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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 2010 this largest Chinese city overtook Singapore as the world's busiest container portASIAN CITIES
In the 1940s John Draize did eye irritancy tests of these cute animals; we don't like scientists to do that anymoreIT'S AN EXPERIMENT
Term for anyone nominated for office by delegates from his or her own state as a sentimental gesturePOLITICAL TERMS
In 2003 this onetime head of the State department told her groundbreaking story in 'Madame Secretary'POLITICIAN AUTHORS
Queen Victoria succeeded this king, her uncle, on the throne in 1837VICTOR/VICTORIA
In 1891 this European said, 'Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses'SCIENCE & INDUSTRY
The San Miguel Mission in this state capital began holding mass in the early 1600sCHURCHES & CATHEDRALS
George Romero declined to direct a few episodes of this series, calling it 'basically...just a soap opera'CURRENT TELEVISION
As a humorous tribute, an astronomical term equivalent to at least 4 billion has been named for himSCIENTISTS
Since 1953 5 consecutive siblings have been this country's head of stateWORLD LEADERS
Massachusetts means 'at the big' one of these; colony Gov. John Winthrop said, 'we shall be as a city upon' one of theseU.S. COLONY NAMES
The Greek for 'sand tray' gives us the word for this counting deviceWORD ORIGINS
A thermonuclear reaction A MODEL OF FORD, &...
This Gustav Holst suite: 'An HD Odyssey' is a multimedia work with images from space probesCLASSICAL MUSIC
is interred in Washington, D.C. (at Washington National Cathedral)THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO...
The Citadel, one of Cairo's top landmarks, is a 12th century fortress built by this Muslim warriorCAIRO
On July 3, 1801 this U.S. inventor's Nautilus submarine descended to a depth of 25 feft in a test in FranceTHE CENTURY'S FIRST YEAR
A 17th c. Frenchman wrote, 'absence is to love as' this 'is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it kindles the great'ROMANTIC CLICHÉS
In the 1960s he bought 6 Nevada hotels, a TV station & more than 1,000 mining claimsNEVADA
This Wendy Wasserstein play follows the life of an art historian from high school through her 30sPULITZER PRIZE-WINNING PLAYS
The 2nd offensive by this offensive German lasted from January to July, 1942, with stops in Tobruk & BenghaziHISTORY, ON THE MOVE
Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the head of this govt. agency kept saying 'My day is going to...' be lousy '...tomorrow'2004
Established by Congress in 1798, it's the oldest continuously active U.S. professional music ensembleMUSIC IN AMERICA
In South Dakota, you can visit a launch facility for these cold war missiles with a Revolutionary War nameNATIONAL HISTORIC SITES
She spent the last 14 years of her life with her husband at Casa Guidi in ItalyPOETIC WOMEN
The name of these winged women is from the Old Norse for 'choosers of the slain'WINGED THINGS
At Paducah, Kentucky, the Tennessee River meets this other one named for a stateLAKES & RIVERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 2013 Mario Cuomo said he finally saw this film, which he had boycotted for personal reasons, & called it 'maybe ...a masterpiece'1970s FILMS
In an experiment, the people getting sugar pills instead of the drug being tested are this group'CO'NCERNING SCIENCE
One guest said of their 1953 wedding in Newport, Rhode Island, it was 'just like a coronation'THE 1950s
A dignitary at the dedication of this said it was 'keeping watch and ward before the open gates of America'19th CENTURY U.S. HISTORY
Fertility, roads, thieves & absolutely, positively getting packages there overnightTHE GREEK GOD OR GODDESS OF...
Team nicknames of the 8 Ivy League schools include 4 animals, 3 colors & this Christian denominationCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
Sharing part of their names, these 2 sons of slaves, one a scientist & one an educator, are the subject of 'Unshakable Faith'DUAL BIOGRAPHIES
Bank of America's website offers investment options with this subsidiary whose logo is a bullON THE CORPORATE WEBPAGE
Named for an Illinois representative, 1910's White Slave Traffic Act is better known as this 'Act'THE NAME OF THE LAW
' 'A' is for Trespass'MASHED-UP BOOK TITLES
In 1847 Marines stormed & secured Chapultepec Castle in this world capital19th CENTURY AMERICA
On May 7, 1833 this president appointed 24-year-old Abe the new postmaster of New Salem, IllinoisYOUNG MR. LINCOLN
The Pharmaceutical Journal praised her 1920 first novel, saying it dealt 'with poisons in a knowledgeable way'BRITISH AUTHORS
Rioplatense is a dialect of Spanish found in a small geographic area that includes these 2 South American capitalsDIALECTS
This magazine began in 1884 as a handout for David Belasco's 'May Blossom'THE THEATRE
In a C.S. Forester novel, Charlie Allnutt pilots this title craft on the Ulanga RiverLITERARY SHIPPING
This 2-word term for a spiral shape dates to 1954& SPAN 'D_X' (The correct response will begin with a 'D' and end with an 'X'.)
Fled Cuba for the Dominican Republic on Jan. 1, 1959THE LEADER WHO...
In his 1988 autobiography, he dispelled the allergy rumor but said that he wasn't really fond of carrotsFAMOUS VOICES
Napoleon's brother-in-law Charles LeClerc died in 1802 in this New World Country while trying to put down a revoltTHE BONAPARTES
It's the only U.N. member country in the Mediterranean where English is an official national languageTHE MEDITERRANEAN
Founded in 1908, this big company was removed from the S&P 500 in 2009 after filing for bankruptcy but returned in 2013BUSINESS & INDUSTRY
In 2013 this musical based on a movie became the first show to gross $1 billion on BroadwayBROADWAY
The sandwich generation loves this chain, now tops in number of U.S. restaurantsU.S. FRANCHISES
This inventor whose name is still on tanks at fuel stations nearly died when an engine exploded on him in the 1890sHERRS
Hulk relate to trust issues of this title guy, but calling his wife 'a strumpet' over line for Hulk! Wife is angel figure!THE HULK, SHAKESPEARE SCHOLAR
Winning for 1999, this New England writer is the last person to win an Oscar for adapting his own novelOSCAR-WINNING WRITERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This city of 95,000 people is named for a New York Tribune editorPLACES IN COLORADO
At the Battle of Lake Trasimene during the second of these wars, Hannibal's forces slaughtered 15,000 RomansTHE UNCIVIL WARS
While reading fortunes in a pack of cards, she sees death for herself & her lover Don JoseOPERA CHARACTERS
He didn't have the nicest things to say about Bill Gates in 'Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft'FOUNDERS DAY
This noun meaning a secret plan comes from the Latin for 'to breathe together'WORD ORIGINS
This city's 1997 protocol limits emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide & other greenhouse gasesEASY BEING GREEN
In 1778, after detailing the 'invisible hand' guiding commerce, he became a commissioner of customsECON 101
In Judges 16 the Philistines have a wild party (their last) to mock this heroBIBLICAL REVELRY
It's Ron Kovic's memoir of his loss of innocence & mobility in VietnamSUMMER READING?
In 1911 Glenn Curtiss received this document Number 120th CENTURY AMERICANS
Just before he was hanged on December 30, 2006, he mocked Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-SadarNOOSE MEN
This author's ashes were buried uner a large walnut tree in front of his office on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana, CaliforniaFINAL RESTING PLACES
Ending in the same 2 letters, these 2 are capitals of a nation that covers a continent & of a nation reaching onto 2 continentsCAPITAL CITY WORDPLAY
William Sullivan retired from the Foreign Service in 1979; he was the last U.S. Ambassador to this countryFOREIGN AFFAIRS
...Of the 12 ApostlesALPHABETICALLY LAST
'No, my good lord, but as you did command I did repel his letters, and denied his access to me'PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET (You have to identify the speaker of the lines.)
This 1906 novel was partly inspired by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle called 'The Call of the Tame'NOVELS & NOVELISTS
In 2001 the names of these 2 breeds came together in the new official name of a Canadian provinceDOGS & GEOGRAPHY
Of the Beatles' 20 U.S. No. 1 hits, this song has the shortest titleTHE BEATLES
His 'spinal column was curved'...the 'head was between the shoulder-blades and...one leg was shorter than the other'19th CENTURY NOVEL CHARACTERS
Because of its inherent rhythm, the sinoatrial node is the specialized heart tissue known as the natural thisTHE BODY SHOP
Patrick Towle honored Abraham Lincoln's humble beginnings with the name of this syrupBREAKFAST
After the Israelites crossed into Canaan & other sustenance was available, this food stopped fallingFOOD IN THE BIBLE
O this director of 'Trainspotting' & 'Slumdog Millionaire', the pipes, the pipes are callingMOVIEMAKERS
Venezuela uses this monetary unit named for a 19th century national heroDOUGH NATION
The southernmost major city on the U.S. mainland, it had a population of only 343 when the railroad arrived in 1896AMERICAN CITIES
This North Carolina city got its present name in 1913, & not for 2 brands of cigaretteA 'TON' OF CITIES

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