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ClueWho is or What isCategory
John Stafford Smith composed 'To Anacreon In Heaven', later used as the tune for this songMR. SMITH
Her look was partly inspired by descendant Shirley 'Little Dove' Custalow McGowan & by model Christy TurlingtonANIMATED MOVIE CHARACTERS
It precedes 'Special' & 'Train To Georgia' in song titlesAT THIS HOUR
Newspaper: 'The Gray Lady'SOBRIQUETS
Last name of the only family to have a father & daughter receive Academy Award nominations for Best DirectorTHE OSCARS
Urban Dictionary says these 'are organized via mass communications to come together... perform... then disperse'FADS & FASHIONS
Her barge 'like a burnished throne, burned on the water; the poop was beaten gold'QUOTES FROM SHAKESPEARE
L.A.'s corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Cahuenga, where this detective had an office, has been named Raymond Chandler SquareLITERARY CITIES
In June or any other month, you can see this gem in a girl's ear in a VermeerBIRTHSTONES
Sondheim won an Oscar for 'Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man)' sung by this woman in the film 'Dick Tracy'STEPHEN SONDHEIM
The gold standard in hip replacement isn't gold at all but this super-strong metal name for mythical figuresTHE ELEMENTS
The 'N' in the I.N.R.I. written on the Christian cross refers to this placeRELIGION
...were one of these, from Greek for 'newborn animal', for the first 7 weeks after you were conceivedYOU
He put out the live double album 'Babylon by Bus' in 1978WHAT ABOUT BOB?
Dean Norris is Ben Franklin in the miniseries titled after this group of 1760s radicalsTHE PATRIOT ACT
Rhyming names of 2 of the respiratory system's passageways; one leads to the otherANATOMY
One of the 2 presidents Dean Rusk servedPRESIDENTS & SECRETARIES OF STATE
Aristotle said that an ancient Athenian law made uprooting one of these trees punishable by deathANCIENT TIMES
Mens et manus, 'mind and hand', is the motto of this university whose alumni include I.M. Pei, Amar Bose & Richard FeynmanCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
A series of his articles in the 1870s attacked Catholicism & predicted the triumph of this churchDOSTOYEVSKY
Annie Edson Taylor was the first woman to go over this landmark in a barrelOTHER FIRST LADIES
These islands, Grand & Little, are named for the alligators reported to be native thereISLANDS IN THE 'C's (The correct response will begin with that letter of the alphabet.)
In an 1851 novel, this character is monomaniacal, blasphemous, 1 for 2 in the legs department & ultimately doomedTHE PEN IS MIGHTIER
This regal American actress became a true member of 'High Society' when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA, STACY OR GRACE
Nearly 500 clues about this English king, & yet none said that one of his favorite horses was named CanicidaNEW TWISTS ON JEOPARDY! FAVORITES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Say hello to the 30+-story Shalom Tower in this cityON THE MEDITERRANEAN
Dan Jacobson, author of 1959's 'The Zulu and the Zeide'ETERNAL DAN NATION (You have to identify the current country of the Daniel referred to in the clue.)
'Oculogyric' refers to this gesture of indifference or disbelief, a favorite of teen know-it-allsODD WORDS
Steve Wozniak left Cal to co-found this computer company but returned in 19815 BEARS
For the Gagudju & other aboriginals of this country, 'the Dreaming' is the time of their ancestor spiritsFOREBEARS
The European Central Bank is based in this city sometimes called 'Mainhattan'EUROPEAN CITIES
The Coffin Texts & the Pyramid Texts were part of this 3,500-year old collection placed in tombs____ OF THE ____
2-word term for a railed, super-high-speed passenger transport like the shinkansen in Japan'BULL' ____
The med school at this public university is named for David Geffen & is affiliated with the Ronald Reagan Medical CenterMED SCHOOLS
Found in North Africa, it gets its name from an ancient district that included 3 citiesWORLD CAPITALS
in 1950 & then again in 1951, this capital city fell to invading forces who were evicted each time by U.N. troopsHISTORY
A former Yugoslav republic & a deadly, contagious canine diseaseANAGRAMS OF EACH OTHER
Arthur Miller thought 1690s Salem was relevant to 1950s America when he wrote this playA. MILLER'S TALES
In a recent British poll, the 1926 book about this title character was named the favorite children's book of the past 150 yearsCHILDREN'S LITERATURE
Leonardo DiCaprio as Louis XIV & PhilippeMULTIPLE ROLES, SAME MOVIE
Governors of adjacent states, these 2 ex-prosecutors are also adjacent on an alphabetical list of governorsGOVERNORS
Interestingly, at the start of this novel, Prince Oblonsky, the title character's brother, has been unfaithfulLITERATURE
In the 1850s this American inventor wrote 'Gum-elastic and Its Varieties'CHARLIE
A Christian hymn & a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musicalHYMNS
Caesar: 'No grave upon the earth shall clip in it A pair so famous... see High order in this great solemnity'NICE ENDING, SHAKESPEARE! (We want you to name the play.)
This city, capital of the same-named country, was overrun by Iraqi forces1990--25 YEARS AGO
On August 15, 1941 convicted Nazi spy Josef Jakobs became the last person to be put to death hereHISTORIC SITES
The colors of the gay pride flag adorn the stamp featuring this slain politicianSTAMPS
In 2015 Magna Carta marks this number anniversaryFAMILIAR NUMBERS
This trial opened on July 10, 1925 with William Jennings Bryan arguing for the prosecutionTHE 20th CENTURY
Historically, the Mojave were known as the Pipa Aha Macav, 'people by the river'--this riverNATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In a 2013 article Milwaukee's mayor protested the term this 'Belt', saying 'Our industry isn't... dying'THE MIDWEST
Intel's Ajay Bhatt came up with this 3-letter data transfer methodWHAT AN INVENTION
In 2014 a collection of her columns became the 1st bestseller entirely by this woman who championed many other bestsellersBESTSELLING BOOKS
In 1906 this city's Academy of Fine Arts admitted Egon Schiele; in 1907 it rejected Adolf HitlerSCHOOLS AROUND THE WORLD
1/3 of shark species are near extinction, partially due to human appetite for the soup named for this shark partSHARK TANK
The House of Lords has about 790 members; 26 are Lords Spiritual, appointees from this institutionTHE BRITISH PARLIAMENT
In an essay, he wrote, 'I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion'19th CENTURY AUTHORS
Harriet Hemenway's boycott of the feathered hats of her social circle inspired the 1905 founding of thisCONSERVATION ORGANIZATIONS
In March 2012 this director tweeted, 'Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good'FAMOUS NAMES
Originally, the Atlantic referred to the sea near this mountain range but was later applied to the entire oceanPLACE NAMES
He spent the summer of 1839 at Nohant, George Sand's country houseCOMPOSERS
Due to microscopic scales, the name of this order, including moths & butterflies, means 'scaly winged' in GreekSCALY CRITTERS
Memoirs by Righteous Brothers singer Bill Medley & this late actor share the title 'The Time of My Life'CELEBRITY MEMOIRS
The Navy Reserve has its own motto, 'Ready now. Anytime, anywhere', but still uses this Navy anthemTHE ARMED FORCES RESERVES
Galaxies are organized into hierarchical structures called these, containing 100s to 1,000s of galaxies eachOF THE GALAXY
It's set in the Jewish village of Anatevka in 1905SMASH BROADWAY MUSICALS
Rwanda got its independence from this small European country in 1962RWANDA
'This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection' (2010)PERFORMERS' AUTOBIOGRAPHIES
In 1962 she wrote, 'As crude a weapon as the cave man's club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life'1960s QUOTATIONS
For the first time in almost 100 years, this pro team has an official mascot, a bear named ClarkMASCOTS
Of the 5 former vice presidents still living, he held the office the earliestVICE PRESIDENTS
A finger bone, or a formation of soldiers'PH' TEST
Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan in this film whose title comes from a legal test devised by Justice Oliver Wendell HolmesTHAT MOVIE TITLE IS LEGAL
A cold beer is just the thing to quench your thirst when cruising along this river in the capital of the NetherlandsTRAVELING
Published a year later, 'Good Wives' was a follow-up to this 1868 novelAMERICAN LITERATURE

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