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ClueWho is or What isCategory
An account of her historic trial noted, 'It was conceded that the defendant was, on the 5th November 1872, a woman'19th CENTURY AMERICANS
'Gladiator' is close, but this film has the earliest historical setting of any Best Picture Oscar winneTHE OSCARS
A biography of this nobleman goes beyond the boxing rules he devised & his accusations against Oscar WildeBIOGRAPHIES
A part of this island that's on the Susquehanna hit 4,000 degrees in a hurry in 1979FEWER THAN A THOUSAND ISLANDS
This woman who passed away in 2015 wrote what is billed as Australia's 'Gone with the Wind'WOMEN AUTHORS
Flourishing between 3000 & 1100 B.C., Cycladic & Minoan were 2 of the cultures named for this sea'A'+ IN HISTORY
Blanco is the last name of the main character in 'Metástasis', a Colombia-set version of this showTELEVISION IN THE 2000s
1/360th of the earth's circumferenceGEOGRAPHER'S 'D'ICTIONARY
Wikipedia & Craigslist are the most popular sites with this domain suffixDOMAIN EXTENSIONS
For 2007 the honor went to this word for one who eats food grown or produced nearbyOXFORD DICTIONARIES WORD OF THE YEAR
Alfred Dreyfus was among the thousands who marched through the streets of Paris in his 1902 funeral processionEUROPEAN NOVELISTS
The debate team at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire is named for this man who entered the academy in 1796HISTORIC AMERICANS
All U.S. lighthouses come under the jurisdiction of this branch of the Armed ServicesLIGHTHOUSES
The metropolis of Mildendo in this land in 'Gulliver's Travels' was a square, each side 'being five hundred feet long'LITERARY SETTINGS
The youngest medalist ever was 10-year-old gymnast Dimitrios Loundras, in his homeland in this yearOLYMPIANS
SEID, systemic exertion intolerance disease, is the new name for CFS, thisA BRIEF ILLNESS
The stone that unlocked the language of the pharaohs was discovered in 1799 just outside this villageHISTORIC OBJECTS
A membership fee bump helped this co. move up the food chain in 2013, hitting $100 billion in sales for the first timeA FORTUNE 500 COMPANY
On Sept. 21, 1981 this British colony became the last nation on the American mainland to gain independenceINDEPENDENCE DAYS
Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle was the subject of his 1872-73 work 'Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 2'ARTISTS & THEIR SUBJECTS
In 1913 this cleaning item was born when its creators named it from a word meaning 'bright' or 'shining'AMERICAN PRODUCTS
Due to developments in 2012, this annual summer contest now lists no winner from the years 1999-2005INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS
Of this agreement, Thomas Jefferson said he 'stretched the Constitution until it cracked'THE THOMAS JEFFERSON ADMINISTRATION
In Sophocles' play about her, revenge is on the mind of this daughter of AgamemnonSOPHOCLES, EURIPIDES & AESCHYLUS
As a word used in Scrabble, this longest-named one of the 6 noble gases would give you the highest scoreSCRABBLE & CHEMISTRY
This H.G. Wells doctor remarks, 'I took a gorilla... and mastering difficulty after difficulty, I made my first man'CRITTERATURE
Since 1980 co-founder John Mackey has been CEO of this, 'America's healthiest grocery store'CEOs
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Pink complained, 'Tired of being compared to damn' this blonde singer; 'She's so pretty, that just ain't me'NAME-DROPPING SONG LYRICS
This part of the large intestine extends from the cecumALSO A KEYBOARD KEY
This small land's airline advertises a 'stopover': 7 nights at no extra travel charge to break up a Boston-Brussels tripNATIONAL AIRLINES
Mayor Dave Bing had the unhappy task of announcing that this city had declared bankruptcyMAYORS
In 1909 this Oxford student surveyed Crusader castles in the Mideast; a few years later he returned for less peaceful activitiesHISTORIC NAMES
At about 100 miles it's not one of Canada's 100 longest rivers, but in the 1890s it became perhaps the most famousNORTH AMERICAN RIVERS
Led by Altan Khan, around 1550 these people invaded China & laid siege to BeijingTHE 16th CENTURY
In a set of standard Staunton-style pieces, not bishops but these pieces are topped with crossesNOT CHESS AGAIN!
The mission of this Western university founded in 1875 is 'to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life'COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
Wagner's line 'Oed' und leer das Meer', meaning 'Waste and empty the sea', is quoted in a poem by this American-born manPOETRY
There once was a king named Richard I, who granted a charter to this Irish port city in 1197THE OLD SOD
Aristotle: 'Man is by nature a ____ animal'PHILOSOPHIC PHIL IN
This church gets its name from the Greek for 'fiftieth'CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS
Lafayette was buried in Paris with soil taken from the grounds of this 1775 battle, the bloodiest of the RevolutionTHE MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE
In September 2014 president Poroshenko of this country asked for more U.S. help against Russian incursionsA SPEECH TO CONGRESS
No pasaran, 'They shall not pass', was a loyalist slogan during this 20th century warSLOGANS
'He is brought as' this phrase, 'and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth'KING JAMES BIBLE PHRASES
This major league team's official colors are Sedona red, Sonoran sand & blackMAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL
In effect the last battle of the Wars of the Roses was on this field on August 22, 1485HISTORY, OLD & NEW
A father, a mother & 4 sons are shipwrecked on a desert isle in this Johann David Wyss adventure taleLITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s
Calling him a 'character' is a bit of a stretch, but Tom Hanks made him/it a close pal in a 2000 movieNON-TALKATIVE SHOW BIZ FOLK
First name of the man for whom Zimbabwe was formerly namedCOUNTRY MEN
This country smaller than England was a colonial rival with which England fought 4 wars, the last from 1780 to 1784MILITARY HISTORY
To make angry & an aromatic smokeHETERONYMS (Heteronyms are words that have different meanings, are pronounced differently, but are spelled the same.)
Interconnected transistors, resistors & capacitors built on a single wafer'I. C.'
You take the high road & I'll take the low road to Milarrochy Bay on this Scottish loch'L'AKES
The 4th Amendment: None of these 'shall issue, but upon probable cause'THE BILL OF RIGHTS
No. 7: This Low Country should be 'evacuated and restored' to full sovereigntyWOODROW WILSON'S FOURTEEN POINTS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This U.S. retailer's 133 Canadian stores closed in 2015; its CEO said, 'We missed the mark... by taking on too much too fast'DOING BUSINESS INTERNATIONALLY
In a 3-day period in November 2014, this second-most-populous city in New York got 7 feet of the white stuffLET IT SNOW
Chapter 8 in this book is 'Two More Golden Tickets Found'FICTION
On July 30, 1975 he dined at a restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan then got into a car & disappearedJULY
Act I of this play opens in a small bedroom in the home of Reverend Samuel Parris, Salem, Mass., in the spring of 1692THE BEGINNING OF THE PLAY
'I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel' is spoken to this title character by his creation19th CENTURY BRITISH LITERATURE
The first movement of the 1888 suite named for her is titled 'The Sea and Sindbad's Ship'CLASSICAL MUSIC
Edmond Dantes, Sinbad the Sailor & Lord Wilmore, who are all the same guy NOVEL CHARACTERS
In this 1934 novel the solution to the murder is revealed in a dining carAN AGATHA CHRISTIE MYSTERY
Like 'Beau Geste', also by P.C. Wren, 'Beau Sabreur' is about a man in this fighting unitBESTSELLERS
On the completion of this in 1937, its chief engineer wrote, 'At last the mighty task is done; Resplendent in the western sun'LANDMARKS
These, now meaning 'Credit for deeds done', may have come from a measure of young Girl Scouts' achievementsIN COLOR
From 2009 to 2014 4 alums of this Montreal school won Nobel PrizesWORLD UNIVERSITIES
Prominent on its seal is a silver miner & his team moving a carload of ore from a mountainSTATE SEALS
In 1890 a critic said this artist 'directs his brush with enormous dabs of impasto of very pure color in sinuous trails'EUROPEAN ARTISTS
During her 72-day trip around the world, 1889-90, she stopped in Amiens to visit with Verne, who had inspired her tripJULES VERNE
The sec regulates this type of 5-letter material that allows shareholders to vote without being presentTHE SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION
I'm this second sign of the zodiac, named for the kind oe creature that terrorized Crete in Hercules' timeWHAT'S YOUR SIGN?
In a song, Weird Al says, 'I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows' himCELEBRITIES IN SONG LYRICS
Michigan's motto mentions this type of land areaOFFICIAL STATE MOTOES
The southeastern Mexican state of Quintaa Roo is on this peninsulaPENINSULAS
Milan's La Scala is this type of place5, 5 (The correct response is two words; five letters in each of them.)
A turning point of the Civil War was the Union victory in this 1862-1863 campaign in MississippiVICTORY
His Basketball HOF bio says in 1921 he 'hobbled into a Converse Chicago sales office complaining of sore feet'SOLE MEN
In both 1274 & 1281 thousands of Mongol ships & men were destroyed by typhoons while invading this island countryTHE MONGOLS
Yeah, maybe our campaign staff shouldn't have advised this man to do a 1988 photo op atop an M1 tankOUR MISTAKE!
You know the drill--WC is this carbideTIME FOR YOUR FORMULA

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