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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The name of this desert in the south of Israel is Hebrew for 'south'WHAT'S FOR DESERT?
Until the 500s A.D., Africans near Carthage spoke this Phoenician dialect, also the name of 3 warsPHOENICIA PHUN
Warships rammed fishing boats in the 1975-76 'Cod War' between Britain & this usually peaceful Atlantic neighborALMOST-FORGOTTEN WARS
Formed in 1909, it performed to great acclaim in Paris, London, New York & Monte Carlo, but never in MoscowTHE ARTS
In 1696 John Blow, a great British composer of this musical era, wrote an ode on the death of another, Henry PurcellCLASSICAL MUSIC
This world capital in the West Indies was established at its present site in 1519TAKE ME 'N-A' WHERE (The correct response will end with those two letters.)
A power in Richard II's court, John of this was so-called for his birthplace of Ghent, not because he was skinnyWHERE YA OF?
In 2005 South Korean scientists cured a few chickens of avian flu using this. Sometimes called Korean sauerkrautFOOD STUFF
Robert Bly's 'At a March Against' this warWAR POETRY
The 1098 discovery of the spear-like weapon that reputedly pierced Jesus' side, the Holy this, inspired the CrusadersTHE CRUSADES
From the French for 'to set in the woods', this word refers to a type of attackWORD ORIGINS
Very different places, the first 2 African nations to gain independence from a European power were Egypt & this oneAFRICA
It's either of the 2 cells formed when a cell divides --each one is a genetic duplicate of the parent cel'D' SCIENCE
1 barcelona-born Ramon Mercader killed this Soviet exile in Mexico City in 1940SPAIN KILLERS
Freedom of Information Day & National Pi Day (the math kind)CELEBRATIONS OF THE MONTH
In 1862 he told the Prussian Diet, 'The great questions of the time' will be decided by 'iron and blood'SPEECH!
The title of this scandalous novel set in 1930s Paris symbolizes 'the disease of civilization 'NOVEL TITLES
Ye Gods! Sea monsters, Medusa & Hades are but a few of the villains in this 2010 remake of a 1981 filmANCIENT MOVIES
This household cleaner's website says it 'didn't get its name from the area code where it was developed'GRIME FIGHTERS
On April 30, 1900 this engineer died with one hand on the brake lever, saving all but himself in an unavoidable crashDA TRAIN! DA TRAIN!
1 of the first 2 women in Hollywood to own a studio (according to the official bio of no. 3, Oprah)WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT
This pope's 'Journal of a Soul' from adolescence to the Vatican was published after he died in i963SPIRITUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHIES
A city on the Danube: VindobonaLATIN NAMES FOR CITIES
This courtier & author of a 'History of the World' was executed at the Tower of London in 1618BAD ENDINGS FOR WRITERS
John Keats called this American 'A philosophical Quaker full of mean and thrifty maxims'WHO SAID WHAT ABOUT WHOM?
Between Jan. 1, 1841 & Dec. 31, 1850 the U.S. had this many presidents, the most in a 10-year periodTHE PRESIDENCY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Supreme Court justice, 1986- (he's been there the longest)OFFICE HOLDERS
The first major use of simultaneous translation, before adoption by the U.N. [United Nations], was in this European city in 1945 & 194620th CENTURY TECHNOLOGY
The bestselling album of all time by a female is a 20 million seller by this woman who started singing at age 8 in OntarioU.S. TOP-SELLING ALBUMS
He abdicated shortly after Petrograd police opened fire on a group lined up for breadQUEUES
The commemoration of this former U.S. senator's June 3, 1808 birthday is a legal holiday in several southern statesHAPPY BIRTHDAY
The OED says this 12-letter adjective meaning definitely not amazed & impressed dates back to the 1950sPARTIAL OPPOSITES
After MontgomeryTHE NEXT STATE CAPITAL ALPHABETICALLY (The next one alphabetically will start with the same letter of the alphabet.)
According to Billboard, the top 2 music artists of 2011 were these single-named singers, neither born in the U.S.2011 MUSICMAKERS
His multi-novel series is based on Robert Browning's poem 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came'AUTHORS
Of the 10 listings on the Mohs scale, one of the 2 that end in 'z'SCIENCE GRAB BAG
2 light waves who phases have a fixed relationship, as in a laser, are said to be this, like a clear sentencePHYSICS
In 2005 this former FBI Deputy Director revealed he was 'Deep Throat'ON YOUR MARKS
Born 1894, became Hellman's man in 1930, case solved for good 1961BORN & DIED: AUTHORS EDITION
The 19th C. is represented by a chronometer from this ship that helped make scientific history in the 1830sTHE BRITISH MUSEUM'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 100 OBJECTS
'Jody put out his bruised hand again, and...' this title animal 'let his nose be rubbed'JOHN STEINBECK
This nation, independent since 1960 is the largest island in the world with French as one of its official languagesISLANDS
The name of this, seen in the heavens, is a translation of the Latin Via LacteaSCIENCE
The moonflower, whose blossoms open in the evening, is a fragrant variety of this a.m. flowerNATURE
In 2010, for the 25th anniversary of this movie, fans retraced Ford's footsteps in Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaA HARRISON FORD FIESTA
Shelburne, VermontA CITY ON THE WATER (You have to identify the body of water for the city.)
In the 1930's Alf Landon called this government program 'a cruel hoax'A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS
From 1962 until his death in 1967, he was Poet Laureate of Illinois20th CENTURY WRITERS
Prince Charles traveled to Aberystwyth, where he learned this language to prep for a 1969 investitureTRAVELS WITH CHARLEY
In 1867 it cost the U.S. about 2 cents an acre to buy thisAMERICAN YEARBOOK
The name of this fabric includes the initials of the city where it was introduced at a World's Fair siteFABRICS
The 1956 Best Musical award went tot his show that was mad about baseballTHE TONY AWARDS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Fats consist mainly of these compounds, defined as 1 glycerol molecule & 3 molecules of fatty acidsFATS & OILS
In an 1873 Thomas Hardy serial, a chapter ends with a character dangling from an 'enormous sea-bord' thisCLICHES
'Multi-mages of Marilyn are now... dated...where does that leave' his 'art? on the wall, is the unfortunate answer'EVERYONE'S AN ART CRITIC
This comic strip's genesis was in a series of animal cartoons called 'Nature's Way' first published in 1979'SIDE' DISHES
Honey, its twins! These 2 guys were often called the Dioscuri, meaning 'the sons of Zeus' (but one may have had another dad)ZEUS YOUR DADDY
19th c. reports on horse races used this 2-word term to mean horses that were in the field but didn't finish highPOLITICAL TERMS
A y-shaped group of 4 stars depicts a water jar in this constellationREACH FOR THE STARS
In 120-degree heat in April 2009, British combat operations ended in this country, turned over to a U.S. brigadeTHE BRITISH ARE GOING!
It differs from other slithery sea dwellers in that it usually lacks pectoral fins'M.E.'
This large retailer of imported furnishings & gifts began as a single store in the San Francisco Bay areaTEXAS-BASED COMPANIES
The Gettysburg Address speaks of “the last full measure of” this committed emotion.WORDS OF LOVE
Until the Erie Canal opened, this 981-mile tributary of the Mississippi was the main route west for goods & peopleTHE RIVER OF HISTORY
This triangular peninsula juts into the northern end of the Red SeaPENINSULAS
The 1995, 2003 & 2006 winners for Best Actor all appeared in this 1982 teen comedyEARLY FILMS OF OSCAR WINNERS
John & Yoko's favorite area of Central Park was officially named this in 1981, after a Beatles song that he wroteLENNON
Eesti, with dialects including southern & northern or TallinnLANGUAGES IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE
These 2 men first meet after one of them tells a friend, Stamford, of needing new lodgings in LondonFICTIONAL PAIRS
Mr. Toad's 'shiny new motor car' isn't new enough; Toad's off to Lexus' 'December to Remember' sales eventUPDATING THE NOVEL
Though shot in the chest, Teddy Roosevelt gave a 1912 speech saying, 'it takes more than that to kill' one of these animalsPRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS
A 1905 treaty named for this U.S. city ended a foreign war 7,000 miles away & was actually signed at Kittery, MaineHISTORIC U.S. CITIES
Among the many books he wrote were 'The World Crisis', 'The Second World War' & 'Painting As A Pastime'NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS
In 1995 he published a candid memoir called 'Breaking the Surface'GOLDEN BOYS & GIRLS
Listed in 1983, this complex finished c. 1650 features inlaid semiprecious stones & Arabic calligraphyUNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES
Shaker Heights Community United Church of ChristALTARED STATES
Patrons at Harry Hope's saloon eagerly awaiteth Theodore 'Hickey' Hickman's arrival in this O'Neill playPLAY CHARACTERS

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