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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Grandson of Louis XIV of France, Philip V was the first Spanish ruler from this dynastyTHE REIGN IN SPAIN
If your bones are brittle, gain awareness of this disorder on Oct. 20, the day devoted to itDAY-'O'
For years the third U.S. infantry has been doing this ritual 'every hour on the hour' at the Tomb of the Unknown SoldierYOU CAN SET YOUR WATCH BY IT
Vincenzo Bellini was one of the main proponents of this operatic style whose name means 'beautiful singing'ITALIAN COMPOSERS
The 2 monks on its coat of arms represent the 1297 conquest by Francois Grimaldi, whose soldiers dressed as monksCOATS OF ARMS
Every collection knows the French identify their airmail labels with this 2-word phraseSTAMP COLLECTING
'After comparison with Benjamin Harrison it was good to have' this man 'all over'THE PRESIDENTIAL VERSE OF RICHARD ARMOUR
Also known as the trailing arbutus, it's said to have been named by the Pilgrims; its bloom was the 1st seen in the spring of 1621BOTANY
To mark a 1683 treaty, this tribe with a state-ly name gave William Penn a wampum belt of 18 strings of beadsNATIVE AMERICANS
Milo of 'Phantom Tollbooth' fame learns you can only get to the Isle of Conclusions by doing thisKID LIT
Lamentations 4:9: 'They that be slain with the ____ are better than they that be slain with hunger'STRAIGHT FROM THE KING JAMES BIBLE
The poem 'Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines' was written in 1934, when this Welshman was 19WELSH WRITERS
There are 3 main types of these in the body--smooth, striated & cardiacBIOLOGY
The Latin for 'cross' gives us this term for extreme pain12-LETTER WORDS
The neurological condition prosopagnosia is often called this blindness, for what isn't recognizedNEW WORDS IN THE MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY
'She lives in a world of her own--a world of --little glass ornamentsWHO WROTE THE LINE?
Park yourself in this winter Olympic city at This is the Place Heritage Park & Pioneer ParkIN THE OLYMPIC CITY
Gary, Indiana's Majestic Star Casino has a royal view of this Great LakeCASINO ROYALE
In Roman 1 Paul says 'I am debtor both to' the barbarians & these people from whom 'barbarians' derivesTHE BIBLE
Hamilton wanted aid to support this country when it was called Saint Domingue & President Adams followed throughUNCLE SUGAR
Of the 10 University of California campuses, this one in northern California is alphabetically firstCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
Kevin Brady wonks out as Paul Ryan's successor heading the House committee on these 2 thingsCONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRS
You can visit the town of Calistoga in this lush (& we do mean 'lush') valley north of San FranciscoHOW GREEN IS MY VALLEY
In this Dennis Lehane novel, the investigator is really an inmate & the docs are letting him live out a fantasyLITERARY SPOILER ALERT!
It's both the smallest Central American country in area & the most densely populatedCENTRAL AMERICA
An 1860 debate at Oxford between Bishop Samuel Wilberforce & biologist Thomas Huxley centered on this bookARGUMENT
Sales of this game first known as Pretzel got a big boost in 1966 when Eva Gabor & Johnny Carson played it on TVTOYS & GAMES
The National Demolition Assoc. says this process of collapsing a building 'is the most visible face' of the industryKABOOM!
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Named for its engineer, this tunnel from Manhattan to Jersey City opened in 1927THE BRIDGE & TUNNEL CROWD
Sir Robert Brakenbury, lieutenant of the towerALSO IN THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY (You identify the play for us.)
Between signing the Dec. of Ind. & the Constitution, Roger Sherman autographed this govt.-organizing document in 1777THE JOLLY ROGER
Kings reign over these 2 countries in Asia that both begin with 'B' & end with 'N'AROUND THE WORLD
When an old sailing ship took on water bilge, these kept it afloatSHOE NAMES
In 1933 a stretch of river rapids in Alabama called Muscle Shoals became an integral part of this multi-state projectAMERICAN HISTORY
This island whose name means 'Big Light' represents around 35% of the area of the PhilippinesGETTING GEOGRAPHICA'L'
Most latitude & longitude lines curve on the gnomonic type of this, a way to map the round Earth on a flat surfaceLOOK AT THOSE CURVES
From the Greek for 'ancient' & 'animal', this era of geologic time began about 540 million years agoFILE UNDER 'OZ' (The response will contain that letter pair.)
This classic by William Faulkner is 'a tale told by an idiot... signifying nothing'CLASSIC NOVELS
The only Shakespeare play that fits the bill is this comedyWE 'LOVE' TO READ
Whether found in the Pennine or Ligurian sections, Foehns are winds first studied in these mountainsTHE NAME OF THE WIND
This capital that shares its name with its country lies about 12 miles inland from Italy's Adriatic coastEUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY
Comrade, the first of these was begun in 1928 & lasted until 1932PLAN
When this philosopher died around 347 B.C., his nephew Speusippus took over the AcademyPHILOSOPHERS
'And God said, 'Joe, people really need to know that the Bible isn't two parts, there's a part three''LYRICS FROM BROADWAY (Name the show from which the lyric was taken.)
Capella, sixth-brightest star in the sky, gets help due to being this type, actually 2 giants orbiting each otherSTAR TALK
Thoreau was a protege of this thinker & lived at his home, acting as handyman & gardenerTHOREAU-ING A 200th BIRTHDAY!
The only U.S. prez to be present at a shuttle launch, he watched John Glenn's return to space after 36 yearsFROM OUTER SPACE
9-letter French term for a skilled storytellerTHAT IS WHAT WE 'R'
Chevy Chase was Pierce Hawthorne & you were not at Greendale, this type of college that gave the show its titleSCHOOLS ON SCREENS
With an overwhelming September issue: 'Before it's in fashion, it's in...'MAGAZINE SLOGANS
First mentioned in records from Barbados around 1650THAT'S THE SPIRIT!
Each Sunday the animals hoist their hoof & horn flag, which Orwell used to represent this Communist symbolANIMAL FARM
In a 1983 Pittsburgh speech, Ronald Reagan spoke about frustrated & 'permanently laid-off' workers in this industryTHE PITTSBURGH ADDRESS
In 'A Christmas Carol', this is the third & scariest ghost to visit Scrooge on Christmas EveLITERARY THREESOMES
Situated on the west bank of the Yamuna River, it was formally dedicated in 1931A TALE OF 'NEW' CITIES

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