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Who is the main character
Who is James' sister
What is Laurens Surname before Adams
How did James' Mum die
What was James' number in basic training
Who was James' partner in basic training
What day did James nearly fail basic training on
What didn't James hear Gabrielle say on the helicopter before the last phase of basic training
What was under the chairs on the last day of basic training
Who went with James on his first Mission
What poison was going to kill all of the executives in the hotel
Did James get anthrax poisoning
What was James' story after he came back from hospital
how did James get suspended
What was james' girlfriend called in the first book
In class A why did James want nicole on the mission
What is JR's real name
What does KMG stand for
what did KMG sell
Whos car did james and Kerry steal
What car was it
Why did nicole pass out
Who took nicole to the hospital
Where did James go on holiday with Kieth and JR
How many porsches did kieth have
What did James kill one of the intruders with
What car did James escape in
in book 3 who did James want to break out of prison
what did they think curtis' mum had stolen
did James get curtis out
Where did curtis take James and Lauren first
who did James get off with in the Vaughns house
Why did James like the Vaugh house so much
What was curtis' mum wearing on her face when she was caught

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