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ClueWho is or What isCategory
General Henry Lee's funeral oration for George Washington contains the line 'First in war, first in peace, & first' hereA FUNERAL ORATION
In a Khaled Hosseini book, the 'real fun began' when the string of one of these 'was cut'IN THE AIR
In 399 B.C. he told a jury, 'I am not grieved, men of Athens, at this vote of condemnation'B.C. VIPs
A 1969 cover featuring the Hindenburg disaster was this band's visual introduction to the worldAN ALBUM COVER
The first Millennium Technology Prize went to this Brit for his work on HTTP, HTML & the World Wide WebAWARDS & HONORS
Don't hold back, name this repeated line in a poem, also a verb meaning to hold backPOETIC WORDS
It was founded by 6 cardiologists in 1924ORGANIZATIONS
March 3, 1901: J.P. Morgan announces his purchase of this man's steel companyA STEEL DAY
A woman's eggs are fertilized outside her body in this method of assisted reproductive technology'I' ON SCIENCE
Amanda Rogers used a first name from 'The Merchant of Venice' & an Italian last name to get this stage nameA STAR IS BORN
The Sinhalese are the majority people of this island nationHOMELAND
'Hit The Road Jack' with the singer & pianist who also came up with the theory of evolution by natural selectionBEFORE & AFTER: SINGERS & WRITERS
In early 1801 Sec. of War Samuel Dexter found himself acting as Sec. of Treasury & State for the last weeks of this president's termSECRETARIES OF WAR
Mangani, language of the apesFICTIONAL LANGUAGES (You have to identify the author who created the language.)
This future president was elected sheriff of Erie County in 1870NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN
Leonardo DiCaprio played this law enforcement man in a 2011 biopicTHE 3-NAMED EDGARS
More than half the tigers left in the world are this subspecies from IndiaMAMMALS
In medieval legend, it was the cup or plate used by Jesus at the Last SupperGIVE ME 5-LETTER WORDS
The Ramadan War of 1973 is also called this, after a holiday of a different religionA WAR BY ANY OTHER NAME
The 4 famous labyrinths mentioned by Pliny the Elder were in Italy, Egypt, Lemnos & of course, this Greek islandA LABYRINTHINE CATEGORY
Horace Hunley pioneered this transport & during a test run of one during the Civil War perished along with this crewDONE IN BY THEIR OWN CREATIONS
After the 1994 election, she became Germany's Minister of Environment, Conservation & Reactor Safety, but a promotion awaitedTHE 40-YEAR-OLD GERMAN
'Torchwood' was a spinoff of this British series; the titles of the 2 shows are anagrams of each otherTV SPINOFFS
Term for a feudal Anglo-Saxon or Scottish lord; Macbeth was one 'of Cawdor'5-LETTER WORDS
Most of the visible universe, like the Sun & stars, is plasma; on Earth you'll see it in lightning & these polar spectaclesPLASMA
In a 1941 speech, Churchill referred to a 'a vile race of' these traitors, from the name of a Norwegian oneVILE QUOTES
A book about Frank Calvert & Heinrich Schliemann is called 'Finding the Walls of' this cityTHE WALL
The lives of 3 women centuries apart intertwine along the shores of this lake in Danielle Sosin's 'The Long-Shining Waters'LITERARY MINNESOTA
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The ruins of Qumran, including some notable caves, overlook its northwest shoreSEAS
The name of this ancient city, home to the Ishtar gate, means 'gate of the gods'GATES
This sea is the western border of the Arabian DesertDESERT-POURRI
The name of this dressing comes from an archipelago in the St. Lawrence RiverSALAD
Digital finance can be confusing, hence the addition of this word for Bitcoin & the likeNEW WORDS IN THE MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY
In the NRA of the 1930s New Deal, the 'R' stood for thisLET'S MAKE A NEW DEAL
This bank was 'Established 1852. Re-established 2018'COMPANY ADS & SLOGANS
Roman baths once highlighted this Paris locale that got its name due to the language spoken there until about 1789A TOUR OF EUROPE
A look at great historic clashes, Phlip Sabin's 'Lost Battles' includes this 490 B.C. battle the Persians lost to the GreeksHISTORY BOOKS
A.Q. Khan of this nuclear country reportedly helped build North Korea's & Libya's atomic programsTHE NUCLEAR POWERS
Chopin taught this style of playing with linked notes, the opposite of staccato, which he called 'a pigeon hunt'ITALIAN MUSIC TERMS
The Crazy Horse memorialSTATE OF THE ART (Name the state where the artwork can be found.)
Of course this province's flag is basically the cross of St. Andrew with reverse colorsCANADIAN PROVINCIAL SYMBOLS
In 2019 vandalism during the govt. shutdown damaged many of these trees in their Mojave national parkVISIT A NATIONAL PARK
Betty Smith, who gained fame for this 1943 novel, would later plant a Chinese sumac for her children & their childrenGRANNY SMITH
Some have noted the often-seen mix-up of this nation's flag with the Red Cross emblemLET'S TALK ABOUT FLAGS
Nearly 50 years after he was admitted to the Ohio bar, he defended John T. ScopesDOCTORS & LAWYERS
It's less than 15 miles from Hersheypark to the capitol building in this citySTATE CAPITALS
A native of Brazil's largest city'ISTA' ME!
This Vienna-born composer was only 17 when he wrote 'Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel' & changed the lieder game in 1814TAKE ME TO YOUR LIEDER
1541, Lima: This conquistador is murdered at dinner in his palaceTHERE'S A TIME & A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING
The United Nations displays a replica of one of the oldest of these, signed by Egyptians & HittitesANCIENT EGYPT
An authentic Japanese song was adapted into 'Miya Sama', sung at the entrance of this Gilbert & Sullivan title characterENTRANCE MUSIC
This Brit: 'I've never wanted to look like models...I represent the majority of women & I'm very proud of that'FEMALE SINGERS MONONYMOUS
This 11-letter word describes any procedure that doesn't require breaking the skin or entering the body with instrumentsMEDICAL TERMS
Unseen in the Shakespeare play, Rosaline gets her story told in the book titled this character's 'Ex'LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
In this long 16th century poem, Queen Elizabeth I appears as Belphoebe & is represented by the title monarchBRITISH LITERATURE

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