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ClueWho is or What isCategory
She was called a 'Trailblazer for America's daughters' when she won in 2012, a century after founding an organizationPRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM WINNERS
Going back to the Greek word for 'womb', it can mean uncontrollably emotional or wildly funnyADJECTIVES
Making up 2 Spanish provinces, they get their name from Latin for 'islands of dogs', & the 'dogs' may have been sealsGEOGRAPHIC ETYMOLOGY
This city's Museum of Science & Industry is housed in the only remaining building from the 1893 Columbian ExpoSCIENCE MUSEUMS
The 300-foot tree called the coast this lives up to its name; it's rarely found more than 50 miles inlandTHROWING SHADE
While courting, he had a standing invitation for Sunday dinner at the Wallaces' home in IndependenceHISTORICAL ROMANCES
In the last year of his Presidency in 1844, he secretly married a woman 30 years youngerPRESIDENTIAL SECRETS
From page 1 of this Fred Gipson novel: 'When I had to kill him, it was like having to shoot some of my own folks'NOW THAT'S A SAD STORY
A weakened chickenpox virus is used in a vaccine to prevent this painful condition, especially people over 60VACCINES
The Seven Weeks' War of 1866 is why this 90% German-speaking country isn't part of GermanyHISTORICAL TIME UNITS
Deeply religious area of the South & MidwestTHERE B 3'B's
The first story in which he appeared began 'The scent and sweat of a casino are nauseating at 3 in the morning'LITERARY CHARACTERS
O, by the way, Willa Cather took the title of this 1913 novel from a Walt Whitman poemAUTHORS & THEIR WORKS
This explorer left his heart buried under a tree in Chitambo, Zambia; the rest of him is buried in Westminster AbbeyMORTAL MATTERS
2 of the world's greatest Baroque composers, they were born within a month of each other in Germany in 1685 but never metCOMPOSERS
Oscar Hammerstein II & this other great partner of Richard Rodgers were classmates at ColumbiaLYRICISTS
New York's Irondequoit Bay near Rochester is an inlet of this Great LakeINLETS
It's like, totally from Italy, meaning a spacious indoor mall with a vaulted roof, to the max!ENDS WITH A VOWEL
From 1947 to 1953 U.S. production of these devices rose from fewer than 200,000 to more than 7 million a yearRAGE FOR THE MACHINE
'Nothing can bring you peace but yourself', Emerson wrote in this essayIT'S HYPHENATED
It's the only state name that can be typed using the letters on only one row of the standard keyboardU.S. STATES
In 1636 the natives probably got restless when Aruba was occupied by this Dutch company (remember your hemisphere)IRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN
In 1806 Napoleon wrote to Cardinal Joseph Fesch, 'I am' this 9th century ruler, 'the sword of the church'NAPOLEON
Charlestown-born Charles Taylor became publisher of this newspaper in 1873, it remained in the family for the next 126 years19th C. NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS
First designated as Armored Cruiser No. 1, this ship was commissioned in 1895 & operated on our East Coast & in the CaribbeanNAVY SHIPS
He wrote the 1971 opener 'We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold'LITERARY FIRST LINES
5-year-old Dorcas Goode confessed to being a witch & keeping one of these spirits in animal form, in her case a black snakeTHE SALEM WITCH TRIALS
In 'The Once and Future King' this beast is described as 'Falco Leonis Serpentis'MONSTER MANUAL
I can tell you're fated to look for the 'ME' inside this Baghdad-set musicalPLAY 'M-E' (Plays with 'M-E', those two letters in their titles.)
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This country's 2010 Jasmine Revolution kicked off the Arab SpringUPRISINGS
The second moon-landing mission, this Apollo flight got hit by lightning 36 seconds after launchingMOON WALKING
When the current presidential occupant of the White House was born, this president was living therePRESIDENTS & THE WHITE HOUSE
The first logo of this soap was a representation of a clock faceBAR SOAP
She won a 1993 Grammy for her reading of her poem 'On the Pulse of Morning'AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS
The Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to search these, now 'a pervasive and insistent part of daily life'REMEMBER 2014?
The smagg is the white headcover of these nomadic peopleMANY 'DO'
This constellation is where you'll find the sun as spring begins in the Northern HemisphereZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS
Incorporated in 1948, this company chose its name from the book of the Hebrew prophet HoseaTRANSPORTATION
A public place for walking, or a square dance move in which couples march counterclockwiseCAN I HAVE A WORD?
OSCE: 'Organization for' these 2 things 'in Europe'CIA WORLD FACTBOOK ABBREV.
