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ClueWho is or What isCategory
After a victory at Acre in 1191, he was imprisoned in Austria on his way home to England & ransomed for 150,000 marksPOKEY, MAN, GO
The Treaty of Paris ending the war guaranteed America's right to fish in the Grand Banks & the nearby gulf of this riverTHE REVOLUTIONARY WAR
Leonard Maltin calls it 'the quintessential spaghetti Western''BAD' ENTERTAINMENT
Purina Pet Foods & Raisinets: this Swiss-based companyTHE PARENT COMPANY
The title of this David Mamet play refers to a valuable nickel & the plot to steal itPLAY DOUGH
The seeds of this disruptive group date back to 1889 with members of the Imperial Medical Academy of IstanbulFOREVER 'YOUNG'
In 1972 Nixon named L. Patrick Gray to replace a very big name as the head of this agencyWHO THEY SERVED
Meaning hushed or understated, it sounds just like a Norse god3 LETTERS, 3 LETTERS
Aeschylus 'Bound' up this troublesome god in the title of a dramaMY BIG FAT ANCIENT GREEK LIBRARY
The ark of the covenant was kept for a time in this city that's also the name of a Civil War battle site in TennesseeBIBLE STUDY
This state's name originally began with 'Ou' until Congress changed it to a 'W'STATE NAMES
Speeding up evaporation, winds are strong in many deserts, like this one that's home to most Joshua treesBLOWIN' IN THE WIND
Today meaning a short-lived success, it refers to a misfire in a flintlock's powderGUN TALK
Teddy Roosevelt took this term from 'Pilgrim's Progress' to refer to one who digs up scandal about famous people9-LETTER WORDS
To allay fears of alternating current, he publicly lit lamps by allowing electricity to flow through his bodyGUYS MAKIN' STUFF
Caused by a buildup of uric acid, it can affect other parts of the foot along with the big toeTHE AGONY OF DA FEET
She's the mother of Silas Randall TimberlakeLAST '-IEL'
This popular Gregory Maguire novel is a prequel of sorts to the 'Wizard of Oz' booksPREQUELS & SEQUELS
Recent cognitive research indicated bilingual speakers retain more brain function following this medical eventSCIENCE
This title character hails from Asteroid B-612, which has 3 volcanoes & a roseFRENCH LITERATURE
The patrols of this service's 7th district cover South Carolina & most of Florida & GeorgiaTHE ARMED FORCES
He ordered his country's troops into Korea in October 1950 to protect his 1-year-old Communist regimeTHE KOREAN WAR
He liked to rime: STCAUTHORS' INITIALS
'Come with me to' this exotic old section of Algiers; its name is from the Arabic for 'citadel'THE OLD PART OF TOWN
'The Painted Girls' brings to life this artist's model for 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen'HISTORICAL FICTION
'Life on the Mississippi' says, 'There is no architecture' in this city, 'except in the cemeteries'TALK OF THE TOWN
Known for 4 giant presidential heads, he also did a now-lost sculpture of Woodrow WilsonSCULPTORS & STATUORS
It's in Africa, where it's the nearest country to continental EuropePLACES IN CONTINENTS
In 1663 this English king established a colony in eastern North America; it would eventually become 2 coloniesA LONG TIME AGO IN AMERICA
ClueWho is or What isCategory
National Nurses Day & Star Wars DayCELEBRATIONS OF THE MONTH
In 1966 the Chinese government unleashed radical youth against older Communists in this movementWORLD HISTORY
Hepzibah ChillingworthLITERARY CHARACTER MASHUP (Name the author.)
At 18 in 338 B.C. he helped his dad's army to victory at Chaeronea, bringing Greece under Macedonian controlTHE THRILL OF VICTORY
'Gates of Fire' is an epic novel of this epic battle of ancient GreeceHISTORICAL FICTION
134,000 square miles of this Australian wonder were added to the list in 1981WORLD HERITAGE SITES
You know the stuff that makes up 1/4 of the universe but we can't see it? Peter Straub put 'A' before it to title this 2010 bookSCARY READING
A museum named for this agronomist is part of the Tuskegee Institute National Historic SiteI'VE GOT 3 NAMES (Full name is required.)
Miscellaneous articles sold as a unit at an auction at Sotheby'sAPPROXIMATE WEIGHTS & MEASURES
Add a letter to a Spanish cheer & you'll be cheering for a spicy, chocolatey Mexican sauceADD A LETTER
'The fathers of Chingachgook have not lied!' is a line in this historical novelNOVELS
In Wilson's disease, this metallic element collects in tissues & can be detected by a brownish ring around the corneaDISEASES NAMED AFTER PEOPLE
Full employment can be defined as the highest percentage that won't trigger this as workers ask for more moneyECONOMICS
A species of fish with a big round head & a skinny tail is called this 'fish', after the young of many amphibiansAMPHIBIANS
A native sandstone, Roxbury puddingstone is the official rock of this stateROCKS & MINERALS
This London park has the Princess Diana fountain & 'The Huntress', which honors another Diana, the goddess of huntingCITY PARKS
Nebraska's name comes from an Otoe word meaning 'flat water', referring to this riverTHE 50 STATES
In 1980 this ex-veep defended himself in a political memoir called 'Go Quietly... Or Else'VEEP
'C' if you can guess this element that follows boron on the periodic tableTHE ELEMENT
Change the first letter in a problem for a car tire to get this, a point in time when a decision has to be made'J' WORDS
They were told, 'Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return'BIBLICAL PAIRS
Threatened by Napoleon, the Portuguese royal family fled to this colonial capital & stayed there for 13 yearsPORTUGUESE HISTORY
This minority group makes up about 20% of Turkey & IraqMINORITY REPORT
WWII pilot Tim Vigors felt a 'taste of fear' aiding the evacuation of this French port in 1940TIM FLIES
Prior to his famous 1922 discovery, this Brit found the tombs of Hatshepsut & Mentuhotep, among othersARCHAEOLOGY
Shepard Fairey's iconic 2008 painting of Barack Obama began as a 60'x44' collage in his studio & featured this 4-letter wordAMERICAN ART
Served on a warm baguette & filled with grilled meats & pickled vegetables, banh mi is a sandwich from this countryAIN'T NOTHING BUT A SANDWICH
Serving under George W. Bush, this soldier was the first person of Jamaican descent in the CabinetAFRICAN AMERICANS
This Turkish strait that separates Europe from Asia takes its name from the ancient Greek for 'cattle passage'BODIES OF WATER
Before her Oscar for playing a 20th century queen, she scandalized as a nude Cleopatra with the Royal National TheatreSHAKESPEARE BUFFS

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