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Dust cloud coming off an old dirt road, that leads up here to this little graveyard
She gonna try to ring quiet but the doorbell's broke she gonna hafta knock knock knock, I said
It's all new today, all we had to say was be here now
With new friends come enemies, the fortune brings the fame
I don't wanna be together, I don't wanna be apart, i don't want none of this love for ya honey deep deep down in my heart.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the year of 1987. There was a great natural light in the sky and people ran in fear.
This is fireman McNeil from the Hennepin line. We got the call around ten we couldn't get there in time. There was a driveway leading to a hole in the ground. I got the heebies bon
I'm gonna get a little land with the money I've saved. And buy an old house that I can work on. Where the next nearest neighbour lives miles away. I'll never have to mow the lawn.
Spinning your umbrella over your head. You should be in bed but your here instead. Walking with me towards a midnight swim. I can give you baby what you cant get from him.
A few years back I lost my way. I was deep in the woods, I began to pray. I came to a river and I sat on its bank. It was cool and clear, I have Jesus to thank. I drank that water,
Trapped beneath twisted steel, my legs are broken. i look at you, i'm waiting for your eyes to open.
Ramakrishna, Guru Dev, Tao Te Ching and Mohammed

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