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ClueWho Is or What IsCategory
This Washington Irving character had 'an insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor'SHORT STORIES
Hull Street, Revere Street, Shawmut AvenueAVENUE QUEUE (You have to name the city where these streets are found.)
'My friend ... told me that he wanted help before' this country 'died', George Harrison sang in 1971; he had a benefit for itFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS
Peter Benenson's 1961 news article 'The Forgotten Prisoners' is considered the birth of this organization50 YEARS AGO--1961
Aside from racquet sports, one of the 2 other Summer Olympic sports in which men may currently compete against womenTHE OLYMPICS
Brought over from Australia, blue gum is the USA's most common variety of this treeTREES
In the 1880s he developed Crystal A Caramels; a product under his own name came out in 1900AMERICAN BUSINESS
Name shared by a popular world sport & a member of the Gryllidae familyNAME'S THE SAME
The White House's general manager is the chief this, from the time when his chief duty was escorting visitors to the presidentTHE WHITE HOUSE
As commander of U.N. forces in Korea, he preceded Matthew B. RidgwayIMMEDIATE PREDECESSORS
In February 1967 this Asian leader said his people would 'never agree to negotiate under the threat of bombing'The 20th CENTURY
This national memorial includes a 16-inch mole & a mustache that is 20 feet wideLANDMARKS
In medieval times, an act of bravery got you dubbed a knight & won you a pair of golden theseFAMILIAR PHRASE ORIGINS
Thomas Gray: 'The paths of glory lead but to the ___'BLANK VERSE
He developed a new silver-based process for photography in the 1830s'DA'
The blue light in the pools of water in these power facilities is called Cherenkov radiationBLUE RAYS
Matt's employer lets him choose among various benefits; it's this type of plan, like his favorite eating spotFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS
Her scoring system that assesses the health of newborn babies was introduced in 1952MEDICAL MILESTONES
In the 1840s he wrote, 'I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government'AMERICAN WRITERS
ClueWho Is or What IsCategory
Nietzsche wrote, 'Once you said 'god' when you gazed upon distant seas; but now I have taught you to say' this wordPHILOSOPHY
This children's classic is subtitled 'A Life in the Woods''B'OOKS
English poet Thomas Hoccleve, a contemporary of this man, called him the 'firste fyndere of our fair langage'ENGLISH WRITERS
By the end of 1862 this newly appointed rear admiral controlled the entire Gulf Coast except for MobileDAMN YANKEES
'Rags of Glory' & 'Krugers's Gold'WAR STORIES
CAT stands for computerized this tomography, because it moves across the body's transverse planeLOOK WHAT THE CAT SCAN DRAGGED IN
The Directorate for Management, The Office of Intelligence and AnalysisUNDER THIS CABINET DEPARTMENT
This sewing item has a capacity of about 1 cubic centimeterNOTIONS
Kilgore Trout, the fictional author of several cleverly ironic sci-fi novels, is a character in many of his booksCHARACTERS IN AMERICAN BOOKS
Celts were divided into social classes such as warriors, commoners & this priestly class, performers of religious ritualsA CELTIC CATEGORY
Trenton, New Jersey lies at the head of navigation on this riverSTATELY RIVERS
It's the largest of the islands separated from the mainland by the Mozambique ChannelCHANNEL SURFING
Anne Bancroft in 'The Miracle Worker'WHOM DID SHE PORTRAY?
Chapters in this James Bond novel include 'Gem Quality' & 'Hot Ice'LITERATURE
In heraldry it's a design shaped like an upside-down VFROM THE FREN'CH'
'I have approved a research program (for) a security shield that would destroy...missiles before they reach their target'INAUGURAL ADDRESSES
This type of victory in which the losses are ruinous is named for a cousin of Alexander the GreatWORD & PHRASE ORIGINS
A line in this 1954 novel reads, 'Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart'ENGLISH LITERATURE
The most recent father & daughter to win acting Oscars: he won for playing a veteran, she for playing a mental patientOSCAR WINNERS

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