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ClueWho is or What isCategory
This 3-word French phrase means group morale & camaraderieCORPS CURRICULUM
The Laptev & Barents Seas are parts of this remote oceanTHE OCEANS
Kids really dig this 1998 book featuring Stanley Yelnats & Zero, 2 of the young inmates at Camp Green LakeCLASSIC KIDS' BOOKS
Often compared to another New England poet, Maxine Kumin was dubbed this, the female equivalent of his nameWOMEN POETS
In the 1850s Paul du Chaillu became the first European to see & report on this ape many believe was a mythEXPLORERS
Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote this poem as a call to help save the USS Constitution from demolitionAMERICAN POETRY
In the 11th century al-Mustansir ruled Egypt for 58 yeas as the 8th Fatimid one of these political Muslim leadersLONGTIME RULERS
The Snowy Mountains are a range in this country's AlpsWORLD GEOGRAPHY
For a collectible doll, 'NM' stands for this almost perfect conditionDOLL COLLECTING
Never carry one of these feathers on stage--the evil eye may curse the showTHEATER SUPERSTITIONS
We'd like to 'point' out that George in 'Sunday in the Park with George' is this famous French artistBROADWAY MUSICALS
Shakespeare may have gotten the names of these courtiers from 2 members of Danish nobility who visited London in the 159HAMLET
During France's Reign of Terror, this wax modeler was forced to make death masks of freshly guillotined headsEUROPEAN HISTORY
Founded in 1971, this voluntary medical group has been doing good works globally ever sinceALL GOOD THINGS
Chanko nabe is a high-protein stew that's traditionally cooked for those training for this sportJAPAN-POURRI
This North Carolina city founded in 1792 is named for a man who died in 1618'R' TOWN
Chile had to pay millions after officials failed to warn coastal cities about this after a deadly 2010 earthquakeDOWN IN SOUTH AMERICA
The CIA World Factbook calls it 'the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere'5-LETTER LANDS
We'd take a couple of $1,000 bills from 1928 featuring this president, even if they were in nonconsecutive orderON THE BIG MONEY
In this 17th c. work God says the fallen angels are subject to free will & therefore the authors of their own fateLITERARY CHARACTERS
In Marxism the proletariat is the wage-earning class; this is the middle class one big on property valuesTIME FOR CLASS
This Standard Oil Company president was considered America's first billionaireFIRST IN YOUR CLASS
In June 1776 Virginia became an independent commonwealth & this famed orator was elected its first governorVIRGINIA GOVERNORS
These barbarians whose name means 'destroyer' crossed the Rhine River & sacked Rome in 455 A.D.BARBARIANS AT THE GATES
In 1913 James Hamilton Lewis became the first senator in this job of counting votes & rounding up membersPOLITICS
Several of the stories are set in this city, capital of the Muslim world in 8th century & still a capital todayTALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS
This Union general refused to run for president, stating, 'will not serve' if elected; he wouldn't have carried GeorgiaI WILL NOT SERVE...
As you can guess, the Victoria Falls Bridge over this African river has amazing viewsBRIDGES
Home to many Dutch masterpieces, it recently added an Asian pavilion that's surrounded by waterMUSEUMS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
What happened to hostages in a Swedish bank robbery gone wrong led to this alliterative psych termON A NORDIC TRACK
Cairo is in mourning, Oct. 6, 1981, with the news of this man's assassination earlier todayOUR HISTORICAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT
A strategy in DarfurNATIONAL RHYME TIME
One chapter of this tome includes 'The Ball at Count Bennigsen's' & 'Alexander's Letter to Napoleon'BALL
The site of a temple to Apollo & an ancient oracle, this city was located on the slopes of Mount ParnassusHISTORIC GEOGRAPHY
Immunoglobulins, which attack foreign substances inside you, are AKA theseSTRAIGHT 'A's IN SCIENCE
He's better remembered for signing an infamous redistricting bill while governor of MassachusettsDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNERS
'Kite Runner' Amir lives in the Wazir Akbar Khan district & takes part in the kite competition, all in this cityLITERATURE ON THE MAP
On Sept. 25, 1950 U.S. Marines retook this Asian capital cityGETTING HISTORICAL
In the 600s Muslim forces captured Jerusalem & by century's end, they had built this gold-topped shrineARCHITECTURE & BUILDING
New Hampshire's Black Mountain State Forest has plenty of the paper type of this, the state treeU.S. FORESTS
This precious metal boasts the highest thermal & electrical conductivityELEMENTARY
The name of this mammal is Afrikaans for 'earth pig'YES, MAMMAL!
These people are the 'R' in UNHCR, which gives them shelter & helps them find a new permanent homeNOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS
Stanley Ho built this administrative region's gaming industry, owning more than 15 casinos though he doesn't gambleENTREPRENEURS
The 1st known one was written c. 1235 by Giacomo da Lentini; Petrarch wrote several to the unattainable LauraITALIAN LITERATURE
The source of the Old West term 'buckaroo', it's Spanish for cowboyTHE OLD WEST
Dean Moriarty is a memorable character in this Beat Generation novelTHE DEANS LIST
Nickname for residents of Norman, Enid & EdmondSO 'SOO' ME
Epictetus was a leading thinker of this stonefaced group & his philosophic talks influenced Emperor Marcus AureliusANCIENT STUFF
Called the 'Father of History', he wrote a long account of the Greco-Persian WarsB.C.-ING YOU
His last 2 novels, 'Omerta' & 'The Family' were published after his death in 1999BOOKS & AUTHORS
Being of this pacifist faith didn't keep Lydia Darragh from spying for Washington's armyLYDIA, OH LYDIA
A boater in trouble needs to know this word to say over the radioINTERNAL RHYME TIME (All the syllables rhyme in the response.)
Until she wore a white wedding gown for her 1840 royal wedding, most women wore their best dress for their nuptialsA STITCH IN TIME
Grammatically, English has these 2 voicesOPPOSITES
To encourage marksmanship 2 Union vets founded this organization in 1871ORGANIZATIONS
This 5-letter Greek tragedy from Euripides is not a good choice for Mother's DayWORLD PLAYS
This U.S. federal holiday is the only one in the springSPRING BREAK

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