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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The inside walls of these hollow rocks are lined with crystalsROCKS & MINERALS
Tea is the main product of this city on the slopes of the Himalayas in West BengalTHE HIMALAYAS
Paul Ehrlich coined this term for treating a disease with specific drugs12-LETTER WORDS
As host of the iHeartRadio music festval, this city hit the jackpotMUSIC CITIES, USA
In the 1930s a ballet company as well as the city of Vyatka were renamed this for slain Communist SergeiRUSSIAN CITIES
James M. Cain really delivered with this first novel of his, which actually isn't about the mailPULP FICTION
This singer was the Best New Artist of 2007 but sadly passed away only 4 years laterGRAMMY'S BEST NEW ARTIST
A prohibition in New York's capitalWORDS IN U.S. CAPITALS
He said his people called him the 'Victor of Tampico' but Davy Crockett probably had a few other nicknames for himMILITARY NICKNAMES
Louisburg Square in this 'elevated' neighborhood of Boston features red brick townhomes & a gated private parkTRAVEL USA
This writer who died fighting for Cuba's independence in 1895 is a national hero of the islandLITERARY LATIN AMERICA
Biff Tannen, whether in 1955, 1985 or 2015 in this film seriesMOVIES' VILLAINS (We'll give you the villains, you give me the movie's title.)
Around 1690 he began using a deeper-colored varnish on his instruments, distinguishing them from Amati'sHE VARNISHED
In Italian it's known as the Ponte dei SospiriBRIDGES
It shares its name with the lake on whose shores it is locatedCENTRAL AMERICAN CAPITALS
Atomic Testing Museum & Burlesque Hall of FameSTATELY MUSEUMS
Henry Richardson influenced the Chicago school with such designs as the Glessner House & this department storeAMERICAN ARCHITECTS
Christina Rossetti wrote, 'Who has seen' this, 'neither you nor I, but when the trees bow down their heads', it 'is passing by'POET-TREE
Essays making up this 1854 work include 'Reading', 'Solitude' & 'The Pond in Winter'19th CENTURY LITERATURE
Around 587 B.C. this empire conquered Judea & exiled most of the JewsJUDEAN HISTORY
The first production one of these in the U.S. was 1898's Orient-Aster, preceding the Indian brand by 3 years19th CENTURY TRANSPORTATION
Flags of the Revolutionary War included ones featuring a rattlesnake & this 4-word warningFLAGS OF OUR FATHERS
The name of these soft leather loafers comes from an Algonquin word for 'shoes'FOR THE SOLE
To stop a potential problem early on, is to do this gardening phrase'IN' THE PHRASE
Between 1941 & 1946, 992 pilots graduated from the training program in this Alabama cityTAKE ME TO THE COMBAT PILOT
Young Civil War soldier Henry Fleming6 CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF THEIR NOVELS
Lonely Planet says this capital has many wonderful restaurants but 'the nightlife is not what it is in Casablanca'5-LETTER CAPITALS
At a Feb. 7 ceremony at the Pentagon, Omar Bradley succeeded this man as U.S. Army Chief of Staff1948
This river & its tributaries flow through 3 major deserts: the Great Basin, the Sonoran & the MojaveU.S. GEOGRAPHY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Afghanistan & MongoliaCAPITAL CITY OVERLAPS (We'll give you two countries; you combine the capitals of those countries to come up with a third word. For instance, Ottowashington is an example.)
The 'Orchestra' section in Greek drama was the circular dancing place of this commenting groupANCIENT GREEK DRAMA
...of 'A Tale of Two Cities'THE THIRD WORD
Originating in Uruguay, this rummy-like card game means 'basket' in SpanishJUST DEAL!
Founded in 1924, this group calls itself 'the world leader in' CPR trainingORGAN-IZATIONS
Mary Stewart's enchanting Arthurian trilogy starts with 'The Crystal Cave', the saga of this character's youthA LITERARY MARY
The El Caracol structure at the ruins of this ancient Mayan city in Mexico served as a 10th century observatoryWORLD LANDMARKS
In the 1990s their 'two thumbs up' became a registered trademarkFAMOUS PAIRS
When the G7 economic group was formed in 1976, this was its only Asian country7 UP
The name for this robot came about during the slating of the second reel of dialogue for the film 'American Graffiti'MY ROBOT PAL
Out west 'Blessed from Heaven above, it's the land that we love, this is the place'STATE SONG LYRICS
2-word term for any large sum; in 1360 it was literally 3 million gold crowns for John IIPAY
A certain horse breed originated near this 100-mile-long Scottish river'C' THE WORLD
Mexico's 500-peso note features these 2 painters, husband & wifeYOUR FACE IS ON THE MONEY
A play in 5 acts, or a king in 2 years, 1483 to 1485HISTORY OF THE WORLD, PART II
In Mark 16 Jesus tells his followers that they will be able to handle these deadly animals without fearBEASTS IN THE BIBLE
Helpful in identification & classification, venation is the arrangement of veins in this partENTOMOLOGIST'S DICTIONARY
A convent or other place of religious seclusion, or, as a verb, to confine oneself to such a placeTHE HOLY 'C'
A current Massachusetts senator & the 14th Chief JusticeGOVERNMENTAL LAST NAME'S THE SAME
In an Edward Albee play, Martha answers this question by saying 'I...am...George...I...am'THEATRICAL QUOTES
The name of this figure in square dancing comes from a corruption of the French for 'back to back'HYPHENATED TERMS
In September 1814 major George Armistead resisted an attack by the British navy on this fortTHE WAR OF 1812
Third letter V: The conditional agreement made to humanity by God, as revealed in scriptureWE'LL SPOT YOU A LETTER
Johnathan Swift wrote that honey & wax furnished 'mankind with the two noblest of things, which are' theseHOW 'SWEET' IT IS
This unit of distance is equal to 3.26 light yearsPORTMONTEAU WORDS
These 'liberated' molecules are unstable & their random reactions can damage proteins in tissuesRANDOMNESS IN SCIENCE
This dashing young soldier, who married Mary Anna Custis at Arlington House in Virginia on June 30, 1831WHO'S THERE?

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