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What does Mrs Hayward do when coming out of Auntie Dees while they boys are spying on her?
Finish the quote: 'Another little game your barmy pal's.......'
What does Stephen become after spending the whole day in the bushes and finding nothing out?
Context on page 71: Finish the quote: 'Because of the pail......'
Context on page 71: Finish the quote: 'Because of the scraps......'
Context on page 71: Finish the quote: 'Because of the pigs.......'
Who discovered the boys in their hideout?
What does Barbara do in revenge to the boys not telling her what they were doing?
Complete the quote: 'There's only one way to when you get to the end of.........'
Who is brought to life in Stephen's recollections of his visit home on leave?
At school Stephen is unable to concentrate. Why?
What is Stephen's brother called?
Finish the quote: 'I know she has to make an awkward......'
What is there secret hideout called?
What does Barbara do to embarrass Stephen?
Finish the quote: 'brushing at the.......'
Finish the quote: 'wiping the dark.......'
Finish the quote: 'the long examination board of......
Finish the quote: 'How can someone's aunt have a ..........'
Finish the quote: ' I'm trusting you. I'm putting you on your.....'
What is the key symbol written in Mrs Hayward's diary?
Who is Mr Wheatley?
What does Stephen think of this father when he has to miss a day of school to talk to him?
What does Stephen think Mrs Hayward is?
What does Barabara get on her hands?

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