____
i need no___________
because I'm easy ______
easy go, A ______
high, little low______
the wind blows,_______
really matter to ___
to me. Mama ____
killed a man ____
a gun against ____
head pulled my _________
now he's dead_____
life had just_____
but now i've ____
and thrown it ___
away mama didn't_______
to make you____
if i'm not ____
again this time_____
carry on, carry____
as if nothing____
matters. Too late
time has come
shivers down my _____
body's aching all______
time goodbye everybody_____
got to go______
leave you all ______
and face the _____
mama, i don't_____
die. I sometimes_____
i'd never been_____
at all. I______
a little silhouetto ____
a man scaramouch, ____________
will you do ______
fandango, Thunderbolt and _________
very very frightening___
gallileo, gallileo, gallileo, ______
gallileo figaro-magnifico_______
i'm just a ______
boy nobody loves
he's just a ____
boy from a _____
family him his ______
from this monstrosity_____
come, easy go-______
you let me ___
Bishmilah! no we______
not let you___
let him go
we will not____
you go-let____
go-will not___
you go-never ____
me go-no___
no no no__
no- oh mama___
mama mia, mama___
let me go____
has a devil _____
aside for me ____
me for me______
you think you _____
stone me and____
in my eye______
you think you ____
love me and_____
me to die______
baby, can't do ______
to me baby______
gotta get out-______
gotta get right______
of here ooh, ______
ooh yeah, nothing _______
matters anyone can_____
nothing really matters______
really matters to ______

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