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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Normally a verb, in spy jargon it's a noun meaning acquisition of an electronic message not meant for youSPYING
This international society for smarties was founded in Oxford, England in 1946ORGANIZATIONS
Cornelius, one of these Roman military officers, became one of the first converts to ChristianityROMAN THE BIBLE
His widow Maria Elena & actor Gary Busey were on hand when his star was dedicated outside Capitol Records in 2011THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME
An exploited part of a law, originally it meant an opening in a castle wall used to look at or shoot at an enemyWORD ORIGINS
1798PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR (I'll give you the year. You identify the pres.)
Sibling to Lucrezia & Cesare & equally treacherous, Juan Borgia was murdered in 1497, his body found in this riverTHE BORGIAS
He presided over debates that resulted in the Declaration, & 2 of his descendants became presidentHE SIGNED THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE
In 1855 it was reported that this crop amounted to half of all U.S. exports1850s AMERICA
The Whitney Museum has 187 works by this artist, including a mobile called 'Big Red'NEW YORK MUSEUMS
The Jets beat the heavily favored Colts in Super Bowl IIIWHO WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN...
Its seal shows a 16-pointed star, symbolizing the search for information, on a shield symbolizing defenseU.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES
The only 2 plays whose titles repeat a word, excluding articles & prepositions, are 'Measure for Measure' & thisSHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS
On June 20, 1791 she influenced her husband to flee Paris; too bad his picture was on the nation's paper moneyWE'LL LEAVE TONIGHT
Frommer's says this intersection 'retains much of the hippie-Bohemian culture of its heyday'SAN FRANCISCO ATTRACTIONS
Also known as the Lord of the Flies, this god of Ekron was consulted by Ahaziah, King of IsraelBIBLICAL IDOL
1984: 'My hope of winning sank, 'cause I got the Daily Double now, and then my mind went blank'NOVELTY SONG LYRICS
This film director & winery owner is said to have kept the empty bottle of a $24,000 1941 Cabernet atop his refrigeratorBEGGARS CAN'T BE BOOZERS
A. cavaticus, the scientific name of the barn spider, inspired the middle initial & last name of a character in this bookCLASSIC CHILDREN'S BOOKS
'Yearning of the Sword' is a Yo-Yo Ma cut on the soundtrack of this 2000 movie with Chow Yun-Fat & Michelle YeohYO-YO MA
In 2007, at age 79, this American scientist saw his personal genome posted onlineWITHOUT MY PARTNER (The answer will be half of a famous duo.)
A mnemonic for the Periodic Table begins, 'Happy Henry Likes Beer'; Happy Henry refers to these 2 elementsMNEMONICS
Designed by Norwegian Gustav Vigeland, it depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each other's shouldersAWARDS & PRIZES
The OED traces these 2 parallel terms to an Oct. 30, 2000 'Today' show discussion of an electoral mapPOLITICAL TERMS
In Greek myth he became the prey when he was killed by Scorpius; now they're both in the skyCONSTELLATIONS & MYTH
Artist Rick Irons designed the classic red & orange flame logo of this toy brand introduced in 1968I'M READY TO PLAY, TODAY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'The ghostly, white-clad figure descended the ladder' was the lead for a cover story in July of this yearTIME PIECES
An 'axis' binding these 2 cities was proclaimed in 1936AXIS & ALLIES
One of the 4 small U.N. member nations that use the Euro as their official currency even though not in the European UnionWORLD CURRENCIES
1 in an atom, these particles move in arrangements called orbitalsPHYSICAL SCIENCE
'The winter of 180 A.D., Emperor Marcus Aurelius' twelve-year campaign against the Barbarian tribes in Germania'MOVIE PROLOGUES ( I'll give you all or part of the movie prologue, you identify the film for me.)
You get to be 'Mayor' if you 'Check In' at a certain location more than anyone else using this mobile platformSHAPELY WORDS & PHRASES
Printmaker Richard Hamilton is credited with coining the name of this style, calling it 'designed for a mass audience'ART STYLES
Carl Gustav Jung said that this 'is not just evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good'QUOTE 'UN'QUOTE
For 2010 & 2011, it's gotten more visitors than any other single museum in the U.S.MUSEUMS
When he described 'Hamlet'' as 'a vulgar and barbarous drama', this French author was quite candidCRITIQUING SHAKESPEARE
This French name means 'reborn', a reference to Christian baptismFIRST NAMES
His song 'I Love Paris' was no doubt inspired by his years of living thereAMERICAN COMPOSERS
It launched its first offer on Oct. 22, 2008: a two-for-one pizza deal in ChicagoWEBSITES
Russia loses its last czarWHAT A CENTURY
For working on the family homestead, Lincoln called it 'that most useful instrument'QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY
Part of the Great Basin, the Carson Sink is in this western U.S. stateGREAT DEPRESSIONS
Published continuously for military personnel since World War II, it now has about 420,000 daily readersNEWSPAPERS
The Tower of Belem, built in the 1500s to honor Vasco da GamaWORLD CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS
Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano, was discovered in 1841 by this man for whom an ice shelf is namedPOLAR EXPLORATION
This title guy says, 'Do you believe in my innocence, in the fiendishness of my accusers? Reassure me with a hallelujah!'1920s NOVELS
When the French ruled Canada, the region was known as thisCANADA'S MARITIME PROVINCES
Corinth minted its own coins called pegasi that featured this type of animal in flightOLD MONEY
He titled his 2011 memoir 'Harold: The Boy Who Became Mark Twain'2011 MEMOIRS
In 2005 a sculpture of an African elephant was installed outside this country's embassy in Washington, D.C.SYMBOLIC SCULPTURE
Add 'S' to a Frank Lloyd Wright house & you get this, Florida's tallest cataractWATERFALLS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
As a verb, it meant to shoot someone; as a noun it referred to a rectangular bar of chewing tobaccoCOWBOY TALK
Dickens delights, title teen, woeful WackfordAL-LIT-ERATION
In 1598 Thomas Bodley began rebuilding this school's library with his own money & booksTHE ELIZABETHAN ERA
The Fuwalda was the ship that stranded Lord John & Lady Alice, this character's parentsTALE SHIPS
1990: This director of epics like 'The Bridge on the River Kwai'THE AFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
The only Finnish company on the list, it has 27% of the global cellphone market, the most of any companInterbrand TOP 100 GLOBAL BRANDS
About his famous interviews with Richard Nixon, he said he felt empathy, not sympathy, for NixonINTERVIEWING THE INTERVIEWER
This Robert de Niro film is known in Italian as 'il Cacciatore'TRANSLATED MOVIE TITLES
In 1977 Juanita Kreps , the first woman on the board of the NYSE, became the first woman to head this cabinet dept.WOMEN'S FIRSTS
Light In _____ 1914LITERARY LINKS
Wearing a kilt , is mandatory in the Highland Games event called 'tossing' this, often a 17-foot-long fir poleI'M GONNA HURL
This river passes through Waterloo, Iowa as well as through the cities named for its falls & rapidsTHE MIDWEST
This fruit of the blackthorn tree flavors a type of gin4-LETTER CROSSWORD REGULARS
In the late 1700s Charles de l'Epee began the 1st public school for these people in Paris & created a language for themGOOD NEWS
This state is known as the 'Cockpit of the Revolution' for all the battles there, including a pivotal one in December 1776AMERICAN HISTORY
After enduring for more than a thousand years, the Byzantine empire finally fell to this one in 1453A BYZANTINE CATEGORY
He got his name in utero after he kicked his pregnant mom as she was looking at a da Vinci paintingCELEBRITY NAMES
It speaks volumes that the U.S. government established this institution on April 24, 1800A SHOWER OF APRIL
Revere also made glasses & surgical instruments, but his artistry in this material was the focus of his professional lifePAUL REVERE
The first rescue ship on site was this British liner that pickied up more than 700 survivors, mostly women & childrenTHE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC
Originally this term referred to ammunition fired at game to get food; today it means a critical remarkINTERNAL RHYMES
This gland secretes digestive enzymes & glucagonHUMAN BODY BITS
It's the longest river in France'L' ON EARTH
In '1863 George I became king of this country & known as King of the HellenesKINGS & QUEENS
2010's winner for a Musical Revival was this French-named farce21st CENTURY TONY AWARDS

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