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ClueWho is or What isCategory
A trilogy by Yasmina Khadra includes 'The Swallows of Kabul' & 'The Sirens of' this other capitalCITY BOOKS
Named in memory of Nancy Brinker's sister: 'To save lives and end breast cancer forever'THE ORGANIZATION'S MISSION
Proverbial time of youthful inexperience, croutons on the sideLAST LETTER, FIRST LETTER (The correct response will be two words. The last letter of the first word will be the first letter of the second word.)
This science fiction award is named for an interstellar gas cloudAWARDS FOR WRITING
The collodion process, involving an iodide & a glass plate, was an 1851 innovation in this then-new fieldIT'S A PROCESS
This 2,400-year-old text begins, 'I swear by Apollo the physician'I'M NOT JUST SAYING
allmusic.com says that before him, 'it was inconceivable for a country artist to go multi-platinum'THE SINGING 'B'
For a breathtaking view of the main island in this group, board the 'End of the World' train in Ushuaia, ArgentinaARCHIPELAGOS
Sylvia Plath encouraged him to enter his first book, 'The Hawk in the Rain', into a contest & he won first prizeBRITISH POETS
You can get years in prison for this crime of a major theft of propertyCATCH SOME DOUBLE 'Z's
One of the 2 capitals on the Congo River; they sit on opposite sides of itCAPITAL RIVERS
Napoleon created it in 1802 as a general military & civil order of meritHONORS & AWARDS
'Perilous Fight' & 'While Washington Burned'STORIES OF THE WAR
Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene, which the human body turns into this vitaminCARROT
The History Pulitzer went to T.J. Stiles for a new take on the life of this soldier, 1839-1876THE 2016 PULITZER PRIZES
Lichtenstein said art since Cezanne looked inward; this movement Roy was part of 'looks out into the world'ROY LICHTENSTEIN
These mountains divided the war into 2 main theaters: east to the Atlantic & west to the Mississippi RiverTHE CIVIL WAR
Bufflao Trace Distillery, Daniel Boone burial siteSTATE CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS
Mam is a Mayan language spoken in Mexico's Chiapas state & by around a half million in this countryLANGUAGES
'The 33' is a film based on a real-life copper mine collapse that trapped 33 miners underground in this countryIT'S PLAIN TO SEE IT'S 33
Of Cherokee descent, Robert Owen was one of the first 2 senators from this state in 1907NATIVE AMERICANS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Its mission is “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan”U.S. CABINET DEPARTMENTS
Puerto RicoACQUISITIVE PRESIDENTS (You have to name the president who was in office when we acquired that particular piece of land.)
These are the 2 South American countries named for a real personEPONYMOUSLY YOURS
Setting in motion a legal battle over digital music rights, this file-sharing service debuted1999
Berkshire HathawaySTATE YOUR BUSINESS (We'll give you the business. You tell us in which state it is headquartered.)
When Liechtenstein discovered that Haiti had an identical flag, it added a little one of these, as it's a principalityLIECHTENSTEIN
Shhh! This 2006 Rhonda Byrne book let out the hidden truth that positive thinking can lead to wealth & happinessSELF-HELP BOOKS
R.L. Stevenson wrote, “I had gone to bed” this man, “I had awakened this other man. “How was this to be explained?”INQUISITIVE WRITERS
The last line of the 1966 play about this pair is spoken by HoratioTHEATRE TITLE DUOS
Architecturally, it’s either of the sides of a door or windowA SILENT 'B' HIVE (The correct response will have a silent 'B'.)
This world capital straddles the Han River, which flows into the Yellow SeaI AM CURIOUS ABOUT YELLOW
In 1971 he became the first president to establish his library on a college campusCOLLEGE FIRSTS
Between Morocco & Tunisia, it's almost 3.5 times the size of TexasWHAT A COUNTRY!
This 1807 act placed restrictions on imports to the U.S. from Great BritainFORBIDDING WORDS
Sara Jane Moore & John Hinckley show up & sing in this Sondheim musicalHISTORY AS THEATER
The oud, of the Middle East, is a member of this stringed instrument family with a 4-letter nameMUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
Around 1000 A.D. he sailed west to seek North America, which Bjarni Herjolfsson had sightedEXPLORERS
In his 90s, this Irish playwright was still writing comedies like 'Far-Fetched Fables'IN PRAISE OF OLDER WRITERS
This English thinker's 'Two Treatises of Government' had a 'key' influence on the Declaration of IndependenceNUMERICAL LIT

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