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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The 1984 Nobel Peace Prize went to this man, 'Africa's peace bishop'THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE
Looks like many brave officers are here! This Kipling tale is subtitled 'A Story of the Grand Banks'MILITARY MEN?
In September 2014 there was a United Tribes International one of these held in Bismarck, North DakotaDOUBLE U, DOUBLE V OR DOUBLE W
It’s the basic monetary unit of GibraltarMONEY MATTERS
This coastal republic of 23 million is separated from Madagascar by the channel of the same nameINTO AFRICA
Free Slurpee Day is on this date, honoring the place that dispenses themFOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS
You can cruise this lake on a paddle steamer with stops at Lausanne & MontreuxEUROPEAN LAKES & RIVERS
The meeting of the electors takes place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in this monthTHE ELECTORAL COLLEGE
“Pipedreams” is a public radio program devoted to this keyboard instrument5-LETTER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
In 1871 the first of these chambers was created, allowing wings to be tested in a stream of airLEARN TO FLY
Of the 3 Classical Greek architectural orders, this one named for a city is the most decorativeARCHITECTURE
The opera 'Les Troyens', or 'The Trojans', by Berlioz was based on this ancient Roman epicLIT-POURRI
5 syllables: a 19th c. song said. “I am” this/ “then urge be not to pause / for joyfully do I enlist / in freedom’s sacred causePOLYSYLLABIC
John McLaughlin created this brand of ginger ale in Toronto in 1904BEVERAGE BRANDS
U.S. astronaut candidates must complete training in ISS systems & this language likely to come in handy up thereTHE AMAZING SPACE-MAN
In 'Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister', Robert Browning rhymed this Pauline epistle with 'damnations'THESE ARE BIBLE BOOKS
On September 9 (not in spring) Japan observes Choyo No Sekku, a festival celebrating this flowerIN SEPTEMBER
Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'CLASSICAL COMPOSITIONS BY CENTURY (You give us the century.)
The Rebel Yell (out West)COLLEGE NEWSPAPERS
If you want to stand on the 40th parallel in this capital, go to Ataturk Forest Farm & Zoo; you'll be pretty closeTRAVELING ALONG THE 40th PARALLEL N.
In 1990 6'2' Dane Peter Martins succeeded Jerome Robbins as boss of this Big Apple artistic organizationNICE LONG DANES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
2 wars with the Turks gave Cathy control of the north coast of this sea from the Kerch Strait to the Dniester riverCATHERINE THE GREAT
Officially the king from 1820 to 1830, he had been de facto ruler since 1811 due to the insanity of his fatherGOD SAVE THE ENGLISH KING!
It's the only animal native to the U.S. that has a baby called a joeyANIMAL YOUNG
Suellen & Carreen O’Hara are a flighty pair of sisters in this novel.LITERARY SISTERS
12 days after his heinous act, he was discovered in a barn with David Herold & surrounded in rural VirginiaCATCH THESE MEN
Muscles slowly waste away, replaced by scar tissue & fat with this disease that Jerry Lewis vowed to destroyWHAT AILS YA
The Sargasso Sea: this oceanPUT IT THERE
The Teapot Dome scandal during President Harding's term was about giving unfair access to reserves of this commodityREVELATION
It was once called the 'New Negro Movement'LITERARY GROUPS & MOVEMENTS
Hester re-dresses. Arthur confesses--that's a very brief one of these for 'The Scarlet Letter''S' FIRST & LAST (That letter at the beginning and the end of the correct response.)
Smör, as in smorgasbord, is this spreadable stuffSAY IT IN SWEDISH
This 8-letter synonym for a delegate or ambassador comes from the Latin for 'to send out'SYNONYMS 1 & 2
It's the source of power for the U.S.S. Jimmy CarterMORE POWER TO THEM
The 2nd-largest Hawaiian isle shares its name with this Maori hero of myth who slowed down the sun for humansHEY HEY WE'RE THE MAORIS!
In the early 19th century, Scottish botanist Robert Brown showed how grains of this could be used to classify plantsBOTONY
This mother of the virgin Mary is the patron saint of expectant mothersSHE'S A REAL SAINT!
When Moses confronts the pharaoh, these 4 words follow 'Thus saith the Lord God of Israel'HOLY MOSES!
'Soul in Flight', a statue of a man serving a tennis ball, honors this late, great athleteMONUMENTS & MEMORIALS
An army uprising in Colonial Morocco in July 1936 triggered this nation's Civil WarHI, JULY!
In the fall of 1951 she got her first job as the 'Inquiring Camera Girl' at the Washington Times-HeraldBEFORE THEY WERE FIRST LADIES
During this pretrial court hearing, charges are read & the accused usually enters a pleaTHINGS TO DO BEFORE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Found in the scientific name of the redwoods, sempervirens is Latin for this type of treeTREES
River, people or dynasty of ChinaSOUNDS LIKE A STAR WARS CHARACTER
'Prague Winter' is this Secretary of State's memoir of her life as a child in Czechoslovakia during WWIINONFICTION
More than 15,000 feet up, the world's highest intl. paved road is the Karakoram highway, shared by these 2 countriesROADS SCHOLAR
The French epic 'Song of Roland' depicts a battle against Saracens, but it was actually vs. these people of the PyreneesFRENCH HISTORY
The largest & bloodiest battle of this conflict was 1461's Battle of TowtonBATTLE OF BRITAIN
In France “reclusion” is the term for this type of imprisonmentCRIME & CRIMINALS
The largest U.K. train station at 24.5 acres, it shares its name with an 1815 battle locationPLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES
A French nobleman of the lowest rank, it comes from the Old French for 'horseman'RANKS & TITLES
F. Scott Fitzgerald said, 'Show me' one of these characters 'and I will write you a tragedy'DEPRESSING QUOTES
The word for this part of speech is from the Latin for 'word'WORD ORIGINS
At the Scopes trial, he said of his agnosticism, 'I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure'AND I QUOTE
During the 1844 election, he said if he were elected pres., it would be only for one term; he won & kept his promisePRES-POURRI
A classic Eisenstein film recounts the drama of a real naval mutiny aboard this Russian battleshipBATTLESHIPS
He was the first vice president to assume the presidency upon the assassination of a presidentVICE PRESIDENTS
Arizona's state flower is the white blossom found near the top of the stems & 'arms' of this giant cactusSTATE FLOWERS
In a 1988 political speech, they came before 'No new taxes'3 LITTLE WORDS
Ritalin can help with this condition, from the Greek for 'above' & the Latin for 'doing'HYBRID WORDS (The correct response will have a Greek and a Latin root.)
ANF: This retailer known for its sexy “brand representatives”STOCK SYMBOLS

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