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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Donna Shalala, Alberto Gonzales & Tom Vilsack have each served as the 'designated survivor' skipping this eventTHE U.S. GOVERNMENT
On Oct. 14, 1992 particle detector inventor Georges Charpak became the last man in physics to achieve this honor alonePHYSICISTS
This country is home to the highest mountain outside AsiaCOUNTRYS' HIGHEST POINTS
This character from a minstrel show song lent his name to segregation laws enacted after ReconstructionMUSIC & HISTORY
It's 'my bad'--in Latin'M.C.'
In 1677 he drafted the first charter guaranteeing separation of church & state in the Quaker Colony of West New JerseyEARLY AMERICAN HISTORY
In June 1984 she ordered an army attack on a Sikh shrine at Amritsar that killed hundredsHISTORIC WOMEN
In the 'Iliad', Patroclus is the bosom companion of this fierce Greek warriorLITERARY SECOND BANANAS
5,108 miles of border, all with China & RussiaGIRTH OF A NATION
Drawn only partly from Hemingway's own experiences, 'A Farewell to Arms' is described as this 20-letter type of novel15 LETTERS OR MORE
Of this disputed region, the Atlas says, 'Some places show the Albanian name with the Serbian name in parentheses'THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ATLAS SHRUGGED
To show that its fountain pens were the pinnacle of writing instruments, a company took this Alpine nameYOU'VE GOT TASTE
Selling out early, this prospector who gave his name to a mother lode of silver ended up broke & took his own lifeAMERICAN HISTORY
Since limestone is transformed into marble under severe heat, marble is classified as this type of rockGENERAL SCIENCE
The Karakoram Highway has this superlative distinction amongst international highwaysCOUNTRY ROADS
This country loves its Linnaea borealis, named after a native sonNATIONAL FLOWERS
This 1939 tune is 'often considered the greatest movie song of all time, but it almost didn't make it into the final cut'ALL-TIME 100 SONGS
Check out the grace of a Thomson's this type of antelope, but do it quickly; it can hit 50 miles per hourTHE FAST & THE FURRIEST
This synonym for 'chorus' also means to hold yourself back from doing somethingSYNONYMS
One of its principal members said, 'one morning one of us, having no black, used blue instead, &' this movement 'was born'ART
It took him to make a masterpiece in 1662 out of 'The Syndics of the Amsterdam Drapers' Guild'ART SUBJECTS
The winner in 1984, he likes to be called 'Arch', a reference to his jobNOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS
A synonym for simple sugars, like glucose, this word is quite polysyllabicCHEMISTRY
3-word term for international equilibrium in which no single nation or alliance predominatesINTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS
Beneath the Ben Franklin Bridge that links Philadelphia & Camden, New JerseyRIVER UNDER THE BRIDGE
Not a property, it's represented on the Monopoly board by a diamond ringSIGNS & SYMBOLS
4 Indian ballerinas were featured in 'Four Moons', a 1967 ballet commemorating the 60th anniversary of its statehoodBALLET
This longest river in southwest Asia flowed through the center of ancient BabylonANCIENT BABYLON
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The zia sun symbol over a topographical outline of the stateSTATE QUARTERS
Examples of this type of soft-bodied invertebrate include the snail & the octopusSCIENCE IS A 7-LETTER WORD
North America's 3 mainland countries have a total of 91 states & provinces; Mexico has this many statesGEOGRAPHIC MATH
In hiding when his life was threatened, Salman Rushdie paid tribute to Conrad & Chekhov bv using this pseudonymAUTHORS
His 1849 'Resistance to Civil Government' outlined his belief in nonviolent protestBOOKS THAT CHANGED AMERICA
This Pittsburgh U. was formed by the merger of 2 schools, 1 founded by a philanthropist & the other by 2 banker brothersHOW COLLEGES GOT THEIR NAMES
The Inverness OranCANADIAN PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS (You have to name the province in which these newspapers are published.)
Winner of Best Play in 1949, it's the onlv play to win the Best Revival Tony 3 different timesTHE TONY AWARDS
The national promotion board for this food, Citrullus lanatus, lists hydration as a primary health benefitAT THE GROCERY STORE
Yannis Ritsos' poetry collection 'O Epitafios' was symbolically burned at the foot of this hillEUROPEAN LIT
In 2012 her picture replaced that of Julio Argentino Roca on a currency note20th CENTURY NAMES
'Counterculture' was a term popularized by Theodore Roszak to describe this decade's revolt against authoritySOCIOLOGY
Her nomination in 1987 was the first best actress nomination for a science fiction filmBEST ACTRESS OSCAR NOMINEES
This Washington attorney was held prisoner aboard a British ship in mid-September 1814THE WAR OF 1812
In operas by Richard Wagner, Brunnhilde is one of these 9 sisters who are warrior-maidensOPERA
He said, 'since they whose duty it was to wield the sword of France have let it fall... I have taken up the broken blade'QUOTH THE POLITICIAN
Coral Gables, HialeahBIG CITY SUBURBS (We'll give you the suburbs, you name the big city.)
Theodore Roosevelt said this 'is like a rifle: its usefulness depends on the character of the user'SOWING 'OTE's
On a state seal since 1850, this one-word motto is found in a story about ArchimedesSTATE MOTTOS
On June 15, 1916 in Washington state, this American flight-tested his first plane, a seaplane called the BluebillAVIATION PIONEERS
In 1962 Chatham County, Georgia gave this name to a body of water flowing past Johnny Mercer's childhood homeCLASSIC HIT SONGS
Ponying up $15 million to buy 828,000 square miles from this country was pretty shrewd of JeffersonTHEY WERE RIGHT
In June 1990 Alberto Fujimori beat novelist Mario Vargas Llosa for the presidency of this countryTHIS SOUTH AMERICAN LIFE
Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, 5280 Magazine is a guide to this cityMAGAZINES
Its peak reaches 28,250 feet & is often surrounded by cloudsALPHANUMERIC TERMS
Premiering in 1993, this show lasted 11 seasons, like its predecessor show; the 2 were set nearly 2,500 miles apartTV SPIN-OFFS
Medgar Evers was a field secretary for this group; his widow Myrlie Evers-Williams was the first woman to head itGROUP ON
Shortly after the 1954 elections, the senate voted 67-22 to condemn him for conduct 'contrary to Senate traditions'20th CENTURY SENATORS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1990 she became the first modern head of government to give birth while in office, to a daughter named BakhtawarWORLD LEADERS
1993's Handgun Violence Prevention Act, named for him, called for a 5-day waiting period in a handgun purchaseWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Painted 'Pelvis With Moon' in 1943SHE DID IT!
Roger Chillingworth seeks revenge for his wife's adultery in this classic American novelREVENGE
A preface to this novel called it 'rustic all through... Moorish, and wild, and knotty as the root of Heath'GREAT NOVELS
In 1949 Milton Berle hosted the first of these one the tube, for the Damon Runyon memorial cancer fundPORTMANTEAUS
M&M's were named for Bruce Murrie & his partner, this candy 'M'akerTASTE BUDS
Code talkers using the language of this Southwestern were involved in every U.S. Marine assault in the Pacific 1942-45NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES
The father of 'You're So Vain' singer Carly co-founded this publishing companyALL IN THE FAMILY
The last song in this musical is 'Tomorrow Is A Latter Day'BROADWAY MUSICALS
Awards & Honors: •400s B.C.-- The Parthenon dedicated to me, wiselyON THE GREEK DEITY'S/ RESUMÉ
This Ivy League university was founded by the most successful printer of his dayCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
The modern guide dog movement began in this country with WWI Veterains being shepherded aroundHISTORICAL BLINDNESS
A chant in this 1954 book goes, 'Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood'BLOOD WORK
'Glengarry Glen Ross', about desperate real estate salesmen, won him a Pulitzer20th CENTURY PLAYWRIGHTS
Old maps used 'Natolia' to denote the eastern part of what's now this countryHISTORICAL GEOGRAPHIC AKAs
Founded in 1521, 44 years before St. Augustine, Fla., it's the oldest city est. by Europeans on what is now U.S. territoryWORLD CITIES
This author who passed away in 2012 quipped, 'For those who haven't read the books, I am known best for my hair preparations'AUTHORS
Winston Groom's sequel to this book says, 'don't never let nobody make a movie of your life's story'AUTHORS AGAINST ADAPTATIONS
Jackie Gleason considered, but then decided against, suing this show that premiered September 30, 19601960s TELEVISION
With about 12 million people, this city on the Eastern European plain is the most populous entirely in EuropeEUROPE
The one with the second-longest reignMONARCHS OF ENGLAND
NPT: This type of treaty that aims to stop the spread of weaponsDEFENSE ABBREV.
The Republic of Georgia's Krubera Cave in this mountain system is the world's deepest at 7,188 feetCAVES
After III, the only King Henry with no Shakespeare title is him, the subject of a 2007 Sean Cunningham biographyNOT BY SHAKESPEARE
His works include 'Sylvie and Bruno', 'Phantasmagoria and Other Poems' & 'Algebraic Formulae and Rules'19th CENTURY AUTHORS

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