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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Another term for a resumé is sometimes abbreviated this wayROMAN NUMERAL WORDS (The correct response will be made of entirely Roman numeral letters.)
Nineveh was a huge city of this land which, if the first 2 letters were removed, would spell a current Mideast countryTHE ANCIENT WORLD
Each year on Easter, Manhattan's Fifth Avenue is host to a festival honoring these head coveringsANNUAL EVENTS
Her forbes.com profile says it all: '$2.9 billion... producer, entrepreneur, personality, philanthropist'POWER HITTERS
In a Stowe novel he tells Uncle Tom, 'I'm your church now...you've got to be as I say'LIT-POURRI
When the U.S. captured this Pacific island, the Spanish Marines stationed there were unaware they were at warTHE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR
When this Anton Chekhov play debuted in St. Petersburg in 1896, it was a dismal failureAVIAN LITERATURE
1894 to 1918: ____ II & ____THE ROYAL THEY
Zeus placed Callisto in the night sky as one of these animals; her son Arcturus was her 'keeper' in the starsCONSTELLATIONS
Fugitives can run but they can't hide from this 190-member-nation organization founded in 1923THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW
In 1837 Britain's admiralty set up a committee to figure out how to ensure the accuracy of these aboard iron shipsHISTORY AT SEA
At its narrowest point, this Turkish strait between the Sea of Marmara & the Aegean Sea is only a mile wide'D' IN GEOGRAPHY
A tipper was a specialized fletcher putting metal tips on theseOLD JOBS
This term refers to Northerners who traveled to the South after the Civil War for political or financial gainCOMPOUND WORDS
This N.C. cape's lighthouse, the USA's tallest at 200 feet, was used as a lookout tower for German subs in WWIILIGHTHOUSES
In 1873 Joseph Dixon purchased the American Graphite Company located in this New York townOF PENCIL MANIA
Season tenderloin, apply mushroom duxelles, wrap meat in puff pastry, then bakeHOW DO YOU... (You'll phrase the correct response beginning that way.)
The title woman is King David's great-grandmotherBOOKS OF THE BIBLE
This American woman is the subject of 'The French Chef in America'RECENT BOOKS
The only Caribbean island nations that have a land border with another country are these 2BORDER FRENZY
An Italian word for 'strong' isn't arabica but this counterpartSPEAKING ITALIAN
This breed's name tells us that it's the bearded dog from the Tibetan capitalDOG BREED NAMES
Let's take a test; once used to color beverages, this substance that determines acids & bases is extracted from lichensWHAT'S NOT TO LICHEN?
This 1972 numerical clause was later renamed the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education ActU.S. HERSTORY
This 'Old' book that lists anniversaries along with crop facts turns 225 itself in 2017HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
'My fellow citizens: the world and we have passed the midway point of a century of continuing challenge'FROM THEIR INAUGURAL ADDRESSES
Jay McInerney, Tama Janowitz & other 1980s writers shared this nickname with a group of young 1980s actorsWRITERS
His determination in exploration got him the Congolese nickname Bula Matari, 'breaker of rocks'REGARDING HENRY
Originally it meant coffee that came from Yemen; later, it came to mean coffee flavored with chocolateSAY IT WITH CHOCOLATE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
From the Greek & Latin for 'life' & 'turning', this word refers to the healthy mix of wildlife in a regionAN ECO-CATEGORY
It makes sense that this Colorado city is found where the Gunnison & Colorado Rivers meet'GRAND' SLAM
Any article of clothing & the birthstone for JanuarySIMILAR WORDS
The Jules Rimet Cup was replaced by this trophy in 1974SPORTS TROPHIES
Volunteer labor & donations support this charity whose vision is 'A world where everyone has a decent place to live'WE SALUTE YOU
The Açu River is also called this river, the plural of a certain fish; I'll stay out, thanksBRASIL, BRASIL!
There are 3 owls on the seal of this Texas university founded in 1891THE OWL
In 1927 this photographer published his first portfolio, 'Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras'PHOTOGRAPHY
In 1965 this baseball venue had female ushers dubbed 'Spacettes'WHEN IN DOME
Pliny the Younger noted that on the morning of August 24, 79 A.D., a cloud appeared over the summit of this mountainMOUNTAINS
This Windy City lawyer sets books like 'The Burden of Proof' in Kindle County, a stand-in for the Chicago areaLITERARY CHICAGO
In 1933 Albert Einstein renounced his German citizenship & relocated to 2 Library Place in this U.S. city1930s AMERICA
In a 1902 novel he wrote, 'They were the footprints of a gigantic hound!'3-NAMED AUTHORS
Let's make your heads spin: bottle, tubular & vacuum are types of thisSO 'UGE'
In 2012 the remains of Richard III were found in Leicester not far from this August 1485 battlefieldBATTLE HIM
Desdemona: Murder by this methodSHAKESPEARE IS KILLING ME!
This European capital city is served by 3 main ports: Piraeus, Rafina & LavrionWORLD CAPITALS
In Queenston, Ontario, at the 185-foot monument to Isaac Brock, who repelled a U.S. invasion during this warWHERE ART THOU?
In 1967 this dancer was just 19 when he became a soloist at the Kirov Ballet of LeningradBALLET
The 2 capitals with the complete names of months within their namesALMOST THERE TO THE STATE CAPITAL
The Smithsonian's Natl. Museum of American History says more patents have been given to this device than any otherIT'S A TRAP!
'Wait! Don't Move to' this country is the title of a book about liberal ideas 'to Win Back America'A LIBERAL LIBRARY
In 210 B.C. Emperor Shi Huangdi was buried with an honor guard, thousands of clay soldiers known as this 'army'CHINESE HISTORY
The epidermis covering the head, excluding the face5-LETTER BODY PARTS
These 2 rivers have their sources within 75 miles of each other in eastern TurkeyGEOGRAPHY
In 'Inferno' Dante called him 'my master... from whom alone I took the style whose beauty has done me honor'POETS & POETRY
Japan's highest order is the order of this flowerAWARDS & HONORS
To keep this vegetable's head white, tie up the leaves around the developing curdGARDENING

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