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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Though joined together at the time, these 2 Central European countries competed separatelyTHE FIRST MODERN OLYMPICS
This other name for tetanus refers to one of its most common symptomsENDS WITH A 3-LETTER BODY PART
Lord Darnley, husband of this monarch, was murdered at Edinburgh in 1567HISTORIC NAMES
State troopers attack peaceful marchers on 'Bloody Sunday' 1965STATE THE PROBLEM
Alumni of this exclusive boarding school near Windsor include Princes William & Harry & actor Tom HiddlestonGET SCHOOLED
This march by Sir Edward Elgar is commonly played at high school & college graduationsCLASSICAL MUSIC
Stephen Decatur negotiated treaties with Tunis, Tripoli & Algiers, ending the war against these bad guys1815
Legend says around 300 A.D. this small European republic was founded by a saintly man & his followers & it still bears his name todayTHE SAINTS
...Is noted for a dark gap called the Cassini divisionTHIS PLANET
Most dives fall into 3 basic body positions. the tuck, straight & this one, also a type of fishDIVING
When you eat this brand's bars, make sure they're the chocolate ones., not the moisturizing onesSIMILAR BRAND NAMES
Yo quiero Texas' Big Bend National Park, which skirts the Rio Grande in the northern part of this 'canine' desertA CASE OF THE BENDS
There's speed dating, online dating & this method developed in 1946 that can tell archaeologists an artifact's ageYOU'RE SHOWING YOUR AGE
A thrilling movie or arterial blockage could be described as thisDROPPING RHYMES (The correct response will rhyme with 'dropping'.)
The Environmental Protection agency was establishedA YEAR ENDING IN 0
This nickname is given to the full moon occurring nearest to the time of the autumnal equinoxMOON ME
Chicago's WLS once stood for 'World's Largest Store' to promo this store, which then owned the stationBEHIND THE TV & RADIO CALL LETTERS
The name of this 2-word ancestral dwelling in Tolkien is a play on the translation of the French 'cul-de-sac'PLACES IN FANTASY
From the name of a Greek actor & dramatist, it's a more formal name for an actor'T' TIME
It's the point in the orbit of the Moon when it is farthest from the EarthSCIENCE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
From the Greek for ''beauty' & 'strength', it's basic exercises for fitness with little use of special equipment'LIST' BUCKET
A Chicago magnet school is named for this man, a once-local butcherTHE OSCARS
The protagonist of this musical writes himself letters, hence the name of the showMUSICALS
On Christmas day 1066, Ealdred, the Archbishop of York, crowned William King of England at this churchTHE NORMAN CONQUEST
Referencing famous falls, a 1912 book complains that a this 'of nonsense is continually roaring from the press'WORDS FROM THE MAP
Since 2016 Baroness Evans of Bowes Park has been the leader of this bodyBRITISH POLITICS
A trip to Cannes on the Mediterranean at age 8 helped influence Paris boy Claude Debussy to compose this 1905 orchestral workMUSIC
In 1846 he sued in Missouri state court to be freed from slavery & in 1857 the U S. Supreme Court ruled against him& THEN WHAT HAPPENED?
Olympic medals are imprinted with sprigs of these leaves that cooks use to flavor soups & stewsHERBS & SPICES
A Raquel Welch poster does a lot more than just hang on the wall in Andy Dufresne's prison cellFILM ANALYSIS
In the King James version, these 2 words complete Luke 11:3, 'Give us day by day our...'FOOD & DRINK IN THE BIBLE
In 1954 an historic contiguous USA low temp of -70 was recorded near Rogers Pass in this fourth-largest stateBRR! IT'S COLD OUT THERE
A 50-foot flag captured from a Spanish ship was hung at London's St. Paul's Cathedral for this man's 1806 funeralCAPTURE THE FLAG
Religion is important in Tonga; around 1/3 of the population is of this Christian denomination they call Free WesleyanISLAND NATIONS
Like Doc Holliday, Zane Grey was trained as one of these professionalsAUTHORS' OTHER JOBS
A 2019 surgery on a 60-year-old woman revealed a nearly 50-year-old mitral valve that this South African man had implantedMEDICINE MEN
This type of physical comedy is named for the bat Arlecchino, AKA Harlequin, used to beat his comic victimsCOMEDIA DELL'ARTE CHARACTERS
Mormons believe the angel Moroni appeared to this man & revealed to him where to find the golden platesANGELS
Garfield served 9 terms in Congress as one of these alliterative Republicans who wanted equality for African AmericansREMEMBER JAMES GARFIELD!
The Express only ran for 18 months, ending when this other service was completed nationwide in 1861THE PONY EXPRESS
In 1947 a pilot reported 9 circular aircraft doing 1,700 mph near Mount Rainier & these 2-word items entered the modern lexicon___ING___
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Ronald Reagan started eating these as part of a successful effort to give up pipe smokingTHE PRESIDENTIAL SWEET
On Jan, 25, 1898 this U.S. Battleship arrived in Havana Harbor for a friendly visit; 3 weeks later, it blew upCUBA BEFORE FIDEL
In 1792 Congress passed the Coinage Act & established the first U.S. Mint in this cityCONGRESS
John Wilkes Booth shouted this, meaning 'thus always to tyrants', as he leaped to the stage after shooting Abraham LincolnLATIN PHRASES
'What is fire? It's a mystery', says this novel; 'Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences'20th CENTURY BOOKS
Pleasant Rowland started this historical brand when she couldn't find suitable dolls for her niecesAMERICA'S RICHEST SELF-MADE WOMEN (According to Forbes 2019 list.)
Biographies by Walter Isaacson include 'Steve Jobs' & one about this man subtitled ' 'His Life and Universe'BIOGRAPHIES & MEMOIRS
Money can't buy happiness, says this portmanteau syndrome in which the wealthy feel guilt & isolationPORTMANTEAU WORDS
In 2009 Hugo Chavez declared that this waterfall should be referred to by its indigenous name, Kerepakupai MeraWATERFALLS
In the Anglican Church, ABC refers to this high personageABBREVIATED ABC
Lake Champlain Bridge (2 states, please)STATE OF THE BRIDGE
Similar to a Roman circus, this was an ancient Greek racecourse for horses & chariotsANCIENT GREEK & ROMAN ARCHITECTURE
Katharine Lee Bates' book containing this patriotic song used similar language about Mont Blanc: 'O beautiful beyond all dream'POET-POURRI
Bernini meant for his design of the colonnades in front of this basilica to represent the encircling arms of the churchARCHITECTURE HISTORY
Paris' Chapelle Expiatoire, meaning the to-make-amends-for-executing-you chapel, is on the original 1793 burial site of this coupleMONUMENTS & MEMORIALS
Not only was she talented enough to somehow write another person's autobiography, she gave us 'Three Lives' in 1909WELCOME TO 5 AUTHORS!
In 1959 he told Khrushchev it was better to discuss the merits of washing machines than the 'strength of rockets'VICE PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES
Claudius' death in 54 A.D. was due to this type of foul play, very common in the TV miniseries 'I, Claudius'THE END OF THE EMPEROR
Unlike the other gospels, Luke has the story of this man who helped a wounded stranger after others passed him byLUKE
''He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt, and his only mission each time he went up was to come down alive'I WROTE THAT!
Born between 1980 & 1995, millennials are AKA 'Generation' this letterDEMOGRAPHY

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