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QUIZ: Can you name the complete the quotes from spongebob

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i'm _____, i'm _______!
hey that looks like squidward in angry ____ form.
U is for _________ ..... bombs!
squidward I used your ________ to unclog my toliet!
Hey, spongebob, can i borrow the_______ bucket?
the hash slinging ________!
go away _______, can't you see i'm trying to forget you.
friend-what does claustrophobic mean? spongebob-it means he's afraid of _________
you don't need a license to drive a __________
plankton-you know i want for my birthay?, spongebob-a _______ seat
remember licking_____ _____is illegal on other planets
the best time to where a striped _______ is all the time.
once upon a time there was an ugly ________. he was so ugly everyone died.
patrick, your ______ is showing.
east? i thought you said ________.
hmmm. a 5 letter word for happiness. _______!
this isn't your average everyday darkness. this is ..... _________darkness.
i _______. you ______. he she me _______. its first grade sponge bob
you know whats funnier than 24? ___!
it took us three days to make that _______ ______. THREE DAYS!
who you calling ________!
no patrick. __________ is not an instrument
the boy cries you a sweater of ______. and you kill him.
you just lost your ______ priviledges
thats no reason to be ripping peoples _______ off.

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