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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Faulkner said this writer 'has no courage' & 'has never used a word where the reader (may need) a dictionary'AUTHORS ON AUTHORS
50 Cent pieces issued in 2003 by this country depict Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Sauron & AragornCOINS OF THE WORLD
Lt. Col. A.P. Clark played a key role in the elaborate breakout from Stalag Luft III that inspired this 1963 movieTHE MOVIES
When Sweden's Gota Canal was completed in the 1820s, these 2 seas became directly linkedCANALS
With 301 miles, it has the most coastline of current states that were part of the 13 original coloniesCOASTAL STATES
In March 2011 he gave his first televised speech in 22 years on the throne, saying he hoped things would get betterMONARCHS
From 1966 to 1968 this role was played by 2 different actresses in a TV series; it was also the title role in a 2004 filmCOMIC BOOK CHARACTERS ON SCREEN
'A Girl from a Different World' & 'Train to the Urals' are chapters in this 1957 work20th CENTURY NOVELS
Their team colors were yellow & white & they were originally sponsored by Chico's Bail BondsSPORTS MOVIES
Just 10 sentences, this speech is wrong on one point: it is long rememberedFAMOUS SPEECHES
In an 1845 autobiography, he wrote, 'You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man'19th CENTURY NAMES
Though Rhea was his mother, in one tradition this god was brought up by Capheira, the daughter of OceanusGREEK MYTHOLOGY
The 2 Middle East prime ministers of the same country who shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize with another leaderNOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS
In 1987 a maker of fiberglass insulation became the first company to trademark a color--this colorTRADEMARKS
One of the 2 plays whose plots are set in motion by shipwrecks, one off Illyria & one off an unnamed islandSHAKESPEARE PLAYS
This area that includes several countries got its name because the colonizers spoke Spanish, French & PortugueseGEOGRAPHIC TERMS
Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Frost remarked that this is what gets 'lost in translation'LITERARY QUOTATIONS
Time magazine first mentioned him in 1939, when his father sent him on a diplomatic errand from London to Glasgow20th CENTURY LEADERS
In 2010 they broke the Beatles' record for having had the most songs on the Hot 100 chart by a non-solo actBILLBOARD'S HOT 100
Opened in 1971, his presidential library is the farthest southPRESIDENTIAL LIBRARIES
Traditionally said to be fgounded in 421, this city was later built up on islands in a lagoon by refugees from invading LombardsWORLD HISTORY
Of the 50 on the list, only one never appears on screen: man, from this 1942 animated featureAFI's 50 GREATEST FILM VILLAINS
The first words he ever spoke to his assistant were 'How are you?... You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive'FICTIONAL CHARACTERS
His first name means 'happy', but 3 of his 5 symphonies are in gloomy minor keysCOMPOSERS
With about 340,000 people today, it's the most populous French city that came under Italian occupation in World War IIFRANCE
From the Latin for 'free', this 2-word term for a type of college refers to the old belief of what a free man should be taughtCOLLEGE
She's tied with Mariah Carey for most no. 1 hits by a female with 18: 12 as a member of a group & 6 as a solo actFEMALE SINGERS
Surus was the last known one of these to survive a mountain crossing in the 3rd century B.C.WORLD HISTORY
This alliterative dog breed bears the former name of an African countryDOGS
This president was the first to put solar panels on the White HouseU.S. PRESIDENTS
In 2007 Robstown, near Corpus Christi, was recognized as the birthplace of this game, now played online tooGAMES
As both vice president & president, he threw out a season's 1st pitch, each time for a different Senators franchiseBASEBALL & THE PRESIDENCY
A novel set during the Depression earned this author a 1940 Pulitzer Prize & contributed to him winning a Nobel Prize in 196220th CENTURY AUTHORS
Completed in 1858, it was to be named St. Stephen, but was nicknamed this, honoring the chief commissioner of the worksBRITISH LANDMARKS
Built about 50 years ago, it's the only world capital to start with the letter 'I'WORLD CAPITALS
In 1909 he sent the message “Stars and Stripes nailed to the pole”FAMOUS AMERICANS
When the RMS Titanic sank in 1912, its cargo included more than 7 million pieces of this, in some 3,400 sacksTHE TITANIC
His 'remarks about the Confederacy... made Atlanta look at him first in bewilderment, then coolly and then with hot rage'LITERARY CHARACTERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The custom of hijab, Arabic for 'veiling', can include this garment, mentioned by KiplingGARMENTS OF THE WORLD
