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ClueWho is or What isCategory
This autoimmune disease in which certain cells attack the joint cartilage is called R.A. for shortTHAT'S PAINFUL
Original surname of the first & third prime ministers of IndiaTHE 5 FAMILIES
The longest poem in 'Leaves of Grass', called this since 1881, consists of 52 sectionsPOETS & POETRY
A common scale of wind velocities was devised in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort of this military groupWIND
The corporate website for this product says it leaves its container at .028 miles per hourFOOD & DRINK
In 1964 he was convicted of sabotage & conspiracy ,& served over 20 years in prisonFOREIGN LEADERS
The creator of this computer command called it 'a 5-minute job'; in 2013 Bill Gates called it 'a mistake'COMPUTERS
'The Bully Pulpit' is about the golden age of journalism & the relationship of these 2 presidentsIN THE BOOKSTORE
Hindus rhymingly believe in karma & this, the moral law governing individual conductHINDUISM
This crusader, in 1906: 'More than 60 years of hard struggle for a little liberty, & then to die without it seems so cruel'FAMOUS WOMEN
The title of this 1943 bestseller refers to an AilanthusLITERARY TITLES
This band used a picture of the Hindenburg disaster on the cover of its eponymous debut albumALBUM COVERS
The 60 isotope of this element has replaced radium in cancer treatment because it's saferISOTOPES
A main function of the large intestine is the absorption of these current-conducting compoundsLOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT
One of this man's 'most priceless memories' is of 'a delicately nurtured southern belle with her Irish up'CHARACTERS IN NOVELS
This u. boasts 'mesas to the west...the banks of the historic Rio Grande (&) the Sandia Mountains to the east'STATE SCHOOLS
The Wild Bunch's Harry Longabaugh took this nickname from the name of the town where he was imprisoned for horse theftTHE OLD WEST
This landmark took its place in American history on April 18, 1775TRUE 'NORTH'
In 2005 the Kul Sharif Mosque of Tatarstan was reopened 453 years after it was destroyed by this manMONARCHS
The Farina Fragrance Museum in this city has on exhibit perfume bottles dating from antiquityGERMAN CITIES
It's no fairy tale - in 2013 this beloved Danish statue celebrated her 100th birthdaySTATUES
Oregon's Wizard Island in this volcanic lake has a cinder cone rising 760 feet above the lakeU.S. BODIES OF WATER
A major theme of Ecclesiastes is stated in the second verse of the book: 'All is' thisKING JAMES BIBLE QUOTES
The Euphrates Dam in this country created Lake AssadDAM LIES
Morning phone reminder from the front desk that's on the spine of a library bookBEFORE & AFTER
There are 60 billion of these in a minuteI'VE GOT TIME
Messrs. Gusenberg, Gusenberg, May, Weinshank, Clark, Heyer & Schwimmer famously died on this day in 1929U.S. HISTORY
Good looks weren't enough as he became the only full-term president rejected in a bid for his party's 2nd term nomination19th CENTURY PRESIDENTS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Leo XIII's 25-year reign as pope was the 3rd longest in papal history, following Pius IX & this more recent popeLEO, THE POPE
You can scramble the colors on the boxy lamp named for this Hungarian sculptor & toy creatorPRODUCT DESIGN
Born in Swansea, Wales, he went somewhat gentle into that good night in 1953BORN 100 YEARS AGO
This contemporary nickname was a tribute to Wellington's toughness; Punch put 'wrought' in front of itTHE DUKE OF WELLINGTON
'Crystal Blue Persuasion' by Tommy James & the Shondells was heard in this drama's 'Gliding Over All' episodeTV MUSIC
In 1964 Egypt instituted a special friendship medal for those who helped in the construction of this projectMEDALS & DECORATIONS
This seminal Dutch thinker of the Enlightenment was the son of parents who fled the Inquisition in Portugal17th CENTURY THINKERS
It's the only country through whose territory the Danube flows that used to be part of the USSRON THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE
The Mayo Clinic Mile is a walking path that features 1 mile, 5K & 10K routes within this structureAROUND THE USA
Sparking a debate about women in combat, in 1989 U.S. Capt. Linda Bray led troops under fire during the invasion of this countryTHE CAPTAIN
Year in which a U. S. president remarked, 'this is the greatest week in the history of the world since the creation'QUOTABLE QUOTES
One story says the French came up with this sauce to imitate a buttery one brought with a visiting Dutch kingSAUCES
King Lear has 3 daughters; (spoiler alert) this youngest one lasts the longest but is finally hangedSHAKESPEARE WITH SPOILER ALERTS
William Tubman's nearly 3 decades of leadership is celebrated on his birthday, November 29, in this countryHOLIDAYS IN OTHER COUNTRIES
Tom Cole & Markwayne Mullin, the only Native Americans in Congress, are from this state's 'Five Civilized Tribes'THE MAN OF THE HOUSE
This protective layer of the stratosphere was discovered by Charles Fabry in 1913SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES
'It was one of those pictures... so contrived that the eyes follow you beneath' the picture was this 5-word quote20TH CENTURY NOVEL QUOTES
It's the closest mainland European capital to the United StatesTOUGH EUROPEAN CAPITALS
Meant to evoke a person with arms outstretched & pointed downward, it was designed in 1958 by Gerald HoltomSIGNS & SYMBOLS
In 1971 this island nation was expelled from the U.N. & replaced by its mainland adversaryFORMER U.N. MEMBERS
In 1727 this German composer became a naturalized British subject under George ICOMPOSERS
This candy bar was named for what girls said to the boy who came to the candy factory to flirt with themMAN CANDY
After Noah Webster's death, the company named for these brothers bought the rights to his dictionaryAMERICANA
A salad spinner can help diagnose anemia by acting as this device to separate red blood cells from plasmaLOW-TECH HIGH TECH
In his 1845 inaugural address, Polk mentioned annexing this republic & 'her desire to come into our union'A POLK
Far apart alphabetically, they're the 2 deities in the names of the 7 ancient wondersTHE ANCIENT WONDERS
The monument for his grave in Elmira, New York is 2 fathoms tallAUTHORS' PLOTS
On February 8, 1904 the Japanese launched an attack on Port Arthur, this country's naval base in China1901-1910
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 2005, for what would have been her 100th birthday, the U.S. & Sweden issued stamps featuring this movie legendWOMEN ON U.S. STAMPS
The cathedral named for this saint was burned out during the Battle of Vienna in 1945 & rebuilt by 1952VIENNA CALLING
Last name of American inventor Ray, whose noise-reduction system eliminated that background hiss on recordingsINVENTORS & INVENTIONS
Born Helen Lyndon Goff in Australia, she wrote 1934's 'Mary Poppins' & several sequelsINTERNATIONAL AUTHORS
From RBH to thisCHANGING WHITE HOUSE TOWEL MONOGRAMS (We'll give you the monogram for a president, you give us the monogram for the president's successor.)
In 1884 George Pillsbury became mayor of this city19th CENTURY POLITICS
After this leader's death in 2013, Citgo facilities across the U.S. flew their flags at half-staffFAIRLY RECENT NEWS
He was in charge of Italy's radio service during World War ISCIENCE & SCIENTISTS
A person able to see beyond the realm of normal perception'V' IS IN THE MIDDLE (The letter 'V' will be in the exact middle of the correct response.)
With fewer than 10 member cities in attendance, this association based in Lubeck held its last assembly in 1669HISTORIC GROUPS
Due to injuries suffered in 2 plane crashes in Africa, he was unable to accept his 1954 Nobel Prize in personNOBEL PRIZE-WINNING AUTHORS
Vine Line is the official magazine of this Major League Baseball teamBASEBALL
In July 1960 the U.S. stopped imports of sugar from this country that was cozying up to the USSRAMERICAN HISTORY
Though this country has 'Central' in its name, it's too far off the beaten path for FedExFEDEX DOESN'T GO THERE
Salisbury Cathedral's dean said this man, via his 2013 album, 'is creating a huge awareness of' an historic documentMUSIC MAKERS
Degas' portrait of his American cousin Estelle, who lived thereSTATE OF THE ART
This archaeologist's diary for Nov. 26, 1922 mentions 2 'ebony-black effigies of a king, gold sandalled'DIARIES & JOURNALS
In 1890 he became president of the American Tobacco Company in Durham, North CarolinaTHE AGE OF THE ROBBER BARONS
Today thought of as a bejeweled statue, it was the Knights of Malta's annual tribute to the Holy Roman EmperorHISTORIC OBJECTS
From 1903 to 1957, Beuvoir, his former home in Biloxi, was a home for Confederate veterans & their widowsHOME, SWEET HOME
This epistle says, 'a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law'6-LETTER BIBLE BOOKS
A 4th c. statue of him & a cross read, 'by this saving sign I have...restored liberty to the Senate and people of Rome'CONVERSIONS
The U.S. Marines' 6-month battle for this island in the Solomons helped secure American air superiority in the PacificHISTORIC BATTLES
One of Vogue's youngest fashion editors, she was inspired by her own marriage to design wedding gownsWOMEN OF CHINESE DESCENT
In 1882, 'An Official History of the Red Cross'THE WOMAN WHO WROTE...
Theodor Herzl was inspired to begin the work that's the foundation for modern Zionism by an opera by this composerHISTORIC IRONY

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