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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In May 1980 over 200 leaders from more than 120 countries attended his funeral in Belgrade20th CENTURY LEADERS
'Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair ____, where we lay our scene'FILL IN THE SHAKESPEARE QUOTE
It's distilled from white wine & is named for a city in western France'C' TO 'C' (The correct response will begin with the letter 'C' and end with a 'C'.)
Geography taught us young bulls that this country whose capital is Lusaka probably has the most hipposHIPPO CAMPUS
In 1937 his sister said he had “hats of every description” which he would use as a “foundation of his next book”AUTHORS
This small breed usually has 23 vertebrae instead of most horses' 24; the Najd region has a major stud farmHOLD YOUR HORSES!
Also called chimes, it's a set of tuned bells, usually set in a towerMUSIC TERMS
The title character of this 2013 film was played by David Tomlinson, who was actually seen only in clips from a 1964 filmMOVIES ABOUT MOVIES
At 200 miles, this capital of just over a million people is the continental capital closest to LondonEUROPEAN CAPITALS
In the 400-page book 'Agatha Christie A to Z', entries beginning with this 6-letter word start on page 224 & end on 238AGATHA CHRISTIE
In 1966 an appeal's court reversed the murder conviction of this Dallas inmate, but he died in January 1967TEXAS, HOLD 'EM
It's the only capital-&-state combo that fits the category'D.C.'ING YOU
The greatest north-south distance of this South American country is 2,731 miles; east-west, 2,684& THE CATEGORY OF GEOGRAPHY
This big land buy named for one also got us the otherSTATES THAT FLOW TOGETHER (The correct response will be two states. The last letter of one state will be the first letter of the adjoining state.)
Of the 3 types of rock, it's the one in which you'll mainly find fossilsWHAT A FOSSIL!
Best known for a different work, in 1833 he produced a 'Common Version' of the Holy Bible 'with Amendments of the Language'THE AMERICANS
Its opening on July 27, 2012 was watched by an estimated 900 million peopleDATE NUT
Since 1938, this southern city has been deemed 'the city that care forgot'AMERICANA
This Theban area includes Luxor & KarnakA PLACE FIT FOR A KING
This metaphor used by Shakespeare & Coleridge to denote an ending is based on a legend that never really happens in natureALLITERATION
William Shawn ran this magazine for 35 years, perhaps because he might've been the only one to get every cartoonRUNNING THE MAGAZINE
Post-Lenin, a pall/From the non-peachy Georgia/Total BolshevikHISTORICAL HAIKU
ClueWho is or What isCategory
She was born near London; her mother, near MadridENGLISH MONARCHS
Unlike the familiar small red globe variety of this root vegetable, the daikon type is carrot-shaped & can be 18' longEAT YOUR VEGGIES
In 'Godspell' this character leads the company in singing, 'Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord'MUSICAL THEATER
The Holy Roman Empire from 800 to 1806 was the first; the German empire from 1871 to 1918 was the secondFOREIGN WORDS
He came to power 34 days before FDR & left it 19 days after himWORLD LEADERS
11 movie soundtrack albums by this performer hit the Billboard Top 10, with 4 hitting No. 1THE BILLBOARD ALBUM CHARTS
This former education secretary & drug czar often speaks out for traditional valuesPLAY BILL
In 1936 at age 79, he published an article in Esquire Magazine in which he described hos to pick a juryFAMOUS AMERICANS
An abnormal fear of water, it's also another name for rabiesGENERAL SCIENCE
It was coined by George Orwell & means the capacity to accept 2 contradictory ideas at the same timeWORD ORIGINS
They were separated by only one other president2 PRESIDENTS, SAME LAST NAME
Heritage Plaza (formerly Texaco Heritage Plaza)BIG BUILDING OF THE CITY
Germany, Switzerland & this neighbor share the Bodensee, aka Lake ConstanceCOMMON PONDS
First lit in 1792, Virginia's Old Cape Henry Lighthouse on this bay was the first authorized by the federal governmentLIGHTHOUSES
This alliterative procedure is also called abdominoplastyPLASTIC SURGERY
This largest sea turtle is the only one that lacks a hard shell, having instead skin with tiny bone platesCRITTERS
In 1613 a cannon spark during a performance of 'Henry VIII' set this theater ablaze & it burned to the groundBRIT BITS
This capital of South Africa's Northern Cape was founded after an 1871 diamond find; today it's a name for baby girlsAFRICAN HISTORY
Battles have been used in heraldry since at least the 18th century; this admiral's coat of arms depicted the battle of the NileHERALDRY
At the beginning of the story, the title character of this 1837 Andersen fairy tale has no feetFAIRY TALES
In 1830 he had 5 tales & sketches published in the Salem GazetteAMERICAN LITERATURE

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