The car company that sponsored the radio show for which his father worked inspired the middle name of this filmmakerSHOW BUSINESS FAMILIES
It contains over 5,000 tons of steel, rises 630 feet in the air & is in the shape of an inverted catenary curveU.S. LANDMARKS
Of the nations with adjectives in their common names, only this Western Hemisphere one bears the name of a religious orderGEOGRAPHIC ADJECTIVES
Alphabetically first among the 150 most populous U.S. cities, it has become the 'polymer capital of the world'U.S. CITIES
The last time the U. of Michigan retired a football number was in 1994, in honor of this center who graduated in 1935FAMOUS NAMES
The 2003 bestseller 'The Meaning of Everything' is subtitled 'The Story of' this reference classicBOOKS ABOUT BOOKS
On the cover of the 1941 first issue of this comic book, the title hero punches Hitler in the jawCOMIC BOOK HISTORY
Of the 4 largest Asian countries in area, it's the only one that borders the other 3WORLD GEOGRAPHY
The mirror motif in this 1871 sequel includes 2 characters who are enantiomorphs, or mirror-image twinsLITERARY SEQUELS
Of the 4 states that begin & end with the same vowel, the one that doesn’t begin & end with the same letter as the other 3 statesU.S. STATE NAMES
A judge's directed verdict of guilty for her action in Rochester in 1872 was written before her trial beganCRUSADING WOMEN
It's the only Canadian province that is separated from the North American mainlandCANADA
This Brit won Tonys for Best Play in 1968, 1976, 1984 & 2007; in the '90s he settled for the 1998 Best Screenplay OscarPLAYWRIGHTS
'L'Unifolié' is one of the names popularly given to the new flag unveiled in 1965 by this countryFLAGS OF THE WORLD
On the run following the siege of Oxford, he surrendered May 5, 1646 near Newark on TrentROYALTY
It was saved from destruction by a poem submitted to the Boston Daily Advertiser in September 1830POETIC SUBJECTS
The latest 'Bartlett's' lists quotes chronologically; the first quotes come from this countryBARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS
Between April 1909 & March 1910, he killed 296 animals, including 9 lions & 8 elephants20th CENTURY NOTABLES
As many mourned, this minister wrote in a letter, 'Washington is gone! Millions are gasping to read ...about him'BIOGRAPHERS
After Alaska, it's the largest state in area without a Major League Baseball teamBASEBALL GEOGRAPHY
There has never been a Tony award winner for best musical set on either of these 2 continentsTHE TONY AWARDS
At the time of the Apollo 11 moon landing, his widow said, 'that was his dream, sending a rocket to the moon'SCIENTISTS
The Pink Pony Fund, for breast cancer care & prevention, is a philanthropic initiative of this fashion companyPHILANTHROPY
Founded in 1795, this city that hosts a popular annual sporting event has 'sport' in its nameSPORTS IN AMERICA
They're the only father & son to receive the AFI's Life Achievement Award-- dad in 1991, son in 2009(FULL NAMES ARE REQUIRED)AFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS
Although capital of its country, it is not the capital of the province in which it's located, nor is it the seat of governmentEUROPEAN CAPITALS
Penned by a British author, it became a no. 1 bestseller in the U.S. in 1959, 31 years after it was initially banned20th CENTURY NOVELS
A James Dean memorial can be found adjacent to this structure, located at one of the high spots in Los AngelesLOS ANGELES LANDMARKS
The last time the Democratic & Republican nominees had once been governor of the same state, this was the state20th CENTURY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS
In 1964 a dean at Tufts' medical school wrote a modern version of this, used at many medical school graduationsMEDICINE
'Bearing the bandages, water & sponge, straight & swift to my wounded I go', he wrote in 'The Wound-Dresser'AMERICAN POETS
2 yrs. before his 1794 execution, he said, 'I am no courtier, nor moderator... nor defender of the people: I am myself the people'18th CENTURY QUOTATIONS
'The spirit who bideth by himself / in the land of mist and snow / he loved the bird that loved the man / who shot him with his bow'NAME THE POET
The railroad founded in 1859 by a Kansas state charter reached this state capital on February 16, 1880THE RAILROADS
This term for the lowest level of the ocean that the sun's rays can reach shares its name with a classic 1960s TV showSCIENCE TERMS
In 2009 Alabama replaced a statue in the collection with one of her at age 7, the first child honoredTHE NATIONAL STATUARY HALL COLLECTION
These 3 nations each border the world's largest & smallest oceans (COUNTRIES MUST BE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER)WORLD GEOGRAPHY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Armor-clad knights face off in a game of baseball in an 1889 work by this author19th CENTURY LITERATURE
In 1919, barely 20 years after its discovery, it was the world's most expensive substance at $3 million an ounceSCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES
He died in 1995, the day before the opening of a Glasgow veterinary library named for himAUTHORS
She described her work as 'Human nature in the Midland Countries' & involving 'three or four families in a country village'BRITISH AUTHORS
Some of its text says, 'The decree should be writen on a stela of hard stone, in sacred writing, document writing & Greek writing'ANCIENT ARTIFACTS
A 1984 country hit, 'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight' is the basis for its theme songTV THEME SONGS
In December 1967 Louis Washkansky, a patient in this country claimed, 'I am a new Frankenstein'MEDICAL HISTORY
Playing in theaters since 1975, this film has had the longest continuous theatrical run in movie historyLONG-RUNNING FILMS
Michael Foldy examined 'The Trials of' this author: 'Deviance, Morality, and Late-Victorian Society'BIOGRAPHIES
An education center at his historic home includes galleries called 'First in War' & 'A Leader's SmileHISTORIC AMERICANS
From 1792 to 1886 this person, not the Speaker of the House, followed the vice president in the line of successionTHE PRESIDENCY
64 paintings from the Met's founding purchase are still in its collection; over 1/3 of them are from this current European nationTHE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART
If he had been his own country, at the 2008 Summer Olympics he would have tied for ninth in gold medalsTHE OLYMPICS
At the University of Bonn in 1836, he was wounded in a duel with a member of an aristocratic Prussian fraternityINFLUENTIAL 19th CENTURY THINKERS
In 1909 he completed his last painting, a canvas called 'Driftwood'AMERICAN ARTISTS
On September 2, 1945 New Zealand Air Marshal Leonard Isitt put the final signature on the document that ended this20th CENTURY HISTORY
In July 2010 this Rock & Roll Hall of Famer performed at the Baseball H.O.F. induction ceremoniesSPORTS & MUSIC
This miracle that happens in all 4 gospels, including Mark 6 & Luke 9, has elements that symbolically represent JesusTHE NEW TESTAMENT
'The Scarlet Letter' says, 'to forbid the culprit to hide his face... was the essence of' this 7-letter punishmentAMERICAN LITERATURE
He wrote, 'The hellish tattoo of the heart increased. It grew quicker & quicker, & louder & louder every instant'AMERICAN LIT
At its premiere in NYC in 1924 this composition was part of a concert billed as 'an experiment in modern music'COLORFUL TITLES
Jack Odell gave his child a tiny vehicle to bring to school inside one of these items, & a toy brand name was bornBRANDS
Completed in 1869, it has also been known by its nickname 'the Highway to India'LANDMARKS
Pronounced one way, this 7-letter word can mean unjustified; pronounced another, it's someone sicklyVOCABULARY
In the beginning this 2005 novel was simply titled 'Forks'BESTSELLERS
With a combined age of just 90 years, this president & vice president were the youngest team ever inauguratedTHE PRESIDENCY
The smallest Ancient Wonder, it was the only one ever moved, having been transported to Constantinople around 391 A.D.THE 7 WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD
The longest period in American history with no changes to the Constitution was from 1804 to this yearCONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS
Lyrics to an 1868 tune by this man began, 'Guten Abend, Gut Nacht, Mit Rosen Bedacht'19th CENTURY MUSIC
Held in 1579, the first Christian service in California was performed by the chaplain traveling with this English captainTHE 16th CENTURY
Introduced in 1963, this internationally known character wears a size 29EEE shoeADVERTISING ICONS
After the death in combat of the previous king, he became the last one to win the crown while on the battlefieldBRITISH ROYALTY
In 170 A.D. Melito of Sardis compiled a list of religious works to be included in this, a 2-word term he coinedANCIENT WRITINGS
This novel's first epilogue says, 'the activity of Alexander or of Napoleon cannot be called useful or harmful'19th CENTURY NOVELS
In his journals he described how he once set 2 groups of boys against each other, likely inspiring his 1954 novelBRITISH NOVELISTS
This last name of the speech therapist in the 2010 Oscar winner for best picture is also a suffix meaning 'speech'MOVIE CHARACTER NAMES
Shortly after he received the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, his country ceased to existWORLD LEADERS

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