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ClueWho is or What isCategory
This principality has only about 2.5 miles of coast, on the Mediterranean SeaCOUNTRIES WITH SHORT COASTLINES
The Musgrave Mountain Range is in this region that by some definitions, covers 80% of a continentHUGE TRACTS 'O' LAND
This musician character claimed to have a secret charm that he chiefly used 'on creatures that do people harm'VICTORIAN VERSE
Skeeter, Hilly & Aibileen are all characters in this Kathryn Stockett novel set in 1962 MississippiBESTSELLING BOOKS
U.S. president: 'The Duel Fighter'HISTORIC NICKNAMES
It features a single G2 V dwarf starTHREE CHEERS FOR THE RED, WHITE (You have to identify the country whose national flag contains only red and white.)
John Trumbull's painting of this event can be seen on the back of a $2 billHISTORY IN ART
We must reveal that Rousseau & St. Augustine both wrote autobiographies with this plural titleAUTOBIOGRAPHIES
Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, lies on this island that gained notoriety in World War IIWORLD 'G'EOGRAPHY
Rhyming period of one's greatest strength, youth or vigorWORD OF THE 'DAY'
DNA sequencing has greatly aided the mapping of this entire blueprint of a human beingTHE HUMAN BODY
In 2004 Oprah reached back to this 19th century classic about an adulterous Russian wifeOPRAH'S BOOK CLUB CALSSICS
Alexander Laing's triumph of finding this Mali trading post in 1826 was short-lived; he was murdered a month laterTHE 1820s
This city was home to the royal family for 1,074 years, from the Heian Period to the Meiji RestorationJAPANESE CITIES
Offered free passage on the Titanic, this Italian chose a different ship but his invention saved 700 livesJUST MISSED THE TITANIC
The Bradbury Science Museum in this New Mexico city displays replicas of the 2 atomic bombs used in WWIIMUSEUMS
Ice hockey is the country's official winter sport; the national summer sport is this one with a French-Canadian nameCANADIANA
In 2000 this legendary musician won 8 Grammys, including Album of the YearSTART UP YOUR CARLOS
Around 2008 this negative word that had been doing fine as a verb was popular as a noun, often preceded by 'epic'ENGLISH USAGE
This word for income is from the French for 'return'FROM THE FOREIGN
'The Congress assembles... under the shadow of a great calamity... (the) President... was shot by an anarchist'IN HIS STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1430 she wrote a letter of support to the town of Reims saying that if it was under siege, 'I will be with you shortly'TAKE A LETTER
'One versed in the science of government and the art of governing'; also 'a man of artifice or deep contrivance'FROM NOAH WEBSTER'S 1828 DICTIONARY
Oliver Cromwell enters ParliamentWHICH BRITISH MONARCH'S REIGN?
The elevation above the horizon of this star in Ursa Minor is equal to the observer's latitudeASTRONOMY
'Full Bloom: The Art & Life of' herIT'S ALL ABOUT HER
A Moroccan seaport on the Strait of Gibraltar lends its name to this citrus fruitPLACES THAT BECAME WORDS
Floaters in your field of vision can indicate this 2-word condition where a membrane is separated from underlying tissueIT'S NOT A TUMOR
David Bowie was a style icon of this look, from the Greek for 'male & female in one'FASHION
This monstrous term was coined in the 1990s for genetically engineered ediblesBLENDED WORDS
In 1965 Lyndon Johnson issued a proclamation making Ellis Island a part of this national monumentELLIS ISLAND
This song publishing area of Manhattan gets its name from the slang term for the cheap pianos publishers usedALLEYS
NBA fans in this city cheer on a team represented by a speedy dinosaur of the late Cretaceous periodDINO
His earlier career included stints as U.S. Solicitor General & judge of the Sixth U.S. Circuit CourtPRESIDENTS FROM OHIO
Earth's atmosphere is about 1% this alphabetically first noble gasWORLD PIECE
This old-timey term for hand-to-hand combat starts with a hand ready to strike a blowWAR OF THE WORDS
Abbreviated TM, it separates the outer ear from the middle earSCIENTIFIC & MEDICAL ABBREV.
It's largely thanks to this man, born in Scotland in 1838, that we have Sequoia National ParkGREAT SCOTS
Of the approximately 700 daguerreotypes in the Library's photo division, about half are from this man's studioTHE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
This Dutch man flew into his seat on March 4, 1821 but that wasn't his last stop, politicallyWE RECOGNIZE THE SENATOR FROM NEW YORK
In a follow-up to an earlier novel, 'Closing Time' by this author revisits Yossarian & Milo Minderbinder in NYC in the 1990sPREQUELS & SEQUELS
He'd need his own 'Requiem Mass' after getting a little too green around the gills on Jan. 27, 1901DECOMPOSING COMPOSERS
'The Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park'STATE CAPITAL NICKNAMES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Hemingway's 1936 Esquire essay 'On the Blue Water' formed the basis for this 1952 storyBOOKS & AUTHORS
These 2 words that fit the category precede 'amber waves of grain' in song3 VOWELS IN A ROW
From the Latin for 'battlefield' comes this word for a fighter or dog who has beaten all challengersHEROES
Bruce Catton's Civil War work 'A Stillness at' this 1865 historic site won the 1954 Pulitzer Prize for historyHISTORY BOOKSHELF
An inventor, a Jetta propulsion systemEPONYMS
After a joint injury, you might have less: ROMABBREV.
It's the power of government to expropriate land for public use subject to reasonable compensationTHE LAW
This Anglo-Irish author went by the nickname 'Dr. Presto', Presto being the Italian equivalent of his last nameLITERARY NICKNAMES
The Jimi Hendrix shrine, not all that far from Jimi's birthplaceIN THE CANADIAN PROVINCE
The original title of this Debussy piece is translated as 'Pierrot vexed by the Moon''CL'ASSICAL MUSIC
This city once known as Beverwyck was made a state capital in 1797AMERICAN HISTORY
In November 1973 Richard Nixon made this declaration, saying he'd earned everything he'd got20th CENTURY QUOTES
Like Anne Boleyn, this fifth wife of Henry VIII was also accused of adultery & beheadedHISTORY REPEATS
This future Catholic saint 'dogged' Europe in the mid-1140s with powerful sermons encouraging a new crusadeTHE CRUSADES
A famous collection of Freud's theories was 1917's 'Introductory Lectures on' this processTEEN LITERATURE
The court's cookout wouldn't be complete without these 2 past justices, first names Warren & FelixTHE SUPREME COURT
The Cook County jail in the 1920s is the setting for much of this showMUSICAL SETTINGS
The house built by Anton Chekhov in this Crimean resort is now a museum containing some of his personal itemsRESORTS
This type of beetle with a biblical name is one of the largest, growing about 5 inches long & weighing 3 1/2 oz.LADIES & GENTLEMEN... THE BEETLES!
Designated one of these objects like Pluto, distant Haumea spins so fast on its axis that it's twice as tall as it is wideTIME FOR SPACE

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