This synonym for 'gigantic' was in use more than 200 years before a 1912 event put a new spin on itBIG WORDS
Jean Valliere, burned in 1523, is considered the first martyr of this religious groupUNWANTED FIRSTS
On August 15, 1994, 59 years & 1 day after FDR signed the original act, President Clinton made this an independent agencyTHE U.S. GOVERNMENT
He was the subject of a 2014 New York Times article headlined 'A Pioneer as Elusive as His Particle'NOBEL LAUREATES
'Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob'CHAPTER 1, VERSE 1 (You give us the Bible book that line is from.)
1995: Teresa HeinzGETTING HITCHED (We'll give you the name of one of the partners, you identify the other)
Adventures in this 1870 novel include traveling under the polar ice cap & the discovery of AtlantisLITERA-SEA
This city-state's entire military consists of Swiss soldiersWHAT A COUNTRY!
With a new release & 8 viral videos to go with it, he had the first comedy album in 50 years to top the Billboard 2002014 ALBUMS
Rodney Dangerfield credited this 1972 Best Picture Oscar winner for inspiring his most famous lineCOMEDY INSPIRATIONS
All the words start with the same letter in the title of this play from around 1595SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDIES
For playing a legal assistant in a 2000 film, she became the first actress to crash the $20 million salary barrierACTRESSES
From the Latin, it means pertaining to the skinWE 'CU'
It's the specialty of operating on the brain & spinal cordGET THE 'URGE'
It's the 15-letter word for the type of doctor who deals with the structure, functions & diseases of the eyeIS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?
In March 2001 this space station was intentionally deorbited and crashed into the Pacific OceanMARCH MADNESS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth' are paired 1979 plays by this Bard-loving BritBRITISH LITERATURE
The novel that inspired 'Field of Dreams' grew out of the story 'Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to' this placeFICTION
There's an entire book just about him & the Church of Ireland, 1710-1724BOOKS ABOUT WRITERS
Kipling wrote of this city, 'If a car' can 'run up & down a slit in the ground...why shall I seek the reasons of the miracle?'U.S. CITIES
This U.S. artist's 1945 marriage to Lee Krasner was a stabilizing factor he needed against his drinkingDRUNK HISTORY
This 2-digit number is the smallest prime number whose digits are both themselves prime numbersNUMBERS
This river forms the boundary between Laos & Myanmar & a large part of the boundary between Laos & ThailandBODIES OF WATER
This company traces its history to the founding of the New York Gas Light Company in 1823, before Thomas was bornVENERABLE BRANDS
Spare this unit of length equal to 16.5 feetNOT-SO-DESPERATE MEASURES
'Chaste women remain fresher' was the reason he made a mother look barely older than her sonTHE SCULPTOR SPEAKS
This British poet, playwright & contemporary of Shakespeare was killed in a fight in 1593, allegedly over a billTHE 16th CENTURY
Marquez is the last name of this character who debuted in 2000KIDS' TV CHARACTERS
In 1910: Henry du PontSTATE THE SENATOR
This Ford midsize sedan has a fitting name for a car that comes in a hybrid versionHYBRIDS & BLENDS
Springsteen said David Sancious was 'the only member of the group who ever actually lived' thereROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTION SPEECHES
It became a border territory in 1864 after being part of the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska & Dakota territoriesHISTORICAL U.S. GEOGRAPHY
This 2-word theory that explains the movements of Earth's outer shell also explains the development of mid-ocean reefsTURNING OVER A NEW REEF
This word comes from the Latin for 'side by side'STRONG AS AN 'UX'
Ernest Dichter coined this term for a small unit of people culled from society at large to get views & reactionsADVERTISING & MARKETING
Vivian Darkbloom, a minor character of a 1955 novel by this foreign-born author, is an anagram of his nameLITERARY ANAGRAMS
1522: The Spanish king honors Juan Sebastian del Cano for this first; history honors his late boss MagellanTIME TO GO EXPLORIN'
It was British Secretary of War Sidney Herbert who sent this woman to the CrimeaTRUE CRIMEA
This 2-word term for freedom of action is used of a 1914 message from Germany to Austria about attacking SerbiaDOCUMENTS
In addition to her novels, she also wrote a children's book about Sun Yat-Sen & an 'Oriental Cookbook'WOMEN AUTHORS
In his dissent to this infamous 1896 decision, John Marshall Harlan wrote that 'our constitution is color-blind'JOHN LAW
A 1953 newspaper column called this Wisc. man the only politician 'who can be labelled 'liar' without fear of libel'EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' 'BOUT THEM
A hub of cyberspying on U.S. institutions is the Shanghai base of P.L.A. Unit 61398, P.L.A. short for thisSPY TECH

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