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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The Mason-Dixon Line was originally the boundary between these 2 statesLET'S SET SOME BOUNDARIES
FlueologistTHAT'S MY JOB!
This gas brand gets its name from a badge used in heraldryBRAND NAME MEANINGS
In 1573 this future circumnavigator raided a mule train carrying Peruvian silver bullion in the isthmus of PanamaEXPLORERS
After 1516 this royal family had 2 branches: a Spanish line & an Austrian lineTHE RENAISSANCE
Longfellow referred to him as the 'Tuscan that wanderest through the realms of gloom'PEOPLE IN POETRY
This state's Highway 67 will get you a nice view of Devils Head Mountain in Pike National ForestHIGHWAY TO HELL
Also MP for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull is PM of this, one of the world's 10 largest countries in areaWORLD LEADERS
This Titan is mentioned in the subtitle of 'Frankenstein'MYTHOLOGY
He composed the music for Oklahoma's state songBROADWAY COMPOSERS
The Orient Express went as far Orient as this city, after a few days' trip from ParisTHE ORIENT EXPRESS
The caduceus is symbolic to many cultures, but it really took off when these were added above the serpentsSYMBOLS
Bolívar's will left to the University of Caracas 2 books that had once belonged to this European leaderSUNSET, BOLÍVAR
Your knowledge of opera might help with this one: it's the German word for 'bat' (the flying kind)SPEAKING GERMAN
Since it is lighter than water, the oil mainly in this organ prevents sharks from sinkingMARINE BIOLOGY
This Phoenician princess & wife of King Ahab was accused of practicing witchcraft as queen of IsraelMAGIC & SORCERY IN THE BIBLE
Cold War figure Francis Gary PowersARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE OR MARINES
Cornelius Vanderbilt's rustic rocking chair is in the museum named for this other rich guy in Wayne County, MichiganCOUNTY SEATS
Married to a Kansas senator, she was Secretary of Labor for H.W.BUSH I & II CABINET MEMBERS
In 1940's 'The Great Dictator', this comedian played a Jewish barber & a takeoff of Hitler named Adenoid HynkelMULTIPLE ROLES, SAME FILM
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This acronym used for the U.S. Armed Forces' 5 levels of alertNEW TO THE OED
The 2 that touch both the Atlantic Ocean & the Pacific OceanCOUNTRIES WITH ONLY A's AS VOWELS
A gaudy, glittering metallic substance is in this nickname for the L.A. movie industryNICKNAMES
To the north & east, Transylvania is bounded by these mountains that are a continuation of the AlpsTRANSYLVANIA
Leo Hirschfield named this oblong chewy candy after what he called his daughter ClaraEPONYMS
It's the official language in 5 African countries, including Mozambique & Cape VerdeLANGUAGES OF AFRICA
This man whose name is still on librarians' lips established the first training program for them in 1887LIBRARIANS
Belgium has 2 main ethnic groups, the Flemings & this French-speaking peopleDOUBLE DOUBLE LETTERS
Black Wednesday, sometimes called the biggest night of the year for bars & partying, is in this monthLET'S HEAR IT FOR WEDNESDAY
A domesticated dog reverts to its wild state in 'The Call of the Wild'; the opposite happens in this other book by Jack London20th CENTURY NOVELS
In 2000 Robin McKinley retold this classic fairy tale in 'Spindle's End'KIDDY LIT
Pandora's box was nothing but trouble for Abbie on this Fox drama & Ichabod would mourn her shocking lossDRAMATIC TV DRAMA!
After becoming the literal man who fell to Earth in 1962, he rose to serve Ohio in the Senate from 1974 to 1999GOVERNMENT FOLKS WITH 2 FIRST NAMES?
Remeasured by the USGS in 2016 at 20,310 feetHIGH ABOVE THE EARTH
Adding a word to our language, cities began keeping travelers from leaving plague-infected ships for this many daysTHE 14th CENTURY
Many Zanzibar residents have Mideastern roots, practice Islam & call themselves Shirazi, after a city in this countryBELLY UP TO THE ZANZIBAR
Glenohumeral is the medical name for this joint with greater range than any other in humansA JOINT EFFORT
In 1861 this future general received a commission in the Army from his brother John, a senator known for his anti-trust actCIVIL WAR PEOPLE
In 1977 the Cincinnati Symphony created the Cincinnati this Orchestra to play lighter classics in less formal attireORCHESTRA
'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil'THE STATE OF LITERATURE (Name the state where the work is primarily set.)
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