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ClueWho is or What isCategory
This author whose 1st name is also an English word meaning a saying or motto was the 1st president of the Soviet writers' unionAUTHORS
After the Royal Family fled to this country in 1807, it became the only one in South America from which a European country was ruledWORLD HISTORY
A mixture of English & Spanish, Llanito is the language of this territory's 30,000 residentsLANGUAGES OF EUROPE
Words found in this 1945 fable include brood, baying, bleating, comrade, tyranny & rebellionWORDS IN 20th CENTURY NOVELS
Chapters in this 1953 thriller include 'Dossier for M', 'Pink Lights and Champagne' & 'The Game is Baccarat'20th CENTURY NOVELS
In 1950, 2 years after his murder, some of his ashes were enshrined at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles20th CENTURY LEADERS
He served the shortest amount of time as president before running for & winning reelection to the jobPRESIDENTS
Several species appear in the logo of the U.N.'s International Year of this 12-letter word, vital to the health of 'life' on EarthOUR LIVING PLANET
In April 1935 in Oklahoma, when blowing soil darkened the sky, a reporter coined this term for the regionTHE 1930s
These 2 'King Lear' characters, 1 male, 1 female, both represent truthfulness; one disappears when the other returnsSHAKESPEARE
Its Declaration of Independence was signed in 1847 by 11 men in that nation's Providence Baptist ChurchAFRICA
As 2 different characters, she is the first actress to win lead acting Emmys in both the drama & comedy categories21st CENTURY EMMYS
It was first transmitted by the USS Arapahoe off Cape Hatteras on August 11, 1909COMMUNICATION
A Hollywood venue was renovated & renamed the Aquarius Theater to host this musical in 1968MUSICAL THEATER
Forget Me Not, Glacier Avenue & Glacier Highway are streets in this state capitalSTATE CAPITALS
In 2010 we heard of the discovery of the fossil of a 12 million-year-old giant sperm whale given this Biblical name by its findersTERMS FROM THE BIBLE
In 2000 the Centre Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia was renamed for himSPORTS VENUES
From 1513 to 1972, only men named Christian & Frederick alternated as rulers of this nationMONARCHS
At his 1994 inaugural, he called for 'a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world'WORLD LEADERS
In ancient Rome it was a post where racers changed direction; since 1836 it's meant a moment change occursPHRASES
The IUPAC named an element for this man born in 1473 to 'highlight the link between astronomy and... nuclear chemistry2010 SCIENCE NEWS
A 2010 article from Slate called this language created by Paul Frommer 'the new Klingon'MOVIES & LANGUAGE
In use from 1844 to 1905, a flag representing the union of these 2 countries was nicknamed the 'herring salad'FLAGS OF THE WORLD
These 2 Cabinet departments both depict 19th century plows on their official sealsTHE CABINET
Golf carts used by the crew in the production of this 2009 movie bore signs reading 'Galileo' & 'Bernini'MOVIE SEQUELS
In 1886 he published his first book, 'The Trumpet and Drum', an instructional handbook with 8 compositionsFAMOUS AMERICANS
Nazi Rudolf Hess in 1941 & the notorious Kray twins in 1952 were among the last people briefly held herePRISONS
A line in this 1863 poem mentions 'The eighteenth of April, in seventy-fivePOETRY
He is the only president of the United States to be awarded the Purple HeartU.S. PRESIDENTS
It says, 'The history of the present king of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations'DOCUMENTS
Made up of 1 large & many smaller islands, it's the most populous of Britain's remaining overseas territoriesTHE WESTERN HEMISPHERE
'You have no right to expect me to send you back to Kansas' appears in a 1900 novel & in an epigraph to this 1995 novelLITERARY LINES
Only 1 U.S. president represented this party, & he said, 'I dread... a division of the republic into 2 great parties'POLITICAL PARTIES
With special sound equipment needed in the auditorium, this 1940 film was initially released in only 14 theatersDISNEY MOVIES
The deepest-diving sea turtle is this one whose name suggests the flexibility that lets it survive 1,700 lbs./square inch pressureOCEAN LIFE
The inspiration for this title object in a novel & a 1957 movie actually spanned the Mae Khlung RiverLITERARY & MOVIE TITLE OBJECTS
The alternate name of this 16th century Italian painting also means 'cheerfulPAINTINGS
John Tukey coined this compound word in 1958 saying it was as important as 'tubes, transistors, wires, tapes...'COMPUTER SCIENCE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
These are the 2 U.S. states with only one consonant in their namesSTATE NAMES
He said, 'to leave this stream uncrossed will breed manifold distress for me; to cross it, for all mankind'ANCIENT QUOTES
Topping the charts on Oct. 20, 1962, this novelty song is the only No. 1 hit to have the word 'electrodes' in the lyricsNO. 1 HITS
Since coming on the beat, he's had more N.Y. Times bestsellers than any other author, including over 20 in the last 5 yearsBESTSELLING AUTHORS
After a construction boom fueled by oil & gas money, this capital city now has Europe's tallest buildingSKYSCRAPERS
In 1998 these 2 baseball rivals shared top honors as Sports Illustrated's Sportsmen of the YearALLITERATIVE ATHLETES
Stieg Larsson created the girl with the dragon tattoo by imagining this fictional Swedish girl as an adultFICTIONAL CHARACTERS
These 2 are the only Best Actress Oscar winners to have no. 1 hits on the Billboard Top 40MUSIC & MOVIE SUPERSTARS
On Feb. 8, 2010 the headline in a major newspaper in this city read, 'Amen! After 43 Years, Our Prayers Are Answered'SPORTS & THE MEDIA
He was backed by London's royal philharmonic concert orchestra on his 2010 tour, which he called 'Symphonicity'POP STARS
A piece of custom-made equipment called the Phoenix played a key role in an October event in this countryEVENTS OF 2010
These 2 cities in the Southeast & Southwest were the only 2 Confederate state capitals not captured by Union forcesTHE CIVIL WAR
Now in season 23, its producer says it's the only show with 'no script, no actors, no host & no re-enactments'PRIMETIME TV
By area, it's the world's largest country that's named for a riverCOUNTRIES
In the 4 major U.S. sports leagues, he's won more regular season MVP awards than any other playerSPORTS AWARDS
It's the total number of legs on the 2 non-human animals whose words are quoted in the Old TestamentBIBLICAL BEASTS
In action since 1917, this sports franchise is now largely owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension PlanSPORTS
This American breed was named for its ability to race a distance of 1,320 feeHORSE BREEDS
His son Christopher said, my father 'got to where he was by climbing upon my infant shouldersBRITISH AUTHORS
Of the 9 presidents whose images have a beard or mustache, this late 19th century man is the only DemocratTHE HALL OF PRESIDENTS
The name for this news agency means 'peninsula', referring to the Arabian peninsulaWORLDWIDE MEDIA
In 1955 she became the first & so far only actress to win a Tony for playing a male role in a musicalBROADWAY STARS
Its largest airport is named for a World War II hero; its second largest, for a World War II battleU.S. CITIES
One tale of its origin says that the blind seer Tiresias separated 2 snakes with his staffSYMBOLS
Of the 20 presidents elected to a second term, 2 of the 3 who failed to complete that termU.S. PRESIDENTS
A critic said that a character of his, 'yearning for the moon... never saw the sixpence at his feet'; he made that into a title20th CENTURY NOVELISTS
The only 2 countries in the world with an 'X' in their names, one is found in Europe & one in the AmericasCOUNTRY NAMES
Riding the subway in New York in 1908, Jack Norworth saw a sign for the Polo Grounds & was inspired to write this songAMERICANA
Only Orson Welles & this man have been nominated for Best Actor & Orig. Screenplay in the same year while in their 20sTHE OSCARS
During his tenure, he never threw out an opening day first pitch, but before he was president, he did it for the BravesU.S. PRESIDENTS
Asked in 1966 to write a concise statement for arresting officers to recite, California D.A. Harold Berliner started with these 7 wordsTHE LAW
A 1912 speech said the Bull Moose Party 'comes from' these; 'it has grown from the soil of...people's hard necessities'POLITICAL TERMS
From the same state, they're the 2 presidents whose occupations are listed by World Book as 'planter'THE PRESIDENCY
His grave notes his 1842 West Point graduation, his time at Ft. Sumter, Gettysburg & 2nd Bull Run, but does not mention sportsBURIED AT ARLINGTON
Published posthumously in 1970, his first novel, 'A Happy Death', features a protagonist named Patrice MersaultFRENCH AUTHORS
In 1790 the USA's 1st law governing this protection gave it a term of 14 years; today it can extend well over a centuryLAW
As their bordering countries are all this adjective, Liechtenstein & Uzbekistan are considered 'double' thisGEOGRAPHIC TERMS
This 4-letter term for a religious group that holds distinctive beliefs comes from the Latin for 'followWORD ORIGINS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
For decades Rolls-Royce also owned this luxury brand named for its founder; now both are produced by German companiesBRITISH BUSINESS
The day affer the 15th Amendment took effect, Thomas Peterson became the 1st Afr. American to do this under its provisionsU.S. HISTORY
He was the last Secretary of State to serve in the post under 2 presidentsCABINET OFFICERS
One type of this aquatic animal gives milk that's 65% fat; pups are weaned in 4 days, the least of any mammalMAMMALS
Meaning 'rapidly', this term began in England, referring to the speed with which the mail was deliveredWORD AND PHRASE ORIGINS
His 'story was soon told, for the whole twenty years had been to him but as one night'LITERARY CHARACTERS
Britain's oldest known scrap of material called this, sometimes identified as shepherd's plaid, dates from 250 A.D.THE BRITISH ISLES
In this classic film, one of the characters tries to quote the Pythagorean theorem but gets it wrong1930s FILMS
Thomas Huxley & Samuel Wilberforce were among the Oxford Museum speakers debating this theory June 30, 1860THE 19th CENTURY
It's said that this woman who died in 1976 'made more money out of murder than any woman since Lucrezia Borgia'BRITISH WOMEN
From the Latin for 'greatest', this form of address was introduced by the narcissistic King Richard IIBRITISH ROYALTY
Built between 1940 & 1942, Moton Field in Alabama has a national historic site honoring men belonging to this famed groupNATIONAL HISTORIC SITES
In only 2 cases can you add 2 letters to one country & get another country: Austria/Australia & this pairCOUNTRIES
In 1988 this country boycotted the Summer Olympics after its demand to co-host the games was refusedOLYMPICS HISTORY
This happens several times, as in I Kings 17 & Acts 20; the most famous time, it's done by Jesus in John 11THE BIBLE
Finding the spot for this memorial caused its creator to say, 'America will march along that skyline'AMERICANA
These 2 rivers, each more than 1,000 miles long, rise in the Armenian Plateau in TurkeyRIVERS
William Wilkinson's 'An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia' inspired this author's most famous novel19th CENTURY NOVELISTS
In May 1964 this New Orleans native was 62 years old when he bumped the Beatles' 'Can't Buy Me Love' from the No. 1 spotBILLBOARD NO.1 HITMAKERS
In 1744 the first mention of this now popular sport said, 'away flies the boy to the next ...post and then home with joySPORTS
In 1950 he answered a Time magazine article on him, & a common criticism, with a telegram reading, 'No chaos damn it'20th CENTURY ARTISTS
Since the 1600s this 8-letter word has meant men of letters; a punning form of it refers to celebritiesWORD HISTORY
German is its official national language; Croatian, Slovene & Hungarian are each official in one of its statesEUROPEAN COUNTRIES
He was the first U.S. president to be elected in an Olympic yearU.S. PRESIDENTS
The mailing address for this company is P.O. Box 57, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230AMERICAN BUSINESS
Cuba removed Christmas from its list of national holidays in 1969 & restored it in 1997 in anticipation of a visit by this manHOLIDAY HISTORY
Debuting in a 1960 novel, this character dies following a heart attack on a basketball court in a 1990 bookCHARACTERS IN NOVELS
The names of 2 men, 1 born in Germany in 1834 & 1 in Kansas in 1875, were joined in this company name lasting 1998-2007BUSINESS PAIRINGS
The title character of this opera addresses his son in the aria 'Sois immobile' ('hold yourself still')OPERA
Because of a policy adopted in 1979, this country's young people are collectively referred to as 'little emperors'COUNTRY DEMOGRAPHICS
The basis of this show that won a Best Musical Tony & a Pulitzer was a collection of stories that won the Pulitzer in 1948MUSICAL THEATER
It's the only U.S. coin or bill produced in 2010 that features the private home of a president on the reverseU.S. CURRENCY
In the Book of Job, this name means 'accuser', & that was his role in God's courtTHE OLD TESTAMENT
After meeting him, Hawthorne said he had a 'sallow, queer, sagacious visage' warmed by 'homely human sympathies'19th CENTURY PEOPLE
Like the name of a minor Roman god, this word for a caretaker comes from the Latin for 'door'WORD ORIGINS
Of all the countries with Spanish as an official language, this one is last alphabeticallyWORLD LANGUAGES

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