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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1913 federal law & the 16th Amend. levied this on many Americans; in 1954 a book called it the 'root of all evil'CONSERVATIVE BOOKSHELF
The diary of Anne FrankTHE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE
Manteo, a Native American, helped establish this colony in N.C.; when its colonists went missing, so did heAMERICAN LIVES
Due east of Suriname, it's formally un Departement d'outre-merSOUTH AMERICA
The Latin for 'ship' gives us the name for this central part of a churchARCHITECTURE & BUILDING
'She makes Harry eat onions' is one way to remember these 5 geographic featuresIT HELPS TO REMEMBER
When a breeze knocked fruit to the ground, it was called this, now a term for any unexpected boonA FALLEN CATEGORY
Seed is to plant as this is to fungusFUNGI
In 1945 this atomic research city had a population of 75,000 but it wasn't open to walk-in visitors until 1949TENNESSEE HISTORY
Daisy Mason, who rose from kitchen maid to assistant cookTV SHOWS BY CHARACTER
A kids' book, 'The Lonely' this convenience tells the story of one of NYC's last ones, at West End Ave. & 100th StreetTELECOMMUNICATIONS
On October 26 this future politician was shot down over North Vietnam1967
This liquor brand is also the name of Alabama's state game birdFOOD & DRINK BRANDS
U.S. Army general Lucius D. Clay directed the 1948-49 airlift to resupply this blockaded cityTHE 1940s
In 1999 co-stars Anne Bancroft, Jessica Lange & Tom Cruise helped him celebrate his AFI Life Achievement AwardMOVIE STARS
Freedom isn't free! On Aug. 23, 1305 this Scot's day included hanging & disembowelment5 KNIGHTS
It's the largest nation in area that borders the Coral SeaA WATERY BORDER
Ancient Chinese scholar Hsu Shen called it 'the fairest of stones' & gave it 5 human virtuesPRECIOUS GEMS
It was the '70s: Ted against Joanna regarding little BillySUMMING UP OSCAR'S BEST PICTURE (Identify the film for us.)
The principal muscle of respiration, it's the proud owner of a silent 'G'THE HUMAN BODY
Considering himself to be a political outlaw, John Tyler named his plantation this for a wooded area in NottinghamshirePRESIDENTIAL HOMES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Spoiler alert: the title character of this absurd 1950s play sends word that he will arrive, but never does'TIS IRISH LITERATURE
This 'colorful' Secret Service chief & detective agency founder busted Confederate spy Rose GreenhowSPY vs. SPY
Fairytale Town & the Leland Stanford mansionSTATE CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS
China & Vietnam (2 colors)COLOR THAT FLAG!
2 items: 'Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal ____ for equal ____'IN THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS
The arrival of this fellow general & political foe in the White House cost WHH a diplomatic post in South AmericaWILLIAM HENRY HARRISON
She angered Hera, who took away her power of speech, except for the ability to repeat the last words of anotherTHAT'S A MYTHTAKE!
British restraint doesn't get much more restrained than this 4-word greeting used in Africa in 1871GREETINGS
In 1141 this monk was condemned by a church court on theological grounds, not for fooling around with a studentTHIS CATEGORY GOES TO THE 1100s
William Faulkner, Medgar Evers or B.B. King, by birth state12 LETTERS OR MORE
A highlight of this Michigan city's Dutch Winterfest is the arrival of Sinterklaas on his great white horseFESTIVALS
'Where's my serpent of old Nile?' is a line from this Shakespeare playFULL OF QUESTIONS
The annual cycle of a moose's antler growth is controlled by this hormone; remember, only the bulls have antlersSCIEN-'T'IFIC
Robert Caro, biographer of this president said his 87-vote win in the 1948 Senate primary was fraudulentON THE BALLOT
'Get out of' here refers to a sometimes lawless cattle city founded in 1872CLICHES
Reese's & Kit Kat are brand names owned by this companyWE'VE GOT COMPANY
Of the 4 states that meet at Four Corners National Monument, this state is last alphabeticallyTHE SOUTHWEST
Henry was the first name of this early 1800s philanthropist who supported education in New JerseyWHO 'RU'?
One thousand of these make up a micrometerOF THOUSANDS
The black forest clock association provides a seal of approval guaranteeing the authenticity of these clocksCLOCKS
After the Battle of Cedar Mountain in 1862, a surgeon wrote, 'If heaven ever sent out a(n)...angel,' she 'must be one'FAMOUS AMERICAN WOMEN
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Used to describe a wealthy or powerful person, it was originally a title applied by foreigners to the shogun of JapanWORD ORIGINS
The son of Uther & Igraine lived hereRHYMES WITH SQUAT
Ossicles, the tiny auditory bones, are the stirrup, the hammer & this one aka the incusHAS GOOD BONES
The name of this Sinclair Lewis Minister is a byword for hypocrisyLITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS
The month of May brings pollen & with it the awareness month for these 2 'A'ilments pollen can triggerSPECIAL MONTHS
This capital of the Tyrol Province hosted the 1964 & 1976 Winter Olympics'I' THE WORLD (The correct response will begin with that letter.)
In 2014 the U.N. settled a boundary dispute between India & Bangladesh on this bay that's important for energy explorationBAYS
In 1970 table grape growers in California's Central Valley signed their first contracts with this unionORGANIZED LABOR
Arthur Schlesinger Jr. won 2 National Book Awards for nonfiction for books about each of these 2 brothersLITERARY AWARDS
This feminine name from 'The Taming of the Shrew' means 'white'SHAKESPEAREAN BABY NAMES
This Roman poet wrote his own epic around 19 B.C. & in 1321 A.D. appeared as a character in oneIT'S EPIC
You can find the 32-mile-long Columbia glacier just west of Valdez in this stateCOLUMBIA
The name of this nihilistic art style of Marcel Duchamp was picked at random from a French-German dictionarART
In a 1719 novel it is the name given to a man who is rescued from a band of cannibalsCHARACTERS IN BOOKS
To give an order & to give praiseDIFFERING BY A VOWEL
Cosmology paid off for Matias Zaldarriaga, who went back to the beginning studying faint signatures of this eventMacARTHUR GENIUS GRANT RECIPIENTS
3 newspapers made the list: the St. Louis Post-Dispatch & these 2 othersNIXON'S ENEMIES LIST
Ashlee Vance subtitled her book about this entrepreneur 'Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future'CURRENT BIOGRAPHIES

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