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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In a novel, Alice Walker wrote that it might anger God 'if you walk by' this 'in a field somewhere and don't notice it'YOU SAID WHAT?!
This brigadier general who gave his name to a Colorado peak was killed during the War of 1812GENERAL KNOWLEDGE
'I Strike the Jolly Roger'BOOKS BY CHAPTER TITLES
Keats wrote an 'Ode to' this mythological persona who wed CupidODE ON A
It's obvious, I've seen this message mentioned in Daniel 5, so I can't say I wasn't warnedWHAT A CLICHÉ!
In 1807 he wrote that his voyage to Albany & back 'has been performed wholly by the power of the steam engine'VERY INVENTIVE
Chairs the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on PersonnelPRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS' RESUMÉ ITEMS (We're dealing with the present, obviously.)
Isn't it romantic? After flowing over Murchison Falls, waters from this lake eventually reach Lake AlbertAFRICAN GEOGRAPHY
This guy kills his wife Emilia after she reveals his unjust adultery accusationsSHAKESPEAREAN DEATHMATCH
Try to inspire this release of emotions like fear or pity, a term used by AristotleSO YOU WANT TO WRITE A NOVEL
Huge cliffs called lobate scarps, discovered by MESSENGERLAND IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM (You tell us where.)
Joan the Mad, this woman's daughter, became Queen of Castile in 1504 but in 1509 was imprisoned for the rest of her lifeHISTORY
Damon Runyon's story 'The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown' rolled the dice as this musicalFROM PAGE TO MUSICAL
As a professor of botany at Uppsala University, he wrote several works including 'Species Plantarum'BOTONISTS
This lake in Upstate New York was named in 1755 to honor the then-current British monarchAMERICAN LAKES
The flag of 'the Tar Heel State' has these 2 letters on either side of a white starRAISE THE WHITE IN THE FLAG
The lady in this Dutchman's 'A Lady Writing' wears a yellow jacket, hair ribbons & pearl earringsPAINTED LADIES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1964 Martin Luther King said this 'is the answer to the crucial political & moral questions of our time'A 'NON' CATEGORY
The universidad catolica in Paraguay's capital is called Nuestra Senora de la, or Our Lady of, thisSOUTH AMERICAN CAPITALS
Russia's An-225 Mriya has the largest current wingspan of any plane at 290', but it's still 30' short of this 1947 planeGETTING OFF THE GROUND
The 'test' of A.I. named for him is whether a computer can make a person think it's a personSMART PEOPLE
This mottled material used for jewelry & eyeglasses once came from the hawksbill turtle; it's now illegal most placesSHELL
They drive on the left in this South Atlantic group of about 200 islands & 2,900 peopleAROUND THE WORLD
Around 900 A.D. this Central American society's Classic Era collapsed & temple building ceasedANCIENT TIMES
This novel by Sinclair Lewis caused an uproar for its satiric indictment of fundamentalist religion'E'-READERS
A British officer wrote that this man faced his September 22, 1776 execution in Manhattan with 'great composure'RED-LETTER DAY
The 2 elements whose symbols are personal pronounsNAME THAT ELEMENT
In the 1920s she organized a birth control conference in NYC & a world population conference in GenevaNOTABLE WOMEN
'About Combustion Tests', this German's 1934 Ph.D. thesis, dealt with 660-pound-thrust rocket enginesROCKET, MAN
Those useless little facts will pay off if you know that being goddess of the crossroads gave this Roman deity her nameMINOR GODS & GODDESSES
Under the terms of a 911 treaty, Norse leader Rollo received this region at the mouth of the Seine RiverTHE VIKINGS
In 2015 the Intl. NYT debuted a monthly digest of Times content in Chinese for these 2 administrative regionsINSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES
This U.S. state capital was founded by the French in 1719THE PLACE TO 'B'
It's 'hailed as the world's leading police, guard and military dog... most commonly black and tan'AKC-DEFINED BREEDS
...ascended into heaven from atop this peak 40 days after his resurrectionJESUS
This classic kids' book by Felix Salten is subtitled 'A Life in the Woods''B'OOKS

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