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ClueWho is or What isCategory
$10 bill: This building where you'll find the Salmon P. Chase SuiteON THE BACK OF THE BILL
This 2000 holiday film is based on a beloved 1957 children's bookFROM PAGE TO SCREEN
Harvard Law grad Mitch McDeere takes a job with a mafia-connected law partnershipBOOK SYNOPSES
Latin for 'truth', it's Harvard's mottoTRUTH
This critically acclaimed 2001 book begins with a look at 'The Founding Fathers', starting with Carl KarcherNONFICTION
Chapter 32: This study of whalesCHAPTER TITLES IN MOBY-DICK
Familial titles from Chekhov include 'The Three Sisters' & this one subtitled 'Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts'FROM RUSSIA
CPO: Certified this, a nicer way of saying usedAUTOMOTIVE ABBREVS.
This reciprocal 2-word status exempts ambassadors from taxation as well as arrest in most casesINTERNATIONAL LAW
Controlled by France until 1954, the region known as French Indochina is today these 3 countriesIMPERIALIST
April 14, 1865: With tickets starting at 25 cents, some 1,700 people attend a show at this venueIT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT
The Festa della Sensa celebrates this city's 'marriage to the sea'FACT: -OID
One of the Bard's few plays with children on stage is this one with 2 brothers who last appear alive in Act III, Scene iSHAKESPEARE'S CHARACTERS
His 1885 work 'The Fog Warning' shows a lone New England fisherman rowing a doryAMERICAN ARTISTS
In the 'Italian Encyclopedia', Mussolini defined it as repudiating pacifism-ISMs
Ironically, in the summer of 1955, he gave an interview about the dangers of racing on highwaysACTORS
The endometrium is the tissue that lines this organTHE HUMAN BODY
This African antelope got its name because it leaps 6 feet in the air when frightenedTHE 4 SEASONS-ISH
Fittingly, it means 'empty orchestra' in JapaneseIN THE DICTIONARY
You can visit the Belfast buildings where as a child this author saw a lion door knocker & an elaborate wardrobeLITERARY LANDMARKS
This term from a tale in mythology is now used to mean a trick to subvert from withinWORDPLAY
When spelled out as words in English, 2 of the 3 longest Greek lettersTHE GREEK ALPHABET
Around 1900 this young Italian painter was influenced by a group called the Macchiaioli, or 'stainers'THE ARTS
From the Latin for 'to walk before', a famous example of this 8-letter word was written in 1787ETYMOLOGY
The Finnish call it Itameri & the Germans call it OstseeBODIES OF WATER
The names of these 2 current countries appear in the very first verse of ExodusTHE BOOK OF EXODUS
A North American people lend their name to this hot, dry wind of the Rocky MountainsMETEOROLOGY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
More regenerated dinosaurs were on the prowl to this follow-up to 'Jurassic Park'1995 BESTSELLERS
The subtitle of a biography about this early 20th century man is 'The Saint Who Sinned'RUSSIANS
Ablutomania is an obsession with doing thisPSYCHOLOGY
Appropriately, a brainstorming session produced the little girl under an umbrella for this brandADVERTISING ICONS
The 1917 first use of what became its name said this 2-word small room 'called up the tube that the steamer... was torpedoed'CHAIN STORE NAMES IN THE NEWS
A 3-letter 9th century tribe is in the names of 2 21st century countries: the world's most vast, & this oneEUROPEAN HISTORY
An English city: NovocastrianWHERE YA FROM?
Neapolitan for 'a measure of liquids' gives us the name of this glass container that holds 2-4 glasses of wineBARTENDING GLOSSARY
Great idea--he decreed in 1699 that the new year would begin in Russia on January 1, not September 1'99
The oldest South American capital, it's located just south of the equator5-LETTER CAPITAL CITIES
Only 2 presidents had their last names changed--these 2U.S. PRESIDENTS
A 2008 review of this novel, later filmed, compared it to 'Battle Royale' & said it's 'a future we can fear'BOOK REVIEWS
April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New JerseyDIE ANOTHER DAY
'My Little Portuguese'POETS' MONIKERS
In April 2011 he married an heiress to the fortune of a company called Party PiecesWEDDINGS
In 1296 the Scottish coronation stone was moved to Westminster from here13th CENTURY HIGHLIGHTS
The lobby of this landmark has an art deco ceiling fresco by Edward Trumbull called 'Transport and Human Endeavor'NYC LANDMARKS
...of U.S. presidents by first nameALPHABETICALLY LAST
He won a Grammy in 1959, she won 3 in the 1970s & a song by both was 1991's Song & Record of the YearCELEBRITY FATHERS & DAUGHTERS
Executed as a spy in Vincennes in 1917, she once said, 'I could never dance well'WORLD HISTORY
50 years after San Francisco's cable cars became a National Historic Landmark, this city's street railway got the designation in 2014NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKS
In 1999 this film character's whip joined his fedora & brown leather jacket in the SmithosonianWHIP SMART
Forsooth! In 1657 Parliament doth offer this man the title of king, but zounds! He doth say nay to donning a crownOLDE ENGLISH
One of the highest points on this river's gorge is Lorelei Rock at 433 feet above the waterIT'S JUST GORGE-OUS
Section 1 of the 18th amendment, the only one ever repealed, ends, 'is hereby' this verb20th CENTURY AMERICA
With assets of more than $1.6 trillion, there's no more traveling by coach for this U.S. banking leaderBIG BUSINESS
The name of this South African judicial capital means 'fountain of flowers'OH, B-CITY IN AFRICA
ClueWho is or What isCategory
On the occasion of this late leader's visit to the U.S. in 2009, ABC News listed 112 various spellings of his nameWORLD LEADERS
'Beggarman, Thief'NOVELS' SEQUELS (Give us the original novel.)
The Caucasian Isthmus lies between these 2 large inland bodies of waterGEOGRAPHY
Millard's 2 Secs. of State were both famous orators: Edward Everett & this man who beat the devil in a popular storyTHRILLING MILLARD FILLMORE
From MCMXV, 'The ____ Steps'BOOKS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE? (You have to give us the missing number in Roman numerals.)
A nearly 24-mile causeway over this lake links Metairie & MandevilleBRIDGE OF SIZE
This 1883 poem says, 'Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman...'AMERICAN POETRY
According to U.N. statistics, it's the most populous city in the Americas not attached to the mainlandWORLD CITIES
Dec. 21, 2012 was in the news as the end of a calendar cycle for this ancient Native American peopleTHE CALENDAR
Goode's School Atlas was an early 1920s publication from this Skokie, Illinois companyMAPS & GLOBES
At the 1935 dedication of this out West, FDR called it an 'engineering victory of the first order'SPEECH! SPEECH!
Pre-dictatorship, he distinguished himself serving in Spanish Morocco & was made a general at age 33EXPECT THE SPANISH
A leading French writer of the Enlightenment, he was interred in 1791, a few years after his death.INTERRED IN THE PANTHEON IN PARIS
Now in its fourth edition, the book with this title first appeared in 1918 as a 43-page guide for Cornell English studentsREFERENCE WORKS
His love of playing in a Mississippi creek earned blues guitarist McKinley Morganfield this nicknameNICKNAMES
At age 16 in 2001 Temba Tsheri, a boy of this ethnicity, became the youngest person to climb Mount EverestMOUNT EVEREST
He had his own cabin built next to the 10th tee at Augusta National Golf Course; ah, the perks of being prez!THE PRESIDENT'S PLEASURE
This bird whose name also means 'of prime importance' can precede 'virtue'THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY
In 1831 Methodists founded this Connecticut school whose name means a follower of MethodismLET'S GO OLD SCHOOL!
'E' is for this hard outer body of an animal, like a mollusk's shellDICTIONARY OF SCIENCE
This social media company launched in October 2010; in 2012, with about a dozen employees & no revenue, it sold for $1 billionBUSINESS
In chemistry, 'une liason' is one of these, perhaps 'ionique'SCIENCE TERMS IN FRENCH
The boundary line between the South Atlantic & the South Pacific is the meridian of this capeCAPES
Bach dedicated 6 concertos to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of this, who never paid or thanked himDEDICATIONS
The first hit feature film based on a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch was 'The Blues Brothers'; this was the secondMOVIES & TV
Tom Canty, at the start of a Twain novel6-LETTER CROSSWORD CLUES

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