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ClueWho is or What isCategory
'Bob! Make up the fires, and buy another coal-scuttle before you dot another I, Bob Cratchit!'LITERARY CHARACTERS' LAST WORDS
Countries using this as their official language include Mozambique & Guinea-BissauLANGUAGES OF AFRICA
Sharing a name with a type of ship, this game was made for Windows by Windows & was first playable in 1990VIDEO GAMES
This cooking item is Japanese for 'fire bowl'STARTS WITH ONE LETTER, ENDS WITH THE NEXT
Of these 11 long & narrow lakes in West-Central New York, Canadice is the smallest & highest in elevationNARROW BODIES OF WATER
A statue of this governor & assassination victim stands solid for LouisianaNATIONAL STATUARY HALL
This transit-based historic event began December 5, 1955HALT!
This 4-letter term refers to a coffin as people are bearing it to the graveCONTAINERS
This book begins, 'Early in the spring of 1750, in the village of Juffure... a man-child was born to Omoro and Binta Kinte'AMERICAN LITERATURE
Fitting 4-word subtitle of the Dvorak symphony Neil Armstrong listened to on his trip to the moonI LOVE A SYMPHONY
It's no surprise that Bierwurst is a specialty of this German state that's home to the original OktoberfestIT'S THE WURST
In 1983 Louisiana made this lobster relative its state crustaceanINVERTEBRATES
In this Roald Dahl work, the title edible eventually comes to rest on top of the Empire State BuildingBOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS
'By the Sea' (she directed her husband, too)THEY DIRECTED THEMSELVES
It's a 'disgraceful skeleton', said Guy de Maupassant; 'You see it from everywhere...an unavoidable and horrid nightmare'THE FRENCH MISTAKE, VOILA!
Poland lost its independence in 1795 when Austria & these 2 rhyming countries partitioned the commonwealthPOLISH HISTORY
Sir Toby Belch is a character in this Shakespeare comedy with a 2-word, 2-vowel titleONE-VOWEL WORDS
In one of their first known attacks, in 793 these raiders looted & burned a monastery in northern BritainTHE FIRST MILLENNIUM
In this novel, a Tulane law student discovers facts that people will kill for, & if she doesn't get help, she might be nextLITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS
Cochise & GeronimoTHIS IS MY PEOPLE
First performed in 1745, it has been quoted & arranged by composers including Haydn & BrittenNATIONAL ANTHEMS
He may not know who he is yet, but Jason Bourne begins his search for answers in this 1980 Robert Ludlum novel1980s BOOKS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Ratnapura in this Asian island country is 'the City of Gems' & that's what its name means in SinhaleseCITY NICKNAMES
L'Osservatore Romano was founded in Rome, but moved here in 1929 during Mussolini's eraNEWSPAPERS
Folks from Oscar Wilde to Liza Minelli have hit Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House at this street & Bienville, y'allSTREET SMARTS
This poet once claimed that English is the only language in which the pronoun 'I' was written as a capital letterAMERICAN POETS
101 is called this type of prime number because it reads the same backwardsEVERYTHING'S BACKWARDS
Settled in the 1850s by the Canterbury Association of England, it's South Island's largest cityNEW ZEALAND
These swishing or hissing sounds heard after normal heart action may indicate leaky valvesORGANS OF THE BODY
The National Library of Medicine is located on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in this Maryland townU.S. LIBRARIES
In 1996 Delaware's Billy Bailey became the last condemned murderer to be put to death in the U.S. this wayTHE LAST MAN
''That's a fine death!' said Napoleon as he gazed at Bolkonsky'19th CENTURY NOVELS BY QUOTE
This phrase for a flaw that spoils something good has its origin in Ecclesiastes 10:1BUGGY WORDS & PHRASES
As monarch: James IV, James V, herFOLLOW THE LEADER
To provoke into a demonstration of worthiness + denizen of hell = this reckless chapCOMPOUND WORD CONSTRUCTION
In 1975 a Soviet spacecraft landed on this planet & sent back the first photographs from the surface; the craft soon meltedSPACE FIRSTS
The flag of this Asian democracy depicts a yin-yang symbol in its centerCAPTURE THE FLAG
We can't attest to the musical quality of this instrument, a synonym for the cornucopiaMUSICAL WORDS & PHRASES
It's a peaceful & happy interlude &, perhaps fittingly, a homophone of a word for 'lazy'TIME OFF
2008: Pop's princess pilfered in Paris; purloiner's payback painful, prolonged5-LETTER FILM FEST
July 9, 2011 is the world's most recently inaugurated new independence day, for this nation2-WORD COUNTRIES
A comic strip tiger was named for this author of 'Leviathan'NAMESAKES
Confederation Bridge, connecting New Brunswick with this island, is the world's longest over ice-covered watersENGINEERING FEATS
One of the oldest known legal codes is this Babylonian one from around 1760 B.C.HISTORIC DOCUMENTS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In June 1960 she began studying Vervet monkeys on an island in Lake Victoria, as a trial run for her later chimp studiesWOMEN IN SCIENCE
Born 26 years apart, these 2 heavyweights of the Protestant Reformation fit the category2 FIRST NAMES? (Full names are required.)
This former actress' diplomatic career included stops at the United Nations, Ghana & CzechoslovakiaAMERICAN DIPLOMATS
In 1929 he won first place & $450 in the Iowa State Fair's art showALL THE GLITTERING PRIZES
Washington, D.C. chefs suggest that one way to rid this bay of the invasive blue catfish is to simply eat more blue catfishBAYS
From the Arabic for 'master' & also starting with 'M', it's a teacher or leader in IslamWORLD RELIGION
The frequent pairing of these 2 4-letter words to mean 'without legal force' is redundantMASTER OF NONE
Whitman paid homage to this man, 'fallen cold and dead' in his poem 'O Captain! My Captain!'WALT WHITMAN
Named for a cave in France, these prehistoric humans were skillful artists & toolmakersIT'S HYPHENATED
This visible phenomenon results from the solar wind buffeting Earth's magnetic fieldON EARTH
France's Reign of Terror ended with the death by guillotine of this revolutionary leader on July 28, 1794YOU'RE HISTORY!
Roger Baldwin, co-founder of this 'Union', was its director when its clients included John Scopes & James JoyceFOUNDERS
Northern extensions of the Indian Ocean include the Arabian Sea off India's west coast & this bay to the eastTHE INDIAN OCEAN
The primo uomo is the lead male singer in an opera; this is the lead female singerSINGING
Hemingway said his Paris days were like one of these, a phrase for a religious celebration that's not a fixed dateGRAND OLD PARTY
An artificially intelligent operating systemSCARLETT JOHANSSON ROLES (We want you to name the movie.)
This Mideastern place is home to the world's richest horse race & the Desert Classic, a stop on the PGA TourTHIS IS 'D' PLACE
The country's busiest port, this southwestern Canadian city is about 15 miles from the U.S. borderCOUNTRY & TOWN
In May U.S. Marines occupied this Caribbean nation following turmoil & popularized the game of baseballIT WAS 1916
A base at China Lake, Calif. claims the creation of glow sticks, urinal cakes & this missile with the same name as a rattlesnakeTHE NAVY ASHORE
Part of this 1940 Henry Fonda movie was filmed in Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Route 66TRAVELING ALONG ROUTE 66